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050613 Kevin & Junhee [Contending Adversities]

There is an adage that plainly says that one is always a child at heart if one truly searches for it. Well, freshman Choi Junhee just has one thing to say in response to this dictum. It’s a horrible lie.

The brunette individual was one who had rather perplexing thoughts, so it wasn’t too surprising as to why she would have the audacity to disagree. She had a few points. One - children were always happy and having no cares for the world. Two - they had a safe haven to run into whenever they came in contact with their fears. Three - there was not even a need to elucidate any further.

Choi Junhee, of all people, managed to get lost in a multi-storey fun house. That might sound hilarious to most, but it wasn’t to her. Not when she never wanted to embark on a said trip with some random students in the first place. Perhaps it was a club outing or something - that she had not even the slightest clue - that led herself to be dragged along. They were merely acquaintances, at any rate.

They were in an amusement park in a sense when they stumbled upon such a thing. A ridiculous fun house made at an extremely large scale. The eager group she was with did not delay their entry. She loathed being powerless to do anything, but she hated the fact that she was lost at such a place even more. She wondered how children could enjoy fun houses.

Warily, the brunette took hold of a toy gun in her hands and looked around the colourful surroundings. What haunted her immensely was the fact that during the time she was about to get separated from the group by accident, the supervisor warned them that nothing was as it seemed to be. Freaky.

In spite of being perplexed, her eyes managed to catch the slight shadow passing from a corner. She grimaced inwardly as she expected the impending stranger. And with her luck, the stranger would probably be one of those clowns. She abhorred those. The white paint reminded her of death somehow. The student did have an altered mindset at times.

Gulping, Junhee fired with her toy weapon at the unsuspecting person. Her brain was only wondering how she would get out of this crazily huge place with a sane mind. Little did she know, however, that the innocent person in which she fired at was no clown.

Blood, Sweat And Tears || Hoya & Taeyeon

Hoya could not believe that it happened in front of his very own eyes. Was he dreaming? Or was he imagining it? No – it could not be the reason. The fact that he had perfect eyesight and he being the type who does not take naps and plus, it was only nearing evening, so he could not be asleep. He froze in his place for awhile but soon he rushed to the place where the incident occurred. This took place outside the campus, so there was hardly anybody around that time.

It also happened all too quickly for his own liking. Hoya just wanted to get out from the campus for a while, get out from all the assignments he needed to do; get out for some fresh air; get out to release stress; get out to—you know—the typical reasons that every person gives. A small ice cream truck happened to pass by and with Hoya and his sweet tooth, he let his temptation win and bought his all time favourite vanilla ice cream. Somehow, he liked vanilla more than chocolate. Except for chocolate chips, that is. They are an exception to him. 

He began strolling around the streets not too far away from the campus, licking his ice cream and kicking some pebbles that were somewhat in his way as he walked. He then proceeded to a traffic light, wanting to cross the road. There was no one on the road and Hoya quickly rushed to go across. There was someone else that was already crossing the road, and he saw the traffic lights going from red to green. He stopped running, knowing that he would not be able to make it.

And that was when it all came to existence. The next thing he knew that this person, a girl was hit by a car that was going in the speed of probably 120 kilometers per hour. She fell down on the road. Hoya got a shock and turned his head towards the person who caused it all. The driver seemed to be in a fright. He looked around him, seeing that there was no one around, he got back in the car and left. He did not realize that Hoya was there, witnessing everything. He could not believe that he left the girl who was severely injured. Why, she was probably in need of a doctor.

After that, the traffic light just turned green and there was not a car in sight ever since that one. He went to the female and looked at her condition. Not good, Hoya thought to himself, seeing that she was unconscious. Not good. She had a deep wound on the right knee which was inflicted by the first hit from the car earlier from what he remembered. Plus, she had wounds on other parts of her legs and her hands. Not forgetting that her head was bleeding.

He took the girl gently to the side of the road and called for an ambulance. It was the first time that Hoya talked so quickly in his life. When he was done with the call, he looked at the girl who was still unconscious on the floor. Quickly, placed some water on the deep wound. He knew that it would cause a lot of pain but according to the books he had studied when he was a medic member during high school, that is the first thing one has to do. The fact that she did not react to it at all was even worse. “She lost too much blood.” Hoya said to himself, now wrapping the handkerchief that he took out from his pocket around her right knee. “Are you alright? Can you hear me?” He tried to regain her consciousness by shaking her a little, but she did not even budge. 

He did hoped the ambulance would come soon.