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Maybe 43 and prinxiety?

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Prompt: “I feel like I can’t breathe”
Pair: Prinxiety.
Triggers: Panic attack, crying.  Hurt/comfort
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Sometimes it’s not always the light that leads the dark.. but the wounded that help the fallen…

He swayed on his feet falling to his knees, he was shaking, hot, clinging to the fabric that stuck to his skin, tight and constricting. Eyes darting left to right before white wiped his vision.

His eyes shone with terror as they groggily opened and looked up at the shadow looming over him. Cold arms wrapped around his waist.  Warm breath on his neck. He was shaking? crying? This wasn’t right… ‘ I feel like I can’t breathe.’ He couldn’t quite see in the darkness, vision hazy.  His lungs were screaming, burning for more air.

“R-Roman, you-  


. -C’mon,

- 4.”

The voice was disjointed, he couldn’t understand, why was it so muffled? He gasped in a breath, coughing at the dryness. ‘Can’t breathe. why can’t I breathe??’   His heart was beating so loudly and quickly. He wanted to squirm at the odd sensation settling in his chest and gut.

He frantically tried to pull away, too scared of all the touching, the figure pulled away as if stung.

“Chill out. It’s just me ok? It’s  Virgil, I’m not gonna hurt you”

His hand was taken by a pleasantly cold one and placed over the figure’s chest.

“Feel it”

The thumping of his heart steading Princes rampant thoughts. Reluctantly Roman was pulled back into the soft embrace, he vaguely felt his hair being lightly tousled. A relaxing sensation as his nerves ebbed. He struggled weakly before accepting the gesture.

“Listen to it.. Breathe with it.. Calm down… you are with me.. you’re Ok.”

The faint and slowly less muffled voice continued to coo at him. He held his eyes shut, muscles still tensed into digging into his arms. They were slowly removed by soft hands rubbing his palms lightly as they were placed to grip the fabric of the figure that was holding him.

“Safe.” “You’re safe” “Breath for me Ro.. “

He could now recognize the way his chest wasn’t moving. Taking in a cautionary small gulp before trying to get deeper. His eyes were still full of tears as he painfully nuzzled into the emos chest.

“S-so..-’ his breathing hitched and Anxiety shushed him. “I know… I know..” Virgils voice cracked, he was in tears too at this point as he continued to teach the struggling Royal to breathe again.  

Roman was lying flush against him now, breathing more steadily, sweat gleaming his unusually pale red completion.  He was still holding anxiety like a lifeline as he gently snored. Drained by the episode.

“I’m sorry Roman.”Anxiety whispered placing a tender kiss on his forehead. “ I can’t stop them… but you won’t suffer them alone… ever.”  He placed another soft kiss on his lover’s lips.  ‘I promise. You won’t go through it like I did. You’re my hero, but it’s just as much my job to protect you..’ He shut his eyes, dragging his fingers through the mess of soft locks, humming quietly. ‘I will rescue you eventually… no matter how much you push me away’

Not long after, Patton had come back, awing at the two before fetching blankets for the pair to keep them warm on the couch. He gazed fondly before placing a small kiss on Anxiety’s head and ruffling his head lightly. “You did good kiddo.. ‘M very proud.”

Just as he sunk down he could’ve sworn he saw the glint of a smile.

Memories Are Being Recycled Using The AGRA Acronym

There is nothing new under the sun.”

A.G.R.A is an Acronym for:

A: A Study in Pink / A Scandal in Belgravia

G: Great Game

R: Reichenback Fall

A: A Scandal in Belgravia / A Study in Pink

TST gave us a new acronym order on screen during Mary’s flashback in Georgia: GARA.

Oh good. I love acronyms. All the best secret societies have them.”

G.A.R.A is an Acronym for:

G: Great Game

A: A Study in Pink

R: Reichenback Fall

A: A Scandal in Belgravia

How it Works: Callbacks/memories from these four episodes repeat continuously in a pattern starting with MHR and ending with TFP. It’s like a stream of consciousness on the screen.  

Is this merely a stream of consciousness abuse?”


A: Anderson wearing a similar sweater to John in ASIP

G: The pink phone from TGG

R: Sherlock faking his death

A: Sherlock winking

G: Sherlock’s return in Series 3 is a cliffhanger


R: Flashback to TRF, Richard Brook, Sherlock’s Grave

A: Mycroft saves Sherlock from being killed by a lead pipe vs Sherlock saving Irene from being killed with a sword

G: Trains Trains Trains. John on a train vs John on train tracks

A: Flashback to ASIP “You invaded Afghanistan!”

R: Reference to Moriarty and his network

A: “I am not gay” to Mrs. Hudson vs “I’m not actually gay” to Irene Adler

G: Sherlock disguised as a waiter vs. Sherlock disguised as a security guard

R: Moriarty’s fake kiss. Sherlock begins to explain the fall to John

A: 13 possibilities vs 13 rows in Bond Air plane. “I’m not lonely.” “How would you know…” vs (“Sex doesn’t alarm me.” “How would you know…”). Sherlock’s shadow on door when Mrs. Hudson sees him again for the first time also happens in ASIB

G: Bomb in train car vs bomb strapped to John in TGG

A: Anderson’s sweater similar to John’s in ASIP

R: Sherlock’s explanation of the fall to Anderson. We see Moriarty again.

A: 1:29 on the bomb

G: Bomb doesn’t go off just like the bomb in TGG doesn’t go off

R: John asks Sherlock if he will tell him how he survived the fall. “I asked you for one more miracle”

A: Sherlock putting on the deerstalker and walking out to meet the press

G: TEH has a cliffhanger (Cam watching the video at the end).


A: Mrs. Hudson’s husband. “I’m a high functioning sociopath.” Harry’s alcoholism. Mike Stanford. “So hard not smoking.” Eyeball in cup of tea vs eyeballs in the microwave

R: “Tragic Loss. Sorry about that one.” Reference to Sherlock faking his death.

A: “I know Ash.” vs “I know human ash.” And his partner, John Hamish Watson.” Sherlock using sliding magnifying glass when cluing for looks (this is a callback to TGG as well)

G: The stag night is similar to Joe Harrison and Westie’s stag night at a bar. Alka-Seltzer fuzz is similar to the fuzz when Sherlock is testing blood from Janus Cars in lab. Also used in the show’s opening titles.

R: Courtroom for MP scene vs courtroom for Moriarty’s trial

A: “John Hamish Watson” “The Woman she knew.” Irene Adler. Vatican Cameos

G: “I have to delete something,” on the steps to Sholtos’ room vs “I’ve must have deleted it” in the beginning of TGG where Sherlock explains he only remembers information he finds relevant


R: CAM’s pressure points vs Moriarty saying “Everyone has their pressure points.” Same red writing is used on the hotel video for the jurors as on screen during CAM’s pressure point scenes

A: John dreaming (flashbacks) of the first time he met Sherlock in ASIP while in bed with Mary

G: John has started riding his bike, and goes to a crack house. Joe Harrison rides his bike and sells drugs.

A: “The Game is on!” Anderson looking for drugs in Baker Street

R: Sherlock is a celebrity in the newspapers

A: Janine in Sherlock’s bedroom vs. Irene in Sherlock’s bedroom. Sherlock trying to obtain Lady’s Smallwood’s letters about an affair from CAM’s safe vs Sherlock trying to get pictures of an affair from Irene’s safe. Fireplace parallels as well.

G: Sherlock telling John he’s put on weight since getting married vs Sherlock telling Molly she put on weight since dating Jim from IT.

R: Sherlock explaining to John about the keycard to get in CAM’s Tower vs. Sherlock explaining to John about Moriarty’s keycode to break into the Tower of London.

A: Sherlock falling backwards after being shot by Mary is similar to him falling backwards after being drugged by Irene

G: Louis Moffat playing young Sherlock Holmes. He was the voice of the kidnapped kid in TGG

A: Stairs from ASIP and the hallway where John shot the cabby and saved Sherlock’s life

R: Moriarty. “Off you pop”

A: “The Woman will cry.”

G: John hugs Mary vs John “hugging” Moriarty at the end of TGG

R: Tabloids. Janine in tabloids wearing the hat vs tabloid newspapers in TRF “Why is it always the hat, John.” Beehives vs The Bee Gees (Stayin’ Alive)

A: Red rose from Irene Adler in Sherlock’s hospital room. Lestrade saying he will take video of Sherlock in the hospital.

G: Sherlock vanishes through window vs Joe Harrison going through a window

A: The lie (Mary) hidden in plain sight

R: Mary faked her death vs Sherlock faking his death.

A: Christmas with the parents vs Christmas at Baker Street

G: “The Watsons are about to have a domestic” vs “Did you two have a little domestic?”

A: Irene’s theme is played so dramatically, it’s hard to ignore. Flashback to Christmas with the parents.

G: The AGRA memory stick vs the memory stick at the end of TGG. Mary’s past is similar to Westies (top secret spy)

A: Mary saying to John, “You don’t even know my name” vs John saying to Sherlock in ASIP “I don’t even know your name”

R: “Sodded lawn.” vs “Sod this”

A: “Low tar.” “Your loss would break my heart” vs “Caring is not an advantage. All hearts are broken in the end.”

G: “I’m not a hero.”

A: “Do your research, I’m a high-functioning sociopath.”

G: Red laser lights from snipers on Sherlock. Louis Moffat playing young Sherlock Holmes.

A: The plane on the tarmac vs Bond Air plane on the tarmac. “If you’re looking for baby names.”

R: Moriarty’s return. His face on TV screens vs his face on the TV in the cab


Opening Montage of TAB

A: Unzipping the body bag

G: Dressed up as a security guard

A: Riding crop, John meets Mycroft, “The Game is on!”

G: “Don’t make people into heroes, John.” Bomb strapped to John. “I’ll burn the heart out of you.”

A: Naked Irene Adler. “Are you wearing any pants?” “This is how I want you to remember me.”

R: Moriarty killing himself on the roof

A: Sherlock and John running through streets of London after the cab

R: John and Sherlock handcuffed. “We are going to need to coordinate.” Sherlock’s grave. “I asked you for one more miracle. Don’t be dead.” “I heard you.”

TAB Begins:

A: Recreation of John and Sherlock meeting for the first time in ASIP

G: Sherlock looking out the window, “The curtain rises…”

R: Emelia Ricoletti shooting herself in the mouth vs Moriarty shooting herself. Peter Ricoletti. “How could he survive…”

A: “Come when convenient…”

G: Sherlock doesn’t know how the solar system works

R: Diogenes Club

A: “I thought I looked rather enormous” vs “Putting on weight again?”

G: “You see but you don’t observe.” “Legwork”

R: Orange pips sent to Eustace in envelop vs Breadcrumbs sent to John in envelop. “Means death”

A: “A dead woman walking the earth” vs “you’re a dead man walking” (Jeff Hope)

G: “The Orange pips were a reminder.”

A:  Picture of Irene Adler. “You’re human.” vs “People want to know your human.”

R: Breaking glass vs. Moriarty breaking the glass at the Tower of London

A: Lestrade saying the body (Eustace) had a note vs. Jennifer Wilson having left behind a note. Sherlock rushing down a staircase.

G: “Putting on weight?” vs “How’s the diet going?”

R: Moriarty scene at Baker Street. Emelia Ricoletti vs Peter Ricoletti

A: “Dead is the new sexy” vs “Brainy is the new sexy”

G: “Putting on weight?

R: Ricoletti and Moriarty.

A: The deerstalker is introduced. “You’re Sherlock Holmes. Wear the damn hat!”

G: Spies

R: Ricoletti shooing herself. A substitute corpse. “You can’t kill an idea once it’s exist” vs “you can’t kill an idea, can you?” “Molly Hooper found a body for me when I…” The waterfall with Moriarty.

A: Sherlock looks out the window, exterior shot vs the same exterior shot at the end of ASIB


G: Moriarty. Classified top secret with Mycroft.

A: “High functioning sociopath”

R: “I’m glad to be alive” vs “staying alive.” Moriarty’s revenge after dying on roof

A: Sherlock stabbing the mantel vs stabbing the mantel the first time him and John visit Baker Street

G: John blogging

R: “The spider makes his move” vs “Moriarty is a spider with a web, etc.”

A: “Come back, it’s the wrong thumb” vs Mrs. Hudson saying “Ugh, thumbs!”

G: “You see, Watson, but you don’t observe.” (Baby Rosie throwing the toy in Sherlock’s face)

A: The Six Thatchers case from John’s blog. Using magnifying glass. Dead body in car.

R: Moriarty flashes on screen. Black pearl vs Moriarty’s diamond in the Tower of London

A: “Then he becomes a pirate for some reason.” vs “But initially he wanted to be a pirate.”

G: Sherlock looking into his white microscope, testing blood vs testing blood in Carl Power’s case. Pets are so loyal. “A noose to hang my neck in” vs “Hanged, yes.” “Like hiding a tree in a forest.”

R: Mentions of Moriarty. Glass breaking.

A: “Tell her she’s a dead woman walking” vs “You’re a dead man walking” (Jeff Hope)

G: The memory stick

A: Ajay falls backwards as he is drinking and lands in his room, passed out vs Sherlock falling backwards and landing in his bed after being drugged

R: “Ammunition” vs John tells Mycroft he gave Moriarty ammunition

A: Mary drugs Sherlock vs Irene drugging Sherlock

G: Memory stick

R: A note to John

A: Plane vs Bond Air plane. “You’re at my mercy” vs “Beg for mercy”

G: The curtain rises (text to Mary)

R: Mary’s DVD’s vs “I’m a storyteller. It’s on DVD.” John’s note to Sherlock vs Sherlock’s note to John

A: 13 on the post-it note on the refrigerator vs. 13th row on Bond Air plane

G: Cliffhanger with John’s note and Mary saying “Go to hell, Sherlock.”


(The opening shot of a gun firing could fit in here as John’s gun from ASIP)

R: John’s therapy session with Eurus looks similar to his sessions with Ella in TRF

A: Faith with walking cane vs John with walking cane

G: Sherlock looking out of window onto the street vs Sherlock looking out the window watching John crossing the street

A: Flashback to John with his cane. The whole scene with Faith Smith. Walking around London, eating, Mycroft spying on them. “Amazing” Gun in handbag vs gun in drawer. Throwing the gun in the Thames. Serial killer. 

R: Talk of suicide. Sherlock on the ledge of a bridge vs Sherlock on the ledge of Bart’s Hospital

G: Sherlock shooting the wall

A: Sherlock in the boot of the car vs the dead guy in the boot of the car in ASIB

R: Mrs. Hudson’s having a slow-motion “earthquake” with the tea spilling vs the man at the Bank of London in TRF in slow-motion with his tea rumbling and spilling. Handcuffs vs Sherlock and John handcuffed. Therapy.

A: “I’m not your housekeeper!”

R: “You pretended to be dead for two years!”

A: “The game is on,” said Mrs. Hudson

R: “Thought this was some sort of trick…”

A: Hiding in plain sight. Texting Faith vs Texting Hope

R: Nurse Cornish is a big fan vs Kitty Riley being “a fan.” Both take place in and near the restroom

A: Wear the hat. The queen, her majesty.

R: Bliss vs Domestic bliss

A: The game is on.

R: Return to Bart’s Hospital

A: Morgue with dead woman vs Morgue with “Speckled Blonde” or Morgue scene with Irene’s fake dead body.

R: Culverton’s keys vs Moriarty’s keycode. They can both go anywhere they like.

A: Faith with walking cane. John leaves behind his walking cane as he did in ASIP. Mycroft sends car to pick up John. Mycroft looking for drugs vs Lestrade looking for drugs at Baker Street. John deduces there is a secret brother vs Sherlock deducing John’s sister

R: Mary’s DVD vs Moriarty’s DVD

A: John rushes to save Sherlock from killing himself

R: “Off you pop.” John uses a fire extinguisher to break down the door vs Moriarty using a fire extinguisher to break the glass at the Tower of London. “There must be something comforting about three” vs “Your three friends in the whole world will die.” Molly is the fourth.

A: Irene’s text message. Sherlock wearing the hat

R: The “Miss Me” in black light vs “Help Us” in black light. John in therapy. Eurus with gun on John =  Moriarty’s snipers on John


A: Eye opens vs. John’s eye opening in ASIP

G: TLD left us with a cliffhanger, and John in danger

A: Bond Air plane with sleeping/dead people and the same child actress.

R: Moriarty’s voice “Welcome to The Final Problem.”

A: “John might like to call his daughter vs Why would Jennifer Wilson still care about her daughter

G: The bomb at Baker Street

A: “The pirate.” vs “But initially he wanted to be a pirate.”

R: The guards and the security cameras. Sherrinford Prison = Pentonville Prison. Sherlock walks into Eurus’ cell while she plays the violin, her back is turned vs Moriarty walking into Baker Street as Sherlock plays the violin, his back is turned. Moriarty says Bach would be appalled vs Eurus saying “Not Bach, play you.”

A: Sherlock plays Irene’s theme. Vatican Cameos.

R: Moriarty with head phones and dancing vs the entire sequence of him at the Tower of London with the Crown Jewels. The guards escorting him. The security cameras are similar.

A: Christmas. Moriarty.

R: Five minutes between Sherlock and Moriarty. Moriarty in front of the glass cell vs Moriarty in front of the glass with the Crown Jewels. Sherlock and Moriarty shown next to each other in a cell in TRF.

A: Little girl on plane

R: Moriarty’s Final Problem

A: Little girl on the plane

G: Moriarty going “Choo Choo…” trains and more trains

A: The walls of the second room are red and gray, and similar to the walls where Jennifer Wilson was found dead.

R: Moriarty

A: Bond Air plane and little girl. John says Irene Adler loves Sherlock

G: Molly’s “I love you,” scene is set up like the scene in TGG with the painting and the Super Nova.

R: Moriarty. “Took her only five minutes to do this to us.”

A: Little Eurus in John’s sweater from ASIP

G: Little girl on the plane says, “You mean where the driver is?” vs John talking to the train guy in TGG: “What about the drivers?” “They’ve gotta live with it, haven’t they?”

R: Moriarty’s revenge

A: The plane!

R: Time to solve the final problem

A: Young Eurus wearing John’s sweater from ASIP

G: Shot of pool from the TGG

A: Young Eurus in John’s sweater from ASIP

R: Gravestones. Cemetery vs the cemetery at the end of TRF. Arresting Eurus vs arresting Moriarty.

A: John in shock blanket. Lestrade saying his line “He’s a good one.” Shot of Sherlock opening the body bag and John in bed from ASIP. “You know where to find me…” text.

G: Sherlock shooting the wall

A: Sherlock stabbing the mantel

The Lost Special: The pattern ends with Sherlock shooting the wall and stabbing the mantel. Mrs. Hudson told us what these two actions mean. The case is still unsolved and there are still unanswered questions.

You all know the way to my little Enjoltaire heart I swear.

When flu season rolled around, Enjolras and Grantaire were both struck down; however no one knew Enjolras had it.

Enjolras wasn’t one to vocally announce his ailments, so when Courfeyrac and Combeferre came over to help, he motioned the two to he and Grantaire’s shared bedroom, where Grantaire was lying in bed and audibly moaning as if in pain.

Enjolras spent his day working through house chores while Combeferre and Courfeyrac tended to Grantaire, who was sporting a pretty nasty fever.

He didn’t mind that Combeferre and Courfeyrac were spending all their time with Grantaire. In fact, he rather preferred it. He, too, wanted Grantaire well again; he knew how the brunet was when struck down with illness.

However, as the hours passed in a blur of dishes, sweeping, and laundry, the flu began to catch up to Enjolras, so he took to the couch for a small nap to try and ward off the headache pulsing up from his temples.

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M: We were in love for two centuries, and now we’re setting fires to avoid eatch others. All right, what the hell happened?
R: I woke up from a dagger nap to find you trying to kill everyone that I love.
M: Your brother ripped my heart out and then tossed my body off a bridge. And I didn’t even see you crying.
R: I mourned the man I thought I knew.
M: Well, I’m sorry, I must have missed that while you were trying to curse me.
R: I asked you to leave with me! Seven years ago, I asked you! But you didn’t love me as much as you love New Orleans.
M: All right, I do love New Orlean, all right, I do. And I watched it burn to the ground for you one before, Rebekah. And then I waited a century…and you didn’t even come back for me.
R: So you just forget about me? You know, it’s probably best if you just do that again.
M: Yeah, you know what, I think it’s best for both of us.
R: Couldn’t agree more.
M: Yeah.
—  The Originals 4x11 Marcel & Rebekah
You will not remember
My frigid temper
My chaotic winds and the
Burning that froze your bones.
You will not see a damsel
Or a monster or a girl
Who drank down too many pills
In the pitch black night
When they told me that love
Lasts forever I spit in their face
I told them your name
And I carved out the piece
Of my heart that still held you close
—  s.r., close
I love you

Headcanon that the first one to say I love you is Ladybug. Even though Chat wants to say it, he chickens out or an akuma attacks.

One time, Chat is badly hurt and Ladybug truly realizes she needs him and notices her feelings that she’d been pushing away because of Adrien.

Slowly, the feelings seep into her behavior around chat and he definitely notices the change. Flirty banter starts to take on a deeper meaning, and a few times, one or both are left with a “wait…was he/she joking?” feeling.

This leads up to one day, when Chat’s teasing Ladybug, who realizes she’s had enough.

“I love you,” she says, and that shuts him up quite nicely.

He stammers wildly, not expecting this turn of events. He’s pretty sure his heart and face have burned up. “R-really?” He manages after about a minute of gaping, trying to speak, and failing.

Ladybug inclines her head, her face a bit pink as well. “Really,” she confirms, and his face breaks out into such a happy grin that she can’t help but match it.

Isn’t me

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader x Taehyung

A/N: This fic is similar to the plot line of Tic-Tac-Toe, but just the makne line. I tried to make some things different though. Trying to make up for the lack of scenario posts. Anyways, enjoy :))

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“You see this right here? That is your heart line. You’re gonna have one great love in your life.”

- Norman Ellison


l i t e r a l l y

I have never, ever had a ship get bombed so quickly


There were days I wanted out.
But then You would go and do things
like dive into the Vancouver ocean,
big brilliant cliché poem that You are,
water rolling off Your back
as You swam toward a sunset
that hung like a sacred recipe painted
all the way around Your holy head.
And then there were the ways You caught me
moving back into my cave where the wheels turn,
same wheels that drove You off.
I should have told You
before talking in terms of Forever
that any given day wears me out and works me sour,
that there are nights when the sky is so clear
I stand obnoxious underneath it
begging for the stars to shoot at me
just so I can feel at Home.
What’s left of You now is a shrine
built from the pieces I kept of Your presence,
Your incredible stretch of presence.
It sits in Our room like a sandpiper
cross-legged and crying,
remembering the night we met
and the day You left, and the Light
shifting in between.
By the side of it stands a picture of the poem where I promised,
“You will never have another lonely holiday.”
The words “I Promise” and “Forever”
begged me not to use them
but sometimes I don’t listen to God,
so You can imagine how much it hurt
to let Your last birthday pass
with no word. August 3rd.
You weren’t the only one comin’ up lonesome.
Listen, if I had to make a list
of everything everywhere
- and I mean everything… everywhere -
the very last to-do on that infinite list of
every – single – thing – would be – to hurt You,
so I need You to know
that in an attempt to keep my promise
I did write a letter to You on Your birthday.

It was covered in stickers of flock-printed stars,
choir claps, and a bonfire of buttercups stuck in the air,
but when I finally drew enough courage
to send You all the Love in the World
my hand snapped off in the mailbox
from clenching.
It was returned to me with a gospelstitch, a hope stamp
and a note etched into the palm I had to pry open
with the pressure of pitching doves
reminding me
we agreed to let each other go.
There is a point when tears don’t work
to wash things away anymore.
Grabbing for breath has now broken my fingers.
I miss You so much some days
that I beg for the airplane to crash
with just enough time in the freefall
for scribbling “I Love You” across my chest.
That way – when they find my burning breast plate –
they will tell You how the very last thing I did with my life
was call out Your name.
A. R. L.
I know You’re momma didn’t raise no sissy,
so it’s best if I believe
that You’ve bounced back and been born again,
but in the bottom left corner of dreams
in the dark spot
where it gets windy and hollow
I can still see you flailing,
eating knuckle cake,
full torque and tender,
heart pounding from being pulled under,
feet bleeding from bracing for endings,
tongue dying to curse Forever
because promises murder us backwards
when people like me don’t keep them.
And sure, we all deserve absolution,
but especially You. You and Faith,
You’ve got the same hungerpunch,
same song
still rising off the watertrain running through the laws
of a moon dead set on daylight
digging marbles from the trees
in a Love not scared to make no sense
and monkey enough to see
the same devastating reason for living this life
My Giant
I promise You
these words have buckled my lips
so far back to the beginning
that I am now allowed only
so from my snap-chested heart spraying
fully flying
sending out the birds:
Today I stop believing in words.
Today all my visions converted to blurs
like the night We saw the Light
and I could not shut up
but I swear I was feelin’ silence.

I knew this day would come, when I stumbled over my own retribution. Accursed to my broken body. A fantasy of lips run wild on my veins, and then to end this tragedy, I crumble to another torrid affair. It began like this:

You thought that he had a hands
Like a god, because the way he touched
You made you burn.
And you fell victim to his embraces.
But now that boy no longer
knows your name.
You’ve faded into the lake water
he drowned you in,
and it always ends the same way.
With a broken heart and you begging
For someone to come along
And pick up all those pieces.

—  s.r., when god comes holding your heart in his palm, how do you not reach out to grab it?

you don’t know me
nor do i know you
and my chest aches,
from the thought of never getting the chance
to unravel the enigma making up the significant that is you;

the little things-
your favorite bands,
your passions,
your favorite childhood memory,
your biggest, baddest fears,
what you think of humanity,
if you believe in god or karma,
what you’d rather be if you could be anything,
the people you look up to,

your eyes are set on her
you’re still hung up on her
she set your heart on fire and left you in a pile of broken bones,
and the flame starts burning out
you’d do it all over again, all for her
broken bones and emptying your soul out just to keep her

and i continue to adore you from across the room
stolen glances, hidden intentions,
i can’t even walk up to you much less utter a single word whenever you’re within reach
i think, i think, i think that i can 
but i f  r e  e z e every time and my demons swallow me whole

you’re too quiet,
you’re too weird,
you’re too smart,
you’re plain,
you’re boring,
you’re awkward,
you’re not even pretty,
y   o   u  ’  r   e   n   o   t    h   e  r  
you’re not her that he wants;
they scream so loud in my ear and it’s all that i hear

i don’t know what to do anymore,
i don’t know what i’m waiting for,
there’s no hope,
no possible way,
for you to feel the way you make me feel

still i’m there in the corner,
watching you from afar,
hoping you look my way too
-i just want to be something to you and get rid of this anonymity

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Can you do Takao Akashi Kuroko Aomine Kise are cuddling with there gfs and they are telling them how much they love her and they make them so happy and then suddenly she starts crying because she didn't think anyone would love her and she's bad at being affectionate so she feels bad that they can't be as affectionate as they are

Awww this is one cute ass ask!! 

Takao: “Your so cute [ Name ]!” he stated as they felt their cheeks start to heat up. “M-Me?” They questioned looking down as the blue eyed male smiled. “Yup~ [ Name ] [ Surname ]!” Takao stated as they seemed to get even more flustered. “I love you~” He stated gently nuzzling into the back of their neck. “I-I…” they choked out as he opened his eyes to see them crying. Did he do something wrong? “ [ Name ],” he whispered his eyes full of worry. The sounds of laughter from the TV seemed to drone out as he focused on his girlfriend right in front of him. “I-I’m just so happy,” they whispered rubbing their eyes. “I-I’m so happy,” They stated again as they awkwardly shifted to face him. Their cheeks bright red. “I-I’m awkward,” they started off to say as they rested their face on Takao’s collarbone. “I-I don’t show a lot of affection, a-and I always feel as though t-that I should try harder.” Takao chuckled as he ruffled their hair. “You don’t need to do anything, your perfect the way you are! And if you change that I might not love you.” he teased out. 

Akashi: The red headed male looked at his beloved with a beautiful gaze, “I love you.” The red headed male whispered gently kissing the side of their neck. “You love me?” They questioned as he nodded. His eyes showing care and concern. “How could I not dear?” He asked his voice soft as he tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, “Your perfect in every single way.” The male whispered, “And I can’t help but love you.” He whispered as their body started to shake. “ [ Name ] dear?” he asked worry lacing his tone as he touched their hand gently. “I-I’m sorry, I’m overreacting, I-I just can’t believe you said that.” They whispered out. Akashi stayed quiet all he did was squeeze their hand gently. “I’ve a-always been afraid that I’d never find anyone who loved me because… because I’m so awkward. I never want to do anything and-” before they could say another word his lips were against theirs. It wasn’t a passionate kiss full of lust, but rather a kiss that was sweet and simple. “Just enjoy the moment dear.” 

Kuroko: “ [ Name ]-san your really nice.” The blue haired male stated, “And I love you.” HIs voice was not as monotonous as usual. It had a flare of kindness to it. They were wrapped protectively in his arms as they became rigid. “Why?” They asked their voice soft as they squeezed their eyes shut. “Because you love me for me.” Kuroko stated as they let out a sob. Instantly his eyes widened the grip around them tightening. “[ Name ]-san are you hurt?” he asked his eyes scanning over their smaller form. “No, not at all.” They whispered out. “I-I’m elated.” They muttered. “That you love me,” Kuroko had a gentle smile on his face as he let out a breath. “You worried me for a second [ Name ]-san.” He answered. “I know, and I’m sorry. But I’m relieved. I-I never thought that someone would love me. I’m always so awkward. And unlike the other girls I don’t like kissing in public or holding hands.” Kuroko chuckled. “Why do I love you?” he asked. “Because I love you you for you?” They questioned as he nodded and gently kissed their cheek. “And I love you for who you are as well.” 

Aomine: “Daiki,” They whispered as they looked at their slumbering boyfriend. “We need to get you to bed.” They whispered as the male shook his head waking up slightly. “No [ Name ] I want to sleep.” he mumbled as they sighed. “Come on Daiki,” They muttered. “It’s alright 1 AM.” They muttered. He let out a groan, “ For God’s Sakes [ Name ] I love you but let me sleep.” he grunted out as he continued to cuddle the female. “L-Love?” they squeaked out. “Hush!” he barked out as he felt their body start to shake. He opened one eye to see tears running down their face. “S-Sorry,” he stuttered out. He didn’t mean to be mean, he just wanted to sleep. “N-No, i-it’s not you being a dick.” they whispered as he chuckled slightly He was awake now. “So what’s the reason for the waterworks huh?” He asked touching their tears and wiping it away. “You loving me,” his cheeks turned slightly red. “W-What about it?” He asked feeling slightly defensive. “Y-You do.” they exclaimed as he looked to the side. “Of course I do.” A soft smile spread across their features as they shook their head. “Nevermind you can go back to sleep Daiki, we’ll sleep on the couch.” With that he closed his eyes trying to stop his erratic heart from beating even faster. 

Kise: The two were snuggled with a bunch of blankets watching a romantic comedy. His lips were quirked in a smile as he watched the two slowly yet hilariously fall in love, “ [ Name-cchi! ]” The male exclaimed deciding to be cheesy as they grunted out a response. They were too engulfed in the movie. “I love you,” he blurted out as they seemed to freeze. “R-Ryouta where did that come from?” They asked burying themselves deeper in the blanket. “W-Where did that come from?” they stated feeling tears burn at the corner of their eyes. Kise looked worried, did he do something wrong. “W-Where did that come from?” they whispered again. “ [ Name-cchi ] I do love you, so please tell me.” He whispered out as they shook their head. “I always felt like I was doing something wrong, that I was the problem with our relationship.” They whispered, “A-And to hear you say that you love me, i-it puts those doubts to shame.” Kise’s s/o whispered out as the blonde haired male looked at his s/o and gently smiled. “There’s nothing wrong with you, everyone shows affection in different ways.” The blonde whispered. “And no matter how you show it I will always love you.” 

i’ve got 99 problems but you’re not one


forget you - cee lo green// part of me - katy perry// mis movin’ on-fifth harmony// picture to burn - taylor swift// r u crazy - connor maynard// goodbye song - mkto// potential breakup song - ally & aj// young and single - jackson guthy// don’t - ed sheeran// lips are movin - meghan trainor// kiss n tell - kesha// gives you hell - the all american rejects// boy - little mix// cowboy casonova - carrie underwood// i just laugh - nevershoutnever// rumor has it - adele// how to be a heartbreaker - marina and the diamonds// cry your heart out - olly murs// buletproof - la roux// really don’t care - demi lovato// riding solo - jason derulo// roar - katy perry// so what/i kissed a girl (dj darkz mashup) - p!nk/katy perry// bye bye bye - n*sync// fuck love - iggy azalea//

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Have you read the new Orianna lore? The second story had me so interested in the way she see's the world, almost longing for someone like her. Kind of saddened though that they got rid of her being a dancer...

hellyeah!! it was a really good scene.. way to toy with my heart Jellbug (check out the AMA if you have the time too! https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/5hf8md/ama_were_the_rioters_behind_piltovers_stories_and/)

tbh I thought Fieram was a tiny boyfriend(like a ventriloquist’s puppet) at first?

I like that this Orianna retained some interest in the performing arts(at least).. albeit a burning curiosity for the world outside Piltover. Kinda loved how her attachment to theater/dance eventually died with her past(as human Orianna) to make way for Ori v2.0. BE FREE BUTTERFREE

C R I M E S  O F  T H E  H E A R T [listen]
s t e l l a  g i b s o n  &  r e e d  s m i t h

i. power & control - marina and the diamonds
power and control, i’m gonna make you fall

ii. biting down - lorde
the electronics of your heart, see how fast they fall apart

iii. i know places - taylor swift
something happens when everybody finds out

iv. only if for a night - florence & the machine
although I was burning, you’re the only light

v. is it wrong - lana del rey
i fell for you, you want me too, let’s get it on

vi. send me down - haim
wanna feel you cross the line, so send me down

vii. skin - rihanna
the mood is set, so you already know what’s next

viii. your lips are red - st. vincent
my face is red from reading your red lips

* Your soul breaks…. but it refused.

* You feel like you should be sad… but it refused.

* You hear their cries for you to finally end their misery…. but it refused.

* You destroyed everything in your path and brought the reckoning you so desperately wanted…

* … but it refused.

* You sold your soul just to let the world live in peace again. You walk away from the mountain, leaving the monsters to live their lives together. Perhaps it is not ideal, but someone else will let them go some day.  Someone will walk the exact same path that you dared to face.

* But at the same time… perhaps it is ideal.

* You’ve read every book. You’ve burned every book. You’ve won every game. You’ve lost every game. You’ve felt everyone’s hearts beat together as one. You’ve felt everyone’s hearts ring in a discordant harmony.

* Surely you deserve a break to ponder over what exactly happened in that poor underground.

* But this mystery.

* It sparks something familiar. Something you’ve not truly felt for a long time.

* For one final time… you are filled with  d e t e r m i n a t i o n .

(Check out every piece, including some bonus ones, in order!)


I’ve gushed over it before and I’ll gush over it again. My new favorite game combined with my favorite YouTuber. It’s been something wonderful. You’ve left it on a good tangent, I think. Thank you for taking everyone on this wild ride.

This is the end.

(… by the way, I listened to this while typing it out. I like to immerse myself in my emotions. Probably not the best idea for a wallowing pit of TEARS, but… :’D)

(… oh and Tumblr THANKS FOR THE QUALITY SCREW-UP. Just open in a new tab. :’D :’D)

Neighbors (12)

AN: Geesh. I was sleep-writing, my apologies.


“I t-think I want a tattoo.” Hinata declared at breakfast. Sasuke looked up at her, smirked and looked back down at his cereal. “I’m serious!” She pouted.



“I said no,” he repeated smoothly. “At least I’m not taking you.”

“Why?” She clenched her fist under the table.

“Why not?”

Hinata’s whole face soured at his response causing Sasuke rolled his eyes. “That doesn’t m-make sense.”

“Neither do you,” he countered.

Opal eyes narrowed. “I w-was thinking about it all n-night,” she insisted.

The Uchiha shrugged. “I don’t care. Get one then. I’m not your father.”

Her lips parted at his change in opinion. “But…”

“What?” He watched her mood die right before his eyes. Ah, he knew what this was about. “Are you sure?”

“Yes.” She smiled.

“What do you want?”

Hinata’s smile dropped. “I… I - um… I don’t know.”

Sasuke rubbed his chin. “That may be a place to start, princess.” The girl’s face warmed and looked away.

Today was proving to be interesting already.


Hinata flipped through the album of popular tattoos with a beaming smile. Sasuke noticed that Gaara was glaring at the girl. “I thought I said don’t bring her back.”

Sasuke shrugged. “Rule breaker.”

The red-haired grumbled something about breaking him. “I’m not doing it.”

“I didn’t want you to,” Sasuke glanced over. “Why are you so angry - at her?” He added since Gaara was never normally in a ‘good’ mood but Hinata seemed to make it worst.

“Why is she so…happy?” He countered.

Sasuke turned his attention back to the smiling girl. She stuck out like a sore thumb against the rest of the shop and workers…even employees.

“It’s sickening,” was all that Gaara said before walking back to his station.

Hinata glanced up as the Uchiha made his way towards her. “You have an idea?”

“Y-yes!” She smiled and closed the book.

“Well?” He questioned. She blinked up at him innocently. “I have to - do you know anything about tattoos?”

“Yes,” her nose wrinkled. “I j-just don’t w-want to show you.”

“That’s too bad since I’m doing it.” He told her smugly.

Her eyes widened. “E-eh!”

“You could ask Gaara himself…” Sasuke shrugged.

Hinata reluctantly pulled out a slip of paper. Sasuke fought to keep his eye from twitching. She knew exactly what she wanted the whole time and chose to look through every tattoo.

“They were p-pretty,” she handed him the paper. “The tattoo book was p-pretty.”

Sasuke vaguely thought he heard Gaara growling. “Let’s go before he kills you.” Hinata squeaked seeing the upset red-head.


“Where do you want it?” Sasuke asked.

Hinata shrugged, trying to get comfortable on the leather seat and lifted her sleeve. “I - I don’t know - um…my arm?”

“Are you nervous?” Sasuke sat beside her, pushing ebony bangs from his face with a pin. Hinata nodded and bit her lip. “Why do you want this?”

She looked at him then away. “I…”

“It’s none of my concern,” he mumbled. Hinata’s heart dropped upon hearing the low hum. “Get rea-”

“No!” She cried out and moved away. “I’m not r-ready.”

He stood only to loom over the panicked girl. Dark eyes burning holes in her one opal ones. “Don’t - change.”

“Ano…” Hinata managed to look him in the eyes for a few moments. “I’m n-not.”

He nodded and put the needle down. “Idiot,” He rubbed tired eyes. Hinata watched him curiously. “There’s no image, get it?”

“Huh?” She questioned.

He crossed his inked arms. “I’m saying that there’s no image.”

“I g-get that but-”

“Stay you.” He turned to grab his jacket. “Just stay - you.”


He gave a curt nod. Hinata moved her legs off the edge of the long chair. Sasuke slipped his arms in both sleeves and freed his bangs from the clips.

“Sasuke?” She got down and fixed her sleeve. He grunted in response. “T-thank you.”

“Tch, whatever.”


'Her AC was fixed’ said the note that was stuck to her door. Sasuke pocketed his hands and watched her open the door to a cold apartment.

“G-great,” she smiled. Sasuke didn’t respond. “I g-guess I’ll be moving out.” She turned to the taller male.

“Aa.” He walked to his door and opened it. Hinata slipped pass him and packed in silence. Was it just awkward for her? He didn’t seem bothered either way. What did this mean? Would she miss him? They were neighbors anyway. It wasn’t like he or she couldn’t walk three feet to the other’s door

Hinata sighed at the dark blue bed. She would miss his sheets the most, they were so comfortable and warm. All last night, she slept in a tight cocoon because his apartment was freezing. Hinata walked into the living room with her bag. “I’m packed.”

He stood from his spot on the couch and walked her to the door. “Got everything?” He asked.

She patted the bag. “Yup.” He nodded and opened the door. Hinata gave him a smile. “Thank y-you for everything! It was r-really ni-”

And of course he kissed her quiet, only for a moment. Hinata’s eyes fluttered open to see his forced frown. “I’m not nice.”

Hinata smiled again. “Is there a b-better word?”

He pushed her out of his door way. “Later, princess.”

And just like any other time, he closed the door. Hinata cupped her cheeks and walked into her apartment.

Later that night, when Hinata was laying down in her own bed…rising in volume a song started playing. The blushing girl covered her face and turned over.

It was Track Seven.

It’s raining at over Beach City. Over the ocean, over the temple, over the rooftop of Steven’s odd, human home. Jasper stands at the window and watches it all, her arms crossed and expression blank.

Thunder, loud and clear and commanding. It shakes the entire house and suddenly Steven is standing beside her, peering out towards the darkened sky.

“That’s just a storm,” Steven says, as if to reassure her. “It’ll pass. The clouds-”

“I know what rain is, Steven.”

“Oh!” The boy blushes deep red, his cheeks burning bright. “R-right, of course… I keep forgetting…”

He expects her to be like Peridot. Naive. Completely unprepared for the strangeness of Earth.

But Jasper was made here. She slept inside the Earth for a hundred years before waking, and all of this–the rolling sea, the howling sky, the rain pelting down upon the sand–sent echoes through the planet’s core, as constant and familiar to Jasper as the heart beating inside of Steven’s chest.

“Rain was good, in the war,“ Jasper says, still staring out through the window. “Good cover. Good distraction. Mud was a pain to fight in… But if you could wade through enough of it, the rebels would never see you coming.“

Jasper flashes a grin at Steven, though it’s more reflexive than anything else. Bragging–that’s a reflex, too. It’s a shield between herself and the thoughts that hurt too much, cut too deeply. It’s easier to wear those things like armor, because then they could never hurt her.

But Steven doesn’t smile back the way a Homeworld Gem would smile, and the shield feels strangely heavy in Jasper’s hand. Instead, Steven looks at her with round, sad eyes, as if he wants to both scold and comfort her. But instead his hands fall limp, and his eyes look away.

“Oh,” is all he can say.

Jasper’s own gaze snaps upwards, back the dark sky and churning sea. Like Steven, she doesn’t know what to say–but she wants to grip the shield even tighter, hold it up high so that Steven will see how strong she is.

“The Homeworld soldiers never liked it,” she continues. “Couldn’t quite get used to the feeling, you know? Knee-deep in mud, shoulder-deep in mud… Didn’t matter. They complained either way. But me? It was easy. Just like breaking out of Beta.”

Molten earth surging around her, viscous and suffocating and thick. Fighting for every inch, every step, every breath. Bursting free at last–a victory short-lived, as combat explodes all around her.

“We could probably go out, if we wanted to,” Steven says, his voice so small and hopeful that the shield falters again. “Jump in the puddles. Make mud pies. Replace all those bad memories with good ones.”

Jasper exhales sharply, a strange, sudden burst. She never said it was a bad memory–she bragged about it, didn’t she?! She wore it like a badge of honor, and yet Steven saw right past her shield.

As if she could hide anything from him.

“No, I’d rather stay in,” she says at last, and though she had not lied to Steven, this is the first true thing she’s said all evening.

Jasper’s arms unfold, and she places a wide palm atop Steven’s head, ruffling his curly hair.

“Sometimes it’s nice just to get away from the storm, you know?”

And Steven smiles.


I say a lot of things out of anger and annoyance. Because I truly am angry. I truly feel like I’ve been wasting my time. I feel like I’ve been playing a game for 3 years and I lost. Sometimes i just randomly start crying. I have nightmares about us. The thought of you gives me heart burn.

But I still love you.

I don’t need you. And right now, I don’t even want you, I’m not sure if I’ll ever want you again. But I’ll always love you. 

I’m gonna wonder if you’re okay, if you made it to where you wanted to be. If you find someone else, are they good for you? Because I care about your well-being. Because I still love you.

But I’m learning to love from a distance, You DONT deserve to have me near you right now. But I’ll always love you. I’ll find my own place in the world, a place where I can get what I deserve, and I’ll love you from there.