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if you think lucas after a) bringing a horse to school to make riley feel like a princess and b) raising his hand in front of the entire class and then asking for cory and topanga for their blessing to take out riley on a date, is acting ooc in ski lodge with the engagement ring box and the jellybean, then you should rewatch girl meets world from the pilot AGAIN. who knows, maybe you’ll actually get it right this time. y’all have a nice day now,. 

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Tbh I was kinda /scared/ to hear sai and Genos' interactions 'cause i was afraid it was going to be like free's dub, in which “haru-chan~” turned into “bRO”, and it went all NO HOMO n stuff;; but opm's dub instead it's FULL HOMO, i'm so glad, i can't believe they sticked with master i'm crying they're so gay it's beautiful

HOLD UP I THOUGHT YOU ALL WERE JOKING??????? WITH THE BRO STUFF?????????????;;; DID THEY,, REALLY DUB //////FREE!///// TO HAVE A CHARACTER CALL ANOTHER BRO are you pulling my leg anon hwhat,;;; whatadsfjkshgdfshgjfshgd