Seriously R5Family
What is going on with most of you?
All I’m seeing is hate against R5 for the Water.org charity which R5 are making a contribution to. They may not be donating much but at least they donate!
But no it’s not enough supposedly? Are you any of you donating? I bet most of you aren’t.
And I’m also seeing how ashamed and disappointed the members of the R5Family are of how R5 are apparently “not noticing their fans” or “being stuck up”
R5 are growing in fame and success guys. They are constantly on a tour and have interviews and appearances.
The main reason they only get to see their family is because a) they are one and b) the whole family travels together.
They are growing so much and now they are so busy that they can’t fit in much time for fans anymore
But they still put as much time as they can to the fans.

Come on guys,
We are supposed to be a family here
Let’s support R5 no matter what happens

Let’s keep the R5Family strong and united.