r: something wrong with us

Disjointed Thoughts on Chapter 4

So, firstly, who are we?

Let me explain.

I believe that Dark could be a combination of Selene and Damien’s anger towards Mark manifesting in one body, the viewer’s, hence the red and blue lighting. But where did Damien and Selene’s bodies go? The Colonel goes looking for them, implying that they’re still missing. In the Void, Damien says that our “body is still out there.” Are their physical bodies trapped in the Void too, or? But if we go by the theory that Dark is a combination of them (or the Void manipulating their image to persuade us to let it in, as I’ve seen in some theories), then who are we? We’ve been possessed, or at least something is v e r y wrong with us. Our body is now Dark’s, the one we see him in the future, but then, what did Damien mean when he said that “son of a bitch is walking around in MY body”? Who? Mark? But Mark is dead, we saw him the Void, right?

“It’s not fair, is it?”

Damien mentioned Dark’s shell, saying “he trapped us here with this broken shell with no way out.” It’s implied that Mark is “he”, “Mark took everything from us.” Very interesting.

Another thing is that Selene mentions that she thought it was “it was the house”, but it was actually Mark? What did Mark do?? Did I miss something?

Excuse how disjointed and all over the place this is, I’m tired in History class right now and honestly still shook over everything hnnnnnn-

What if one day R’s anxiety and depression was just too much? And his head kept telling him E didn’t love him and I’d be better to just break up with him? What if R texted a very blunt
“Break up.
We’re done.
You’re free.
Don’t call me.”

And Enj is so hurt and confused and his first instinct is to run and see R because he knows there’s something wrong
Enjolras using his spare key to get inside and finds R curled up in the dark on the couch and all he does is go over and holds him and mumbles that everything is going to be alright and kisses his head and is just there to comfort him and try and make him feel loved