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So It Goes, chapter 2, a Castle fanfic | FanFiction

‘When she let him coax her from the enticing shadows of the alley at the club’s back entrance, part of her feared that the time it would take to reach her apartment, the shock of cold air to her skin and separation from his, would clear her senses, convince her not to do this.

But she was wrong.’

Rated M

Lecter Castle

As a big fan of Hannibal and an art historian, I’ve always been intrigued by this castle that we can see as the Lecter family’s castle in season three. So I did some research, and I found out that it is actually this castle : château de Noisy (or château Miranda) in Belgium.

And I also found out that this castle was abandonned since 1991, and that it is now threatened to be destroyed (Wikipedia even says that the castle has actually been destroyed in October 2017, but I couldn’t find any proof of it).

So I just wanted to share these pictures with you, enjoy this beautiful castle, and cry, maybe, over its fate and destruction.