r: pretty little liars

  • Alison: *kisses girls as well as guys*
  • Alison: *tells a girl she had feelings for her*
  • Alison: *has sex with a girl*
  • Alison: *is quite clearly bisexual*
  • Straight people in the pll fandom: Alison is straight !!! Why do all these gays try to make every character like this !!!

I screen shotted these off of WebMD.

I believe that this describes Alison perfectly. She is the “host” and -A is her second personality. That’s why when she went to meet -A in Brookehaven, -A never showed up. Alison wouldn’t be aware that she’s switched into -A, and she wouldn’t remember anything about it. She has a lack of connection to her identity; she’s been portrayed as Alison, Vivian Darkbloom, Cece (in conversations) and Holly Varjak (not yet). Her breaking point was finding out that Mona, the loser, was the one behind it all. Alison took over the game as -A and she didn’t even know it. She was blackmailing people because she felt she had no other choice; she had to find out who -A was and that was the only way. This disorder also explains how she doesn’t remember herself as a kid, she believes her own lies 100% and does things she normally wouldn’t do. I think that it’s possible that she was taken to a therapist when she was little and Jessica had used hypnotherapy to make her forget about all of the things she had to lie about; the yellow dresses, the other child Jessica was involved with, etc. That’s how Dr. Sullivan came in. She was Alison’s therapist and she used the hypnotherapy on her the same way she did to Emily. I think that she killed Mona, as -A. It would make sense that if -A found out that Mona knew the truth about Alison and Bethany’s connection to each other, -A would have her killed. We know that Alison gathered up and hid a lot of money in case she needed it but I think that -A is using that money to pay off people to do her dirty work. She blackmailed Byron out of a lot of money, she got paid for the masks she made, she got $50,000 for handing over the remains from her grave, and she probably stole some of it, idk. But -A seems to be loaded. We don’t know everything about Alison and what was happening before and after she disappeared. She remembers one thing but as it says in the pictures, amnesia occurs and that’s why her stories seem different than what really happened. I’m assuming that she formed the -A personality to get revenge against Mona for torturing her and her friends and revenge against the girls because they found her and brought her back. When Mona was -A, all she wanted was for Alison to be gone. Mona claimed that she became partners with Red Coat and that’s when she took over the game. I think Alison dressed as Red Coat, with a blonde wig and an Ali mask, and visited Mona in Radley, with the help of Wren. We know that Cece had visited her but what if it wasn’t Cece. Mona said she was heavily medicated and doesn’t remember what they talked about. She very well could’ve been talking to Alison the whole time. It would explain how Alison showed up in Radley when Spencer was there. She knew how to get in and out of there because of Mona.

This is still a work in progress, I will update with more information soon! Tell me what you think and please be nice :)