r: castiel x dean x sam

You Understand, Right? (Part 11): I Made My Decision

Characters: Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader / Friend!Reader, Sam Winchester x Sister!Reader / Friend!Reader

Length: 1022+ words

TW: Fighting / Injuries 

Feedback is appreciated (AND SO ARE YOU)!


Y/N slowly made her way to a clearing, thinking about what Dean had said. She replayed the last half an hour over and over again. At this point she doesn’t know who to trust. She knew the power the Colt had, and she felt ridiculously stupid for almost handing the most powerful weapon over to the King of Hell. Either ways, she had to confirm whether Dean was right about Crowley or not. “Cas,” Y/N whispered, hoping he would somehow hear her prayers, and come.

“Y/N? Where’s Dean?” he asked. It was rare for the angel to see her without Dean. Those two had been joint at the hips since he met her.

“I need you to give this back to him.” She shoved the Colt against his chest, not trusting herself with it any longer. “And tell him I’m sorry.”

“Why do you have the Colt? And why can’t you tell him yourself?” he questioned.

“Please, Cas. I just- I need to be alone right now.”

“Alright.” He grabbed the Colt from her hands, and disappeared with a fluttering of wings.

“Hello, darling,” Crowley greeted with a smile, one she would’ve thought nothing of, but now she can sense the danger behind it. “Do you have the Colt?”

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Papa Cas

Winchester Cas’s!Daughter Imagine

Warnings: Season 13 possible spoilers. Angst. Light fluff. Mentions of death and Cas.

This is taking place after Castiel’s death. The reader is his kid that he adopted after a hunt where you lost your parents.

Characters: Dean//Sam//Jack//Cas

Sister/daughter tags: @skeletoresinthebasement nt @noones-girl1980 @imjusthereforsupernatural @jamric @sisterwinchesterwriter r @pumpkinpiesandpocketknives @messy-buns-and-shotguns @graceb200371 71 @troubles-with-the-fandoms @littlegirlslost

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“Papa!” The screams and cries echoed throughout the Bunker for the thirtieth time in the past hour it seemed.

At the end of the long spiraled stairs sat a very displeased toddler with a bright red face of sadness and two small blonde pig tails.

And for the thirtieth time in the past hour, Dean attempted to pick you up. Only to have your screams become louder as his arms extended towards you.

“No!” You prolonged your word with a harder scream.

“Papa!” You screamed out once again. Now pointing up the stairs where you last saw Cas leave.

“Yeah yeah, trust me I know.” Dean sighed out, standing up from his crouched position. Realizing how sore his knees were from balancing on the balls of his feet for too long.

Cas has been gone for a few days now. Well, gone in your mind, but he was dead to the rest. Every night you screamed for him, pointing at the stairs where you last remembered his presence. And every night he didn’t show up, making you more and more upset as the days passed.

There was a few times Jack tried to help, but Dean told him under no circumstances was he to mess with you. And just as the nights before he attempted to approach you. Only this time, Sam somewhat talked Dean into allowing Jack to help you. But Dean still stood right behind him, making sure you would be under no harm whatsoever.

“Papa!” You screamed at him, still with an extended finger.

“You want to see your Papa?” Jack calmly asked in a low voice, crouched down just as Dean once was.

Still not stopping your tears or screams, you nodded and pointed even harder towards the door.

His hand extended to touch the side of your face, making Dean take a step forward only to have Sam extend his own arm to show him it was okay.

“You’ve got to stop crying for a minute.” He instructed as he tried to think.

Maybe Jack didn’t know what he was doing, maybe he did. Maybe he just wanted to comfort you, and perhaps comfort himself in some sort of way as well. One way or another, Castiel’s voice rang softly through your ears. Echoing into a nearby space in your mind.

“There’s no need to cry.” Cas spoke. “I’ll be home soon, I promise.”

“Papa.” Your hand went to your chest, showing that Cas was yours.

Slowly you lifted your opposite hand, placing it on Jack’s chest as well.

“Family.” You understandingly spoke. Still having uneven breaths and a hoarse voice from crying for so long.

Dean hadn’t trusted Jack since the moment he saw him, he refused to show any sympathy or compassion for him. But seeing his one year old adopted niece connect with him set something straight in his mind. Even if it didn’t convince him Jack could be good, maybe it showed something else. Maybe it showed even the smallest hearts could be the biggest. No matter how tiny the body.


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Part One- Part Two - Part Three

Over and Over - Part 1

Chapter Summary: You’d been with Sam since he mysteriously returned from hell nearly a year ago. You, Cas, and Dean find out why he’s been acting so weird.
A/N: Hello! And welcome to my new series! It all started as a part of @greenappleeyes 1,000 follower challenge, and it brought me here, to a *partial* series rewrite. The song I chose for the challenge was Over and Over by Three Days Grace. I think you guys will like this series a lot! I have lots and lots of plans for it, and no, it doesn’t go by every episode by the script. <3
Beta: @afanofmanystuffs
Pairing: Sam x Reader
Warnings: A little angst, language, implied smut, (most angst taken from season 6 episode 7: Family Matters.)
Word Count: 2,194



Sam hadn’t been the same since he’d gotten out of hell. Something- and you didn’t know what; couldn’t even begin to fathom it-  must have happened to him down there. But he downright refused to say what; dodging the question and changing the subject every time you brought it up. Sometimes, you had to wonder if it was just the fact that he let Dean go live with Lisa- maybe he missed him and regretted his decision. You certainly did. But you knew that you couldn’t go see him, even just a glance. If you had gone to Dean, how could you keep it a secret that Sam wasn’t really dead? Dean loved his brother- you knew how much he loved him. And you couldn’t keep the fact that he was alive secret from him. Thus, it was miles and miles away from him you stayed.

On some level (and you didn’t know how dominant that level may be), Sam had always known that you were in love with him. But the last few years had been hard. First demon blood, then the apocalypse - acting on your feelings was just too dangerous. But when you saw that he was back, mere days after he’d sacrificed himself to lock Lucifer back in his cage with Michael, you had fearlessly kissed him.

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The Middle Child pt. 4

Pairing: TFW x Sister!reader / Mary Winchester x Daughter!Reader

Word count: 1052

Warnings: Swearing, the usual supernatural shenanigans

Memories or flashbacks are written in italics!!

If you wanna be tagged or have any request feel free to message me:)

Sadly this will be the last part!! Also this is really shitty, sorry about that..

M A S T E R L I S T 

Originally posted by hunterchesters

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Hello (Castiel x Reader)

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Requested: Yes!

Prompt: “I didn’t know you could talk” (R on the list)

Warnings: Mild Language, fluff.

Rating: Fluff.

Word Count: 1,305

Title: Hello.




    Y/n sits awkwardly next to the angel, her head bowed slightly as she reads the diner’s menu. She had met him not too long ago, but they hadn’t really had a formal conversation. In fact, she hadn’t said one word to him- or even when he was in the room. She wasn’t entirely sure what it was about him, but she couldn’t find the courage to speak when he was near her. Dean and Sam had caught onto this quite fast, and Sam, taking pity on her, had begun to speak for her when she needed him to: answering questions, ordering drinks and food, introducing herself. So, when she found what she had wanted, she pointed to it on the menu, and Sam nodded, smiling sympathetically. Castiel notices this and continues to stare at her with his head tilted. Dean raises an eyebrow at his brother, as if to ask why he’s been doing this. Sam simply shrugs, closing his menu. Castiel shifts awkwardly, unsure of how to deal with the silence at the table. The diner is buzzing with sound around them, family and friends chatting happily as they eat their dinners. Castiel clears his throat, turning slightly towards Y/n.

    “You did very good today,” he says slowly, attempting to meet her gaze in the moment she looks up. Y/n smiles slightly, and Castiel’s heart lifts- but then she looks away again, not responding. His eyebrows pull together and his lips turn down in a frown. She picks up her water glass and sips at it quietly, looking back and forth at her brothers- but not Castiel. He frowns again, unsure of what he may have done to upset her. She rarely ever looks at him, barely acknowledges his existence. He figured she couldn’t speak- he’d never heard her say a word, never had a sound left her lips. There were other humans who couldn’t speak- but they still had a way to communicate. Y/n seemed to solely rely on Sam, and-though Castiel didn’t understand why- it always seemed to make Dean angry. He’d grow exasperated with her quickly, and eventually give up on attempting to speak with her. All of it frustrated Castiel- that she wouldn’t respond to him through Sam, that her muteness annoyed Dean- and that he’d never get to hear what her voice would sound like. He’d always imagined it would be the most pleasant sound- soft and gentle, warm and…comforting.

    Castiel sighs loudly, stretching in the booth slightly as he eyes her from the corner of his vision. She was always remarkably beautiful. He couldn’t understand why no other human he’d met made him feel quite like she did. Of course, Castiel could recognize it as physical attraction but… He sighs again, this time catching the attention of Dean.

    “You okay, Cas?” Dean asks, noting the way his sister perks up at his friend’s name.

    “I am fine, Dean.” He murmurs, half lost in thought as he stares forward.

    “…are you sure buddy?” Dean asks again, raising an eyebrow and taking a sip of his coffee.

    “Yes, I was just wondering…” Castiel’s voice trails off as the waiter arrives with their meals, and he opts to stay quiet, staring forward at the table. The waiter leans on the booth, slightly nudging Castiel’s shoulder.

    “Are you sure I can’t get you anything?” She asks, looking down at him through her lashes. Castiel shakes his head. “Really? Oh, sweetheart, are you sure?” Castiel nods and stands up.

    “Ah- yes, I’m sure.” He turns to the table, his gaze meeting Y/n’s. “I’ll be right back…excuse me.” He walks off, carefully avoiding the waiter as he does. Y/n bites her tongue to keep from the way she ogles him as he walks away, and she looks up at Sam, making sure the waitress is gone before batting her lashes.

    “Really? Oh, sweetheart, are you sure?” She mimics, causing her brothers to roll their eyes slightly. Y/n raises her eyebrows, still mimicking the waitress innocent expression. “We don’t get many customers as well dressed as you, cutie.” She repeats what the waitress had said when they first walked in, adding the last word, although it wasn’t said. Dean laughs slightly, trying to cover it by coughing into his napkin. “Are you sure you don’t want anything?” She continues, “maybe something,” she fakes a laugh and puts her hand up, pretending to lean in and whisper; “off the menu?” Y/n now can’t help but roll her eyes slightly, not caring how childish this whole thing made her seem. She leans back in the booth, shaking her head. “Poor Cas,” she mumbles, and pushes the ice in her water around with her straw. “He can’t go anywhere without some girl hitting on him,” she sighs, and closes her eyes, resting her chin in her hand.

    “Oh? And where’s this coming from?” Dean asks, barely hiding a laugh as he does. She sighs again.

    “I guess…all these girls, they can…they can just waltz up and flirt with him shamelessly, and I can’t even talk around him? I’ve never said one word when he’s in the room- I just, I get so flustered, and shy, and I- I can’t-”

    “I didn’t know you could talk,” Castiel’s calm voice shocks Y/n, and her eyes open wide, her face turning a deep crimson color. She can feel the booth sink slightly as Castiel sits beside her, and she can feel his intense gaze on her. “I don’t understand,” he says slowly, “why you would be intimidated to speak to me?” Y/n’s mouth opens and closes, and she sputters slightly, trying to find the words to explain herself. Instead, all that comes out is a quiet, shaky:

    “How much of that did you hear?”

    “Not much,” Castiel admits. “When I walked up your eyes were closed, and Dean motioned for me to be quiet, and he asked you-” Y/n’s face turns even redder as she glares at her brother.

    “You did this?” She asks him, her voice breaking slightly. Dean shrugs innocently. “I- why would you- you know I can’t- how…how could you…” She tries to find the right words, but each sentence seems over-dramatic, and she sighs, covering her face in her hands.

    “Y/n, what’s wrong?” Castiel asks, placing his hand on her shoulder. “Please- don’t be upset, I can pretend you do not speak, if that’s what you want.” Sam smiles at this, and Dean shakes his head, a large grin spreading across his face at his friend’s words.

    “Cas, you just don’t get it, do you?” Castiel looks to Dean in confusion. “She likes you, a lot. She’s been too embar- ow! What the hell?” Y/n glares at Dean once again, her eyes slightly misty. “Why’d you kick me?”

    “Why are you being an ass?” Y/n asks, squinting at her brother. Castiel glances between the two, utterly confused.

    “You care for me…then why wouldn’t you speak to me? I thought- I thought I’d hurt you, or that you hated me.” Y/n slowly drags her gaze to meet his, and she shakes her head.

    “The opposite, Castiel.” She says. “I…I couldn’t talk around you- I don’t know why, so don’t ask me…maybe I couldn’t find the right words? I don’t know…” Castiel reaches out and grabs her hand, a warm smile stretching across his face.

    “I find that hello is a good way to start,” he offers, not so slyly shifting closer to her as he keeps his gaze at their hands. Y/n blushes, and she opens her mouth, and then closes it. She begins to pull her hand away, and Castiel’s gaze darts up to meet hers, and he grasps her face. “Hello, y/n.” He whispers, his gaze practically piercing into her soul. She stares back at him, her e/c eyes slightly foggy as she smiles.

    “Hey, Cas.”

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Works in progress - Supernatural Fanfiction

Paid - Soulless!Sam x Prostitute!Reader series - When Sam is soulless he has a standing deal with a prostitute who desperately wants and needs a career change. She goes to see Sam on the set date but he’s different, he’s no longer soulles

Cured - Sam x Reader - Sam meets a woman he used to have feelings for and she is possessed by a demon and he sets out to cure her

Stress and Grief - Sam x Reader - Reader can tell her boyfriend Sam is stressed out and grieving over Castiel’s death and fighting with Dean over Jack. She helps him relax

L.A.R.P. and the Girl With the Knight Kink - Dean x Reader - while playing a live action role play game with Charlie, Dean meets a girl with a Knight in shining armor kink.

Father Winchester - Dean x Reader. Dean and Sam work a case where people from one church are disappearing. Dean learns his girlfriend has a Priest fantasy

Tattoos and Whiskey - Dean x Reader - Reader is in a serious relationship with Dean and he’s forced to tell her about monsters. He takes her to get an anti possession tattoo and he learns she is afraid of needles.

Trip West - Dean x Reader feat Sam and Cas - Dean, Sam and Dean’s girlfriend get stuck in 1800’s Texas and have to survive until Cas can save them

Purgatory - Dean x Reader feat Benny and Cas - Dean and reader are stuck in purgatory and she is pregnant and Dean must protect both her and their unborn baby.

In Hell - Hell Dean x Reader feat Castiel - On the rack in Hell Dean meets the Girl next to him in-between being tortured and when he gets off the rack he makes sure she does the same. Castiel rescues Dean from Hell Dean forces him to do the same with Reader

Challenge fics

RIP - Christmas Tree - Sam x Reader - AU Lawyer!Sam spends Christmas with his wife and children

12 Days of Christmas Challenge

Prompt: 2. They watched helplessly as the family cat began his assault on the newly decorated Christmas tree @d-s-winchester

Christmas With Sam Winchester

Sam x Reader feat Dean and Cas - Reader wants to giver her boyfriend Sam a real Christmas, a different Christmas tradition from Reader’s family celebrated in different drabbles

Kari and Ida’s 12 days of Christmas Challenge

@like-a-bag-of-potatoes @thing-you-do-with-that-thing

December 14th Christmas music

15th fireplace

16th snowball fights

17th Christmas lights

18th riding on a one horse open sleigh

19th fuzzy blankets

20th wishing upon a star

21st mistletoe

22nd decorating tree/house

23rd driving home for Christmas

24th traditions

25th opening gifts

Brunch - Dean x Reader - Dean’s girlfriend Reader drags him to lunch with her parents.

Ash’s two year blogiversary challenge

Gilmore Girls Prompt 2. “Only prostitutes have two glasses of wine with lunch”

“Well, then buy me a boa and drive me to Reno because I’m open for buisness”


Angels and Winchester’s - Sam x Ava (OC Angel) - Sam is in a relationship with an Angel.

OC Appreciation Day

January 7 2018 @atc74 @iwantthedean @d-s-winchester oc appreciation day 2018 oc’s rule

Don’t Leave - Dean x Reader - Reader tries to celebrate Dean’s birthday but he wants to leave her so she won’t be hurt or worse.

Dean Winchester Birthday Challenge January 24 @jessicawritessmut

Prompt: “Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you should stick around and screw up their life.”

Virgin Again - Dean x Reader feat Sam - After returning from Hell Dean thinks he’s a virgin again and wants to lose it right away.

Prompt: “Brother, I have been re-hymenated.”

Dean Winchester Birthday Challenge January 24 @jessicawritessmut

Burning For You - Dean x Reader - No plot just smut

Song: “Burnin’ for You” by Blue Oyster Cult Dean Winchester Birthday Challenge January 24 @jessicawritessmut

Dean Winchester x Benny Lafitte x Reader x Sam (Wincest) and Benny and his girlfriend join the boys in a foursome

Song: “Renegade” by Styx

Dean Winchester Birthday Challenge January 24 @jessicawritessmut

The Demons Birthday - Alpha!Demon!Dean x Reader feat Sam- Alpha Demon Dean comes home to celebrate with his girlfriend Omega!Reader. Feat Beta!Sam

Song: “Cold as Ice” by Foreigner

Dean Winchester Birthday Challenge January 24 @jessicawritessmut

Hippie - Sam x Reader feat Castiel - Cas sends Sam and Reader back in time to find an item needed for a spell

Time Travel Challenge

Time: 1960’s


King Winchester - Dean x Reader feat Sam feat Castiel - Castiel goes back in time with Dean, his girlfriend Y/n and Sam to find an extinct supernatural species that they need to stop a creature.

Time Travel Challenge

Time: 1800’s


Research - Lawyer!Sam x Receptionist!Reader - Reader helps Sam with research on a case and they have takeout Chinese food.

kdfrqqg fluffy sweet challenge

Prompt: Paperwork


Still Dirty at Thirty challenge

Sam x Reader - porn without plot

Gif challenge


The Beauty of a Beast - part 2

Part 2 - How Does a Moment Last Forever

Characters: Y/N Singer, Benny Lafitte, Gadreel, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, father!Bobby Singer (future pairing of Gabriel x reader)

Words: 1500+

Beta-reader: @hunters-hiraeth

Warnings: OOC Sam and Dean

[Part 1]

[General masterlist]

Chapter summary: You go about your routine day in the village, Dean follows and flirts, Bobby prepares to leave

Your name: submit What is this?

The day started off as any other. The village was quiet, with a certain anticipation hanging in the air. Soon people would be walking the streets, doing business and going about their daily tasks.

This time of the day was your favourite. The sky still had touches of dawn’s pink hues. Everything was still. Everything was quiet.

You slipped your shoes on, running through a mental checklist of what you had to do today. The silence because a whisper, a whisper became conversation, conversation soon became the regular chatter of the town. Grabbing a basket, you stepped outside.

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Not Useless (human!Castiel x reader)

A/N: SOO, I have gotten very behind lately and I am just about drowning in work that has to be done before finals; Yay me. There’s definitely some implied smut in here and some fluff and maybe angst idk. I’m hoping to get something out for the holidays. Feedback always welcome:)
AND YES I WILL BE USING THE SPELLING ‘CASS’. fight me if you want to, but if you don’ t like it, don’t read it

Word Count: 1,016

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Back To School??


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Temporary Home

Characters – TFW x Reader

Summary – The reader, an occasional hunting buddy of the Winchesters, wishes for a permanent home.

Word Count – 1,852

Warnings – None

A/N – Written for @lunarsaturn88’s 28th Birthday Song Celebration.  Happy birthday!!!  My prompt was Temporary Home by Carrie Underwood

Originally posted by padalickmyballs

Your name: submit What is this?

You hadn’t really wanted to go out to the bar; what you’d really wanted to do was crawl into bed and forget everything until tomorrow.  But Sam and Dean had looked so disappointed when you said you didn’t want to go. You didn’t get to see them often, so you felt bad about cutting your visit short.  Tomorrow you’d go your separate ways, and you’d head east to another motel in another town for another hunt.  So, you sucked it up, got cleaned up, and joined them at the bar.

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She Waits - Part 4: Bandaged Heart

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader (Y/N), Cecilia (Dean and reader’s daughter), Sam Winchester, Castiel, Bobby Singer, Crowley (mentioned), Dr. Roberts (mentioned), John Winchester (mentioned - kinda)

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: character injury, character death (kinda), angst, deviation from canon but hey they all are right, smut (not super graphic though)

Wordcount: 3900ish

A/N: This is part 4 of She Waits – I guess it can still be read as a one shot but I totally recommend you read the first three parts. Find them here.

This takes place at the end of season 6 (Let it bleed) with memories thrown in from earlier in season 6 (done with a twist off course). I am not going to tell you much else you just have to read it.

Oh and I listened to Bandaged Hand by Louden Swain as I wrote to get in the right mood. It is not super inspired by the song other than the title of the part is a variation of song title.    

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***



Dean sat by Y/N’s bed at the hospital watching her. He kept remembering how he had held her in the backseat yelling at Sam to go faster. Feeling Y/N’s blood on his hands as he pressed against her wounds apologizing as he made her cry out under his touch. He kept hearing his daughter’s screams from the front as Sam struggled to keep her in place while he drove as fast as he possibly could towards the nearest hospital. He remembered how he had promised Y/N everything was going to be okay but it wasn’t. She was dying. His best friend had betrayed him. His brother was going crazy and he was going to be a single father of a daughter the demon inside of Y/N had kept assuring him wasn’t his. He knew that part was a lie but somewhere deep down he wished it to be true. That would make it easier to walk away from her which he knew he had to do. To keep her safe. There was no way in hell he was letting what happened to Y/N happen to Cecilia. Not now not ever.

The he noticed the shape out of the corner of his eye. He turned his head to make sure he wasn’t imagining things but he was really there. His surprise to see the angel quickly turned into anger. “What do you want?”

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Wayward Master List (Marvel and SPN)



“The Devil’s Own”- Black Widow POV. Bucky x Reader (Natasha). The Winter Soldier, your former lover, is living at the tower, and has no recollection of you or your torrid history…

Mayday: Original work, Bucky x Reader.  The Avengers travel to Baltimore to find you, believing they can help tame your errant powers. Things don’t exactly go smoothly.

The Night Before Christmas (Bucky x Reader - Mayday) You and Bucky spend Christmas Eve together. Feels and fluff.

Drabble Prompt Bucky x Mayday Bucky teases Mayday about her drunken shenanigans on New Years Eve.

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