In Sheep's Clothing

Part 1: Peeta and the Wolves

Summary: Katniss will learn first hand that disobeying your Mother, and leaving the path, can bring you to unexpected adventures, finding that a stranger can keep the loneliness away. (All mistakes are mine)  

 Inspirational sources (used very loosely): The Company of Wolves (1984 British film), Little Red Riding Hood, by Charles Perrault

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Day 4. Howls

Then Clove begins to transform, her face elongating into a snout, dark fur sprouting from her skin, her fingernails growing into long claws, but her eyes remain unchanged. She becomes the muttation form of herself, the wolflike creation of the Capitol that terrorized us the last night in the arena. Tossing back her head, she lets out a long, eerie howl that is picked up by other mutts nearby.

To hear a howl in your dream represents feelings of loneliness and solitude. A werewolf might suggest that this loneliness occurs in the midst of fear. Katniss and Peeta often find themselves both physically and emotionally isolated, unable to share the burden of the horrors around them. In this prompt explore the ways loneliness - or overcoming it - might impact their relationship.