r: everything else


Mozart was crazy. Flat fucking crazy.
Bat shit, I hear.
But his music’s not crazy; it’s balanced, it’s nimble, it’s crystalline clear. There’s harmony, logic- you listen to these.
You don’t hear his doubts, or his debts or disease.
You scan through the score, and put fingers on keys, and you play…. 

Everything Else” from Next To Normal, sung by Jennifer Damiano.


/frantically avoids any and all physical affection. 😱😱😱

He said to me “You aren’t the ‘sick girl’ in my head, you’re the ‘everything else girl’ so why would I talk about sickness when I can talk about everything else?”

And in that moment my soul relaxed & for the first time in what felt like a lifetime I believed I was more than my illness.


H.Rose ~ Everything Else (by @fightingfearnotpain)

{Paraphrased to be more relatable to others. In real life he used my name, and that made it so much more real}