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Batman: The Animated Series: On Leather Wings

Here’s a still and palette from Batman: The Animated Series in honor of being on Batman: The Animated Podcast today. I was thrilled to talk to podcast host (and friend) Justin Michael about color use in the episode “On Leather Wings” (featuring Man-Bat). 

Check it out on iTunes and subscribe if you’re a Batman nerd. There are already a slew of fun and interesting guests and and I’m pumped to be sharing the episode with Andrea Romano the casting director responsible for some of my (and perhaps your) favorite cartoons including this one.



Uzumaki Naruto || Over The Years 
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I’m back…

…from the Hi Ho Silver Oh Tour! It was extremely fun and enlightening. If you ever get a chance to take a trip around several states, do it. The food, people, and sights are all varied, wonderful, and different.

That being said, TV week is upon us! I’m working on getting stills and palettes from some popular TV shows up this coming week. Stay tuned!

Thanks everyone!

My rules for my little

Hope this helps some of you new daddies out their who are trying to lay down the rules. Most importantly they need to fit  your relationship and need to be agreed upon.

Daddy’s Rule for His little Princess
1. Daddy knows best. Princess must always trust and respect Daddy always
2. Remember your manners always say please and thank you. Use yes Daddy and no Daddy whenever it’s appropriate.
3. Never keep things from daddy. Always tell me when something is bothering you or you are sad. Always be honest about your feelings
4. Daddy has the right to assign chores to his little princess and ask for proof they are done
a. Love your stuffies and take care of them
b. Clean up after yourself
c. Keep your room clean and make your bed daily
5. Princess must go to bed by 9pm on school nights unless Daddy gives you permission. No junk food or sweets after 8pm. (I don’t want my little girl to have a tummy ache or bad dreams)
6. No bad words or offensive language
7. Any activity that is illegal or dangerous is not permitted.
8. When going out:
a. Daddy must approve of your outfit
b. Be on your best behavior
9. Avoid boys who show you no respect. Always say “no” if your uncomfortable. I will not put up with anyone speaking to you or acting in an inappropriate way.
10. Every morning and night
a. You must send daddy a good night or good morning message
b. Look into the mirror and compliment yourself
c. Every day remember Daddy believes in you and trusts you. I always have your best interests at heart and I want to support you anyway I can. Daddy wants you to believe in yourself, you are a beautiful meaningful and precious little girl.
11. Princess must take good care of her self
a. Never be mean to yourself respect yourself. No belittling or saying mean things like I’m not pretty or I’m not good enough.
b. Hygiene is very important. Lack of it will not be tolerated.
c. Princess must ask permission for any major changes to her body. Piercings, tattoos, dying hair, etc. Daddy things your perfect the way you are.
d. Remember to eat breakfast and your greens!
12. Princess must engage in a minimum of 30 minutes each day of “little time”. This can include coloring, playing with your toys, watching cartoons, etc.
13. Princess must ask permission to watch anything over PG.
14. Princess may be required to earn privileges. Example if you want to see an R rated movie. You may be asked to color or draw a picture for Daddy as payment.
15. Embrace all of Daddy’s love and warmth.
16. You must tell Daddy immediately if you break any of the rules.
17. You don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with. Everything is up for discussion.
18. Daddy will always give you fair punishments for any misbehaving or rule breaking.
19. Daddy reserves the right to change, modify, or add any rules as he sees fit.

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LP tries his best to become a reliable dad on any occasions.. including watching horror movie ;>

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NAME:  Milo Sheppard
ALIAS(ES): Miles, Red, Firecracker, Smartass
GENDER: Cis Female
AGE: 25
OCCUPATION: Verse Dependent; typically a merc or freelancer (taking what she can get)


EYE COLOR: Blue with brown around center
HAIR COLOR: Red with gradient to blue
HEIGHT: 5′7″
SCARS: A scar across the bridge of her nose, over her right eye, down her back, on her lower abdomen, and a few others scattered across body from fights and jobs.
OVERWEIGHT: Nope. She’s a healthy weight, or what she calls healthy. She’s got a bit of pudge.
UNDERWEIGHT: No, girl loves food too much


COLOR: Green
HAIR COLOR: Dark hair
SONG: R U Mine? ~ Arctic Monkeys
MOVIE: Deadpool
TV SHOW: Supernatural (all that eye candy)
DRINK: Long Island Iced Tea

BOOK: Brother’s Grimm Fairy Tales


HAD SEX: Oh yeah, she’s quite promiscuous.
HAD SEX IN PUBLIC: Definitely. It’s exciting for her.
GOTTEN PREGNANT: No, it’s actually pretty hard for her to. But in some verses she eventually does. Looks at Jesse and Joel.
KISSED A BOY: Quite a few!
KISSED A GIRL: Again, quite a few. 
GOTTEN TATTOOS: She has a few but im debating on keeping them. She’ll probably keep her wings one for sure that are on her back.
GOTTEN PIERCINGS: She still has those in her ears. She’s had her nipples, tongue, nose, bellybutton, and lip but has had those removed.
HAD A BROKEN HEART: Yes….quite a few. It’s one of the reasons she’s so skittish.
BEEN IN LOVE: Yes. Loved and lost.
STAYED UP FOR MORE THAN 24 HOURS: Yes she has, mainly due to nightmares and because of her work.


A KISSER: She fucking loves kissing others, even if its platonic
SCARED EASILY: Not really, not unless you put her up against one of her phobias.
JEALOUS EASILY: Nah. She tends to trust her friends/partners. Or at least give them the benefit of the doubt.
TRUSTWORTHY: Awww yeah! She’ll keep her promise no matter what and once you have her loyalty you never have to worry about her betraying you.

DOMINANT: Not too much. She’s confident and if it’s something her partner is into she doesn’t mind playing that role. In fact, sometimes she can really get into it once she starts. Be warned though, she doesn’t always play nice or goes easy.
SUBMISSIVE: She prefers to be the submissive one as she constantly has to portray herself as this big, bad bitch for her work. But like I said, she can be dominant if need be.
IN LOVE: She thought she was in love with her first girlfriend until she tried to kill Milo and leave her for dead. She then fell in love with Crux who later perished. Since then, shes tried avoiding it, not sure she’s able to handle the heartache again.
SINGLE: Most the time. In some verses, she’s not.


HAVE THEY HARMED THEMSELVES: During a really dark time in her life after she lost Crux and her adoptive father. But her bro helped her through it.
THOUGHT OF SUICIDE: Again, after the death of her love and father.
WANTED TO KILL SOMEONE: There’s a whole list of people. Theon, her biological father, is at the very top. She tends to kill most people she wants to kill, mainly because they’re very bad people who she believes don’t deserve to live.
HAVE / HAD A JOB: Yeah, she’s always got something going on.
HAVE ANY FEARS: Complete darkness, betrayal, losing loved ones


SIBLINGS: Rivett Hart (half brother)
OTHER FAMILY:  Ezran is her adoptive father
PARENTS: Anya Sheppard and Theon Steele
CHILDREN: None…but she does end up having two with Joel (Liam & Maggie) and two with Jesse (unnamed boys atm)
PETS: Verse dependent. Due to traveling, she doesn’t normally have any but in some verses (especially her DA) she takes in a couple of critters.

eugolorp  asked:

How r u today? What's your favorite color? Favorite Disney movie? Favorite book? Are you wearing socks? What's your sign? Do you like dogs?

I am feeling a little anxious and stressed

My favorite disney movie is a tie between Moana and Cinderella 

My favorite book currently is called A thousand splendid suns 10/10 

I am wearing those half socks that you were with flats 

I am a virgo

I love dogs