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"As there were too many fans who swarmed into the lift just now, the lift descended back when it was going up halfway. I was standing at the side of the stairs and saw that fans and the remaining members dropped down suddenly, I was scared that an accident will happen. Kai got a big shock. Chen was hugging him, before he went in, he kept on murmuring, lips pouting murmuring non stop."



Just gonna share this to everyone because NO ONE says anything but I think it deserves a discussion between ‘fans’ responsible for this! 

9th Sage Music festival was held today in Busan. Considering the fact that EXO and Dal Shabet were the only ones of actual K-Pop groups, me and my friends decided to go there and see EXO in peace which was theoretically impossible to reach anywhere. 
The Sage festival is a festival for older generatons, calmer entertaining music and relaxed atmosphere… Supposed to be at least.
We got there at 10:30. At least 700 -EXO- fans lined up for the seating parts already.. (watch: SEATING PARTS taken by EXO fans instead of being offered to older people who can’t stand!).
We got a spot by the fence on the outer side area, blessing view and happily we swim in the sea while waiting. 

5:00pm: Fans goes berserk, lines breaks and securities can’t hold the fans that are stuggling to break into the parts with seats. Fences get flipped over, people get hurt but of course, EXO fans gets the seats. Many of those who weren’t even lining up!

Police officers are called there to help out and there’s one standing on each 2nd fence + the ones inside + security guards and helping staff. All to bridle -EXO- fans.

7pm: Older people start arriving, EXO fans don’t let them sit down for nothing. Only to see that one group out of many other while oder people would actually enjoy the whole show. 

8pm: Show starts. Hundrets of EXO fans are yawning and using their cellphones during the show, obviously bored out of their minds and so it is while older generations fight for the better view all the time.

In the middle of the concert, fans started moving to the front along with their chairs. No one gave them permission to do so - they just did it. First step to insanity which happened later.

Dal Shabet gets fans insane because they know EXO are coming but the worst comes when they actually get on stage.
Fans on the seating parts STANDS UP, many even on their chairs (!) and no one behind sees anything so they start running forward towards the stage. People get out of their minds, hysteria and agressivness to the to point and older people leave their chairs in order to avoid an accident. 
Police officers are trying to calm the fans down and make them sit agian but no one would listen. 

Growl performance ended, they introduced themselves  which was barely hearable because of endless yelling and screams.
Then, they start performing Wolf. Fans started moving even closer to the stage, breaking past the securities and polce officers, ignoring their warnings completely. Safety of EVERYONE was put in danger.

Middle of Wolf performance: song has ended and EXO waved goodbye and left.

It’s not my first experience with crazy EXO fans but definitely the worst. I am wondering… Don’t they look at themselves and ask 'what the hell am I doing? .. isn’t that disrespectful to them?’ … 
Cinsidering the other shows I’ve been though, other experiences… those people don’t take EXO as human beings but as someone to whom they can do anything just to get noticed.

If EXO are one for us… Why can’t we be one for them too?



Over the past year, I’m sure that you’ve had the thrill of visiting new countries, meeting new people and learning new things. At the age of 23 (24 in Korea) , you’re already a vocalist in one of the most well-known groups in k-pop, fluent in Japanese and an expert when it comes to variety shows. Even with your well toned abs and muscular build, I will forever and always see you as the energetic, lanky and passionate Jonghyun from the very beginning of SHINee’s debut.

Till this very day, you still put your heart and soul into everything you do in order to please the people around you. And you’ve never once failed to disappoint others due to your persistence to try harder and improve more as well as your immense amount of effort. Even with your self-composed songs for fans, people can easily tell that it expresses the inner emotions that comes from the very bottom of your heart. By seeing your tears, shawols can tell how much this dream means to you. How much we, as supporters, watchers and fans, must mean to you. You’ve become a motivation, inspiration and role model for others. You’ve done so much for shawols, that we couldn’t possibly ask for more. You make us very proud to be a part of SHINee world which is why we choose to be there for you, throughout the thick and thin.

You are an overall beautiful person both inside and out, do you know that? I love your loud outbursts, sense of humor, your strong vocals, the stupid moments you have, your tactics when it comes to trolling people, the way your puppy dog eyes smile whenever you smile. I love you, Jonghyun, which is why I would always wish for the absolute best for you and that you always remain happy and healthy.

Even though it it is most likely that you will be spending this special day in the hospital this year, I still hope that you will be able to celebrate it with the people that you love and care about and I pray that your surgery ends up being successful as well. I also hope that all your wishes come true because there’s no one else I know who deserves it more than you.

Much love, just another fan 


Cotton Club

It was nice today so I broke out the cotton jacket.  This is about the perfect temperature to me.  Maybe a little warmer.  

Also, I’m wearing one of my favorite patterns today: Argyll and Sutherland Highlander.  I plan to wear it all week.  Keep your eyes peeled.  


Panay anon blogger, hahahaha need ko muna icheck kung girl ba boy. :D

Anyways, hello RA. Alam mo yung url mo ganyan na ganyan ako. Seriously. <//3 pero okay lang. Di pa tayo close kaya makikipag-FC na ako sa'yo okay? Kain ka na, pakabusog ka and smile lang lagi kahit sobrang init huahua! God bless you. :* ;)