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Plaid x Plaid

I was thinking about selling these shorts.  I'ma keep ‘em.  I’m selling six other pairs of shorts though.  I also added three pairs of wool pants and two black watch vest to the sale.  


Perks of living in Vietnam as an ETA4 teacher:

  • Students recognize me on the road and help me get home. l o l forever bad at directions. (Thanks Anh, I owe you one)
  • Cops can’t tame me cause once they heard my broken viet greeting, they bolted the opposite way. (true story)

I actually thought the cops were citizens telling me that my signal lights were on, but turns out they wanted to stop me cause i wasn’t wearing my helmet (bitch, someone stole my crappy ass helmet). So naturally I said “thank you” in the most awkward/incorrect vietnamese accent ever, and when i turned around and saw that they were cops, shit i almost died. But then they asked me some stuff and I said “yes???” in the most foreign way, they left me. 

PHEW. hey, but wouldn’t that be a fun story to tell if i was arrested in Vietnam? I think so!!