R5 @ Club Nokia 11/16/13 Experience 

Lol hey guys…it’s been a while. School has taken over my life. Anyways time for another R5 Experience! Yay! 

(I’m the one in the dress between rocky and ross)

Don’t read this if you’re easily offended. 

So somehow CrowdSurge screwed up and sent my awesome friend Taylor (far right in the photos) VIP tickets and she emailed back saying that we didn’t buy them, but they insisted that we did…sooo who’s complaining? We got to Club Nokia at around 4 and we ended up being on the VIP list despite our doubts. (It was obviously fate ;) haha) and we waited in line blah blah and they were filming for something. There was this guy with greasy hair and he was directing the camera man..he basically seemed like the typical, cliche hollywood movie director. We went through the metal detectors cause ya know some 6 year old might stab Riker. We got inside the venue, it was really nice and everything was so organized, it was very convenient (thanks R5 management&my fav german: AndreBOOMAN). We got our swaggy VIP bags which was a lot more sturdy than last tour’s (it also had a zipper pocket!) and inside was a book of HOT pics, a lanyard, and a super cool beanie that was meant for a god’s head, not mine. We were basically the last people of the general admission crowd to get blue wristbands for the pit cause the pit area was small. I feel bad for the rest of GA who didn’t get them though cause their spots seemed pretty shitty. Alexa (Rocky’s girlfriend) was in the seating with Stormie and Nathaniel Boone. We moved up the line and got to R5 where we talked to Mark for like 30 seconds and asked if we had 3 pictures cause there was 3 of us and he said “Usually 2, cause the 3rd is boring”…oh marky mark, so funny but I’m gonna get 3 pics whether he liked it or not. We ran in and had a lil group hug and then told them the pics we had planned: Smiling, Gangsta, and Girls vs. Boys and then we did smiling first, then gangsta (I threw up a west coa$t), and then Girls vs. Boys. We unfortunately said goodbye and then got to the pit area and started out at as 3rd/4th row. Taylor and I took turns going to the bathroom…I got in the stall, took out a seat protector, just kidding this isn’t my experience in Club Nokia’s bathroom. Soundcheck started and they covered Girls by The 1975 and HOLY SHIT WERE ROSS AND RIKER ANGELS OR DISNEY PRINCESSES IN THEIR PAST LIFE? CAUSE THEIR VOICES SOUNDED AMAZING AND THEY HARMONIZED SO WELL TOGETHER. They did the usual questions (Ross was acting weird and being so dramatically quiet that he was loud) and then they performed Say You’ll Stay and trust me, I wanted to stay there forever. Oh, and Stormie was being so cute and laughing so loud at the top where the seating was. I fucking hate waiting at concerts and being rubbed up against old ladies who are trying to protect their youngens like there’s fucking seats for your sorry ass…go sit there if you really wanna protect your daughter, who happens to be pushing me back with her butt. Bran&Sav came on…that was fun. Savannah was actually wearing a substantial amount of clothing and I liked her outfit. Brandon was too (hip)ster to handle. My baby, Ryland, finally came on and it was so much fucking fun apart from the mom who I was tlaking about earlier who was trying to act like she was a teenager again, I’m sorry ma'am those days are loooong gone for you. Ryland looked so happy, it was adorable. The anticipation of hearing We Are Family and seeing those beautiful guys and gals come on stage was about 20 minutes…THEN THEY FINALLY CAME ON AND OPENED WITH FORGET ABOUT YOU. So amazing. They also incorporated the song Valerie with What Do I Have to Do,,,it was so beautiful. Ok so all you motha fuckas thinkin Ross was crying during I Can’t Be With You…there’s this thing called SWEAT AND BEING A GOOD PERFORMER. I admit that he did look really sad but what would it look like if Ross was smiling and goofing off during I Can’t Be With You..it would look weird since it’s a slow and somewhat mellower/sad song. Believe what you wanna believe. I love how they kept Loud as their encore…it works so well. During a break between songs Rydel mentioned how she recognized familiar faces from the LA HOB show and she pointed out me and my friend. After the show we were gonna get merch but dayum that line was long and wrapped around the building which made me sad cause Stormie, Ry, and Garron were working it but my feet fucking hurt and I was thirsty. It twas a fun night, and I wish I could re-live it and meet Olivia Holt and her boyfriend Luke Benward who were in the seating. I LOVE YOU ALL AND I’M SORRY IF MY HUMOR OR DICTION WAS TOO MUCH TO HANDLE. 

p.s. go vote for San Diego or Santa Ana or Irvine or LA at r5rockstheworld.com 

To read about my other experiences with R5 go to: http://thelynchiguanasr5.tumblr.com/tagged/myr5experiences

I wil post more pics (maybe vids) later and if you have any questions holla at me. 

Peace out homies and R5 family

Let the Post Concert Depression begin. 

My R5 Experience!!!

On 3/28/13 I met R5 for the first time! (I mean I’ve met Ross but you know..this was like all of them!) Okay so here are the details <3

We got to the venue around 3:10. My friend had been there since 10 am so she was at the front of the line, so we got up there and were discussing plans to save her (Ana) a spot in the front row because she was giving her VIP to Katie (another friend) We we’re waiting outside for about 30 minutes when Ana was like “GUYS THERE’S RYLAND!!!” and we were all freaking out so I intentionally shouted “ACT COOL” as he was walking inside and asdfghjkl; he smelled so flipping good. We were all freaking out and we saw Brandon and Savannah walk out and we were going to ask for a picture but they went across the street so we just decided to stay in line. Well then this guy came out and put x’s on our hands (X’S ON THE BACK OF YOUR HANDS ..WASH THEM IN THE BATHROOM TO DRINK LIKE THE BAND!) and randomly brought up a $2 minor charge I was like uhm no you can’t do that??? Anyways since my dad bought my ticket and VIP he got me in and then we (Katie and I) ran to the stage freaking out because Alex Aiono was doing his sound check. We were going crazy over how cute he was I mean seriously that boy is GORGEOUS. ANYWAYS. We started talking to him and he was totally flirting with Katie and I! Then I asked him how he pronounces his last name because people get mine wrong all the time and he gave me like. a lesson. it was so funny! So then he was like “do you guys follow me on twitter?” and I was like yeah I tweeted you earlier asking you to follow me! So he asked me for my twitter name and followed me right on the spot!! (How could you not die with that happening) THEN IT WAS TIME FOR THE Q&A!!!! When R5 came out I think I stopped breathing because there was just no way you could have front row and breathe like seriously. So they got onstage and asked how we were and if they should call us Lawrence or Kansas during the show (we said Kansas) and Riker asked if anyone had a question so I shot my hand up and as Riker was about to pick someone (I was literally right in front of Ross’s mic) Ross was like wait she already has a question! And pointed to me!!! So I asked them if they could make any noise for the rest of their life but it had to be an animal noise what would it be? Riker and Rydel said “oink” and Ross was like “uhmm…probably bark or something I don’t know haha” and Rocky was like “Ribet? WAIT I KNOW WHAT ELLINGTON’S WOULD BE” and Ellington was like “Oh really what?” And Rocky goes “Meow” (I DIED OMFG) so then later someone asked them what their favorite movies are and Rocky said “I don’t really have one” and I was like “That’s not acceptable!” and Rocky’s like “No I have more than one!!” And I was like well what’d you see recently that you like and Riker goes “Definitely NOT Spring Breakers" and they were all like “Oh my gosh that was bad!!!” and I was like “DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT PICTURE OF YOU?!?” And Rocky Said “Haha yeah that was awesome!!” and Ross was like “WHAT???” and So I was like “Oh my Gosh it’s my background see?” And I gave it to Ross (HE WAS HOLDING MY PHONE WHAT) and he was like “which one am I? Like I see myself but…Ohmygosh am I SELENA” And they had this big discussion over it. Okay so then it was meet and greet time and we had some random adults save us our front row spots while we met them and soon enough it was my turn!!! I got up to them and they all said Hey and I right away said “I know they’re going to rush me but I have something really important to tell you guys” and they got all serious and I gave Ross the yellow Oreos and I said “First I have to give you these, I saw them and thought of you and yeah” and he was like “OH CAUSE THEY’RE YELLOW THESE ARE SO AWESOME” They were all fangirling over the cookies..? AND THEN I got serious and the photo guy was like “gotta keep it movin’” and I think one of the members of R5 (I’m not sure which one?? I didn’t see) Looked up at him or something because he didn’t talk for the rest of the time after that. I looked up and them and I was like Ross I don’t know if you remember me from Kansas City and he goes “At union station? Yeah you were there!!”  and high fived me—-LIKE WHAT HE JUST REMEMBERED ME—–  and then I told them (and reminded Ross) that their music saved my life and they all got kind of speechless for a second and then Riker just randomly started talking and was like “wow that’s really awesome” and they were all just like loving on me and they were like “We need a group hug” so they put me in the middle and surrounded me and honestly I had never felt so loved in my entire life. So then I gave them the bracelets and explained the bracelets to them (they said stay strong on them) and they were freaking out over the fact that they were silver and gold. We took our picture and I left over to Katie bawling my eyes out and everyone thought it was cute that I was crying haha. So then we went and waited for the show to start and then Alex Aiono came on to sing his set and he was perfect like omg. He kept holding my hand and looking in my eyes and smiling and stuff (he’s a total flirt ILOVEIT) and he even held the mic to me and let me sing!!! So then Alex finished his set and Katie and I slipped him our numbers. Then Taylor Mathews came on and he was great we kept talking to them it was hilarious. We made a lot of friends with the singers and band members that night!! They were holding instruments the whole time so it was kinda hard to hold their hand if you know what I mean (;  but he did sing a song about people telling you that you can’t live your dream and it was really really good. NEXXTT was Brandon and Savanah (I DON’T BELIEVE SHE’S 13 BTW) and they are so talented!! They held our hands a lot too and they were SO nice!!!

THEN. IT WAS TIME….. R5 came on and we were all dying I mean how could you not. Ross’s mic must have not been working because they gave him a new microphone after like two songs. Since I was in front row right in front of Ross I was able to take advantage of touching him (WOW THAT SOUNDS DIRTY BUT IT’S NOT I SWEAR) Whenever I could. I EVEN TOUCHED HIS FEET LIKE WOW THAT’S PROBABLY SO AWKS FOR THEM. But since I knew all the songs Ross was always looking at me when I was singing and smiling and sdfghjkl; <3 and he would look down and read my sign (We just put it on the stage because there was room ha)  And then when Ross sang ‘A Billion hits’ he took my phone and sang to it AND I WAS NOT OKAY THAT’S SERIOUSLY WHAT I REALLY WAS DYING FOR TO HAPPEN LIKE IT WAS THE CHERRY ON TOP. And then during like all of the songs Ell and I kept looking at each other and I was going crazy and we were singing to each other and he kept smiling and laughing it was SO CUTE. Then, sadly, after all the songs, the show ended, and they came on for Loud which I went so crazy on because I just love that song so much I mean who doesn’t?  So then after the show was over they were throwing their stuff into the crowd and Ratliff came up to me RIGHT AWAY  for the first drum stick and everyone was screaming and he was like “You have to have this!!!!” and I was like “OHMYGOHD”  and I was freaking out and then Ross was throwing his picks and when he threw one of them I think you could tell he was purposely trying to throw it to me but it landed on the stage like right in front of me and I practically jumped to get it BUT I GOT IT!!!!. So they bowed and went off stage and Mark came out and explained the signing situation. I wanted to be at the end of the line so I could get another picture and so I figured I’d go take a picture with Alex to pass time so I did and one of his band players gave me his jacket so Alex and I could twin and OUR PICTURE IS SO CUTE. And I bought a beanie and went to get back in the signing line but this guy was like “Sorry no re entry” and my dad was like “WELL I TOLD HER SHE COULD GET BACK IN AND TO GO SEE ALEX WHILE SHE COULD” and I put on my “I’m about to cry face” and he was like “*sigh* but you’re the last one’s I’m letting back in” and he seriously let no one else back in. So I went to the end of the signing line and when I finally got up I asked Mark for a picture and I got one with him!!:) and then I went to Ell and he was like “You were very energetic during the show it was awesome!!” And I thanked him and smiled and STUPID ME FORGOT TO GET A SELFIE WITH ELL AND RYDEL SIGH. But then I went to Ross and I was like “you guys wore my bracelets!!” and he was like “Yeahh!!” and then he signed my autograph book and I was like so what do I have to do to get another picture with you and he was like just pull out your phone and take it quickly! And I was like I can’t I’m not that fast (IT SOUNDED DUMB BUT I WAS TRYING TO DROP HINTS BC I WANTED TO KISS HIM ON THE CHEECK SIGH ROSS SIGH) So I just took a selfie with him and then got one with Rocky and Riker and then I was getting ready to leave the signing area and Ross was like “It was really nice seeing you again” and he said it so serious I couldn’t help but smile and I was like it was nice seeing you again too. And then I went down the stairs (there was like two steps and I was behind this bar thing) and They all got up to leave and Ross was the last one to leave and I kind of just glanced at him and he walked over to me and hugged me and while we were hugging I told him I loved him and he said “I love you too” but it sounded so real like we were a couple or something I was about to cry. IT. WAS. PERFECT.


from lets-get-dead

We got there at about 5 and waited with no jackets. We talked to the people around us a little and let Julianna cut with us. We went in and went straight to the stage. We were three rows back. Julianna and Amanda came and told us they met ryland and Kelly so I went and looked. Ryland left but I said hi to Kelly. Before it started, R5 retweeted me and a lot of people so we started shouting the names of the people retweeted. We made friends because of that. The opening acts were great. Alex was cute. Taylor’s violinist touched my hand. I shouted Do you like boys or girls to him and he heard. I kept shouting things and the girls were like How does your boyfriend feel. Sunderland was really good. I started a Ryland chant. R5 did amazing. I was out of breath from singing. The boys leaned down and touched the crowd a lot but I never got to them. We were really close. Half way through I got second row. I loved when they all danced and sang together in synch. Ross locked eyes with me a lot. Riker too. I shouted to try and get picks but it didn’t work. I also shouted to Ratliff. Rocky and Ratliff started singing Thrift Shop at a point…They did their thing where they look a picture with the crowd and I touched Riker’s foot then. Riker took his whole side on a date. Well he said theyre his date. Ross’s muscles were ugh and he and riker moved their hips so much. I almost cried during Heard it on the radio. When they ended, ryland came on stage and said to line up to meet them and you get one item. Me and Trevor went on where we thought the end of the line was and got yelled at by some lady. So we went to the end with Julianna. Me and Trevor went off line to get a poster to sign. When we did, I took a picture with Kelly and told her she was beautiful. Still waiting for merch, R5 was setting up their table so I talked to Ross. 
“Hey, Ross” 
Hi. How are you?
“I’m good. You put on a great show”
Thank you so much
And then I took a selfie with him in the back and I said Worth a shot. So he laughed. We went down the long line and I had Trevor record me meeting them. We met Dylan of Sunderland and got a cd signed. When we got close to the table, I talked to ryland a little. I told Ratliff he was my favorite so he gave me a high five. Then I told Rydel she was gorgeous. Ross initiated conversation again. He said he saw us rocking out and he said he digs. We talked to him for a bit. Unfortunately I didn’t talk to rocky but I told riker I was on his side so he said I saw and gave me a high five. I asked Ross for a high five too. When we left I said I love you and riker gave me a nod because it was busy. We went down the stairs to my mom waiting and cried a lot. 

yost theater :)

I went to my first r5 concert on March 15th at the Yost :)

I previously saw R5 at the NBT finale but they only sang two songs so I don’t exactly count that as a concert. 

ANYWAY :) I decided I would dress like Rydel and wore a dress with a denim vest, knee high white socks and combat boots.

I got to the venue around 3pm. We were five people from the front of the line. I was scared that 3pm was too late but I guess not(:

My friend and I went around the block to get some lunch and came back. We spotted the R5 bus and casually walked by it trying not to freak out.

Around 5pm a security person at the yost started to call everyone up who had printed tickets. Tons of us had presale willcall tickets but the man said that they wanted to get people in line with printed tickets and that will call wouldn’t open until the show started. I got really upset and thankfully Andre and Mark were outside working on VIP things. 

I went over to Andre and Mark explaining to them what had happen and they were really upset with security for doing this. They explained that we had ordered from the presale and that fanclub members should be the first inside. They told me to stand to form a new line for will call and that my friend and I would be the first ones inside behind VIP. 
thankfully we got it all figured out!

The opening acts went on for two hours -.- WAYYY too many opening acts for one show.

R5 came on and rocked it as usual. they were so stinkin’ wonderful. I managed to move up into the second row in the center. Ross was in front of me the entire night. Rydel sang like an angel. the funniest thing was that only me and a few other girls knew words to “Pour some sugar on me” we belted it out and you could tell she loved that we knew all the words. 

The show went by SO quickly. I felt like it was two minutes long but actually over an hour. 

On our way out we went by Curt Mega, Kelly Voosen, and all of their friends that came to the show. We all talked for a while because we were stuck in a line to get out of the theater. They were hilarious and Curt is like my favorite person ever.

After we wanted to hit up the R5 meet and greet but when we went over to Ryland he said that they were already at the bus and wouldn’t be having one. 

We decided to make our way to the bus and saw Curt and everyone hanging out outside. Curt said “LOOK WHO SHOWED UP?” when he saw me. haha gosh love him. I jokingly asked him if we were best friends and he said “why? you want me to hook it up don’t you?” and i said “WELL DUH, I know you have their numbers.”  and he just went “believe me, i told them to come out here because we all want to go eat." 

A few minutes later they all came outside their bus and there were only about 15 or 20 girls outside. They were MORE than happy to take group pictures, individual pictures, and anything we wanted. It was because Andre and their dad were back at the venue working on things so they had time to kill. Rydel was saying that they typically wouldn’t do something like this but since they were waiting for their parents they had time.

They were so sweet. I pulled Rydel aside for a few minutes and I shared with her the ways that she has inspired me as a sixteen year old girl. She was just smiling SUPER wide the entire time. She gave me a big hug and told me to always be patient in life and not be in a rush for love….she said that she has always waited to date because she doesn’t want to go out with someone who will only hurt her. GOSH, she made my day. 

I then went over to Ross and we talked for a little while. He felt bad because he had gotten sick in new york. He couldn’t talk really loudly because he was trying his hardest to save his voice. He gave me a hug and at first he only put one arm around me as a casual hug but then when i put two arms around him he pulled me in and gave me a really tight hug. 
there is NOTHING like a boy who gives tight hugs with both arms.

We were joking around and I said "hey want to freakout girls on instagram?” and he said “UM YES.” so he we took a picture making a handheart and Rydel was cracking up. Ellington looked over and was like “UHHOHHH.” Ross ran inside the bus to get something and then stayed quiet for the rest of the time being out there….he said he REALLY didn’t feel good.

Rocky and Riker stuck close together so I went over and told them that the next show I was going to was closing night at the house of blues and it was right before my birthday. I told them I really wanted them to sing happy birthday to me and that I’d bring a poster. Rocky said to be sure I brought it and that he would try to connect the dots when he saw me and the sign. LOL, oh rocky. Riker was pumped about it.

Ellington was so adorable. He was trying to talk to Kelly but also run around and see everyone else. He is SO energetic and hilarious. My friend wanted her phone case signed and he was the only one with a sharpie. He walked us through the growing crowd of girls going “COMING THROUGH, WE NEED RIKER….” or “ROCKY? ROCKY?” and he took us to everyone with his sharpie. 

LOL. Stormie and Mark came over and  started wrapping things up. I talked to stormie for a minute because I had given her a necklace at the NBT finale along with a note. she had tweeted me that she loved it and I reminded her of it. She automatically remembered me when I brought it up and she said that the note I had written her really made her day. She gave me a huge hug and said “You are just so sweet, I love you." 

I ran over to Rydel again and gave her a big hug and thanked her for who she was and she said I was really sweet for saying what I did to her. 

Then they all walked away to their friends cars and went off to dinner. 

It honestly made my night. I’d never met a family who is so genuine and sweet. Each of them were so thankful to meet each of us. Ross felt crappy but still managed to put a smile on his face and pose for each picture that anyone requested.

I love that family. I can’t wait to see them in May :) 

Ok so we got to the venue at like 1.. we didnt wanna be late haha. we were third in line and were outside in the cold for 3.5 hours BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. Anyway a little after we got there we saw taylor, david, and their crew unloading their bus. TAYLORS JEANS WERE SO TIGHT AHH. Then Sunderland started doing the same then Alex walked by. It wasn’t until like 3:30 that i saw Garron go around the corner, so i left my friends to hold our spot in line to see what was going on. Another bus was there, and Kelly and Ryland were standing outside. I said hi kelly and she waved at me!! She’s SO PRETTY in person!! Ryland wasn’t really reacting to anything that the fans were saying haha. Ross got off the bus first and he stepped out and we all started cheering, and he kinda jumped and made a surprised face hahaha. The rest of them got off, but Rocky gave me a peace sign! They went inside through a different entrance so i got back in line. The finally let us in around 4, and i was front row for the soundcheck, on Rocky’s side. They came out and i screamed RIKER ARE YOU FEELING BETTER, and he was like you know, i’m feeling pretty good. it was awesome. they answered a few questions and then did I Want U Bad Acoustic, and i don’t wanna be that girl who says Ross was staring at her, but ROSS WAS TOTALLY STARING AT ME. And during the song rydel and ellington were off to the side interpretive dancing and it was so funny omg. Ok then we went to take the pictures. I had really special gifts for each of them, but Riker’s was definitely the most thoughtful. I’m not gonna say what it was because i don’t want people to copy me(its super original ahahah), but when i gave it to him he literally jumped and started shouting OH MY GOD! then he shouted to rocky and ross what it was, and the started shouting too, and everyone was just like AHHHH OH MY GOD. We took the picture and i was between Rocky and Ross. Then after when i went for hugs, i hugged riker last, and he just takes me by the shoulders and looks me dead in the eyes, and says, ‘Thank you, SO, much.’ then he hugs me. I literally couldn’t speak it was so beautiful. We went back to get in our spots for the concert, and i was in the second row, right in front of Ross. IT WAS SO HOT AND MY HAIR GOT SO FRIZZY. Girls kept pushing me around and pulling my hair, but i just had to remember… its for R5. Its for R5. First Alex sang his set, sexy as ever, then Taylor, MY LOVE, then Sunderland, and the lead singer kept making weird faces at me and it was funny. FINALLY R5 CAME ON. THEY WERE SO GOOD I JUST CANT EVEN EXPLAIN. and riker’s little dance that he does in Cali Girls OH MY GOD IT HURTS ME. I have a ton of videos if you guys want me to post them. AND I WANT U BAD OH MY GOD. ok anyway. they finished performing and I GOT RATLIFF’S DRUM STICK! He actually looked right at me and kinda gestured saying ‘you want it?’ i was like YEAH and then he handed it right to me, but SO MANY other people went for it. Most people let go after a while, but I got into like a vicious fight with a 12 year old for it. IT WAS WORTH IT. They didn’t have signing but me and my friends stayed to talk to Taylor and Alex. I wanted a picture with Ryland but he didn’t have a lot of time:(. We talked to Alex first, and we took a picture. then he was like you know, if you buy a shirt you get a kiss. and i was like hmmm…… but is it worth it? and he says this EXACTLY: “two words…. tropical. chapstick.” and he pulls out his chapstick and I JUST COULDNT HELP IT DONT JUDGE ME. then he kisses my cheek but my friend forgot the camera so i pulled away and he was like “really? your gonna do that to me?” and i was like buddy you gotta learn to face rejection. anyway my friend got out the camera so he kissed me TWICE. it was so awesome oh god. And then i went to see Taylor who is always flawless, and i was like yeah i’ve actually seen you twice before this and he was just like ‘i love you. so much.’ IT WAS SO CUTE. then we took a picture (two arms around me tehehe) and when he pulled away he also kissed me on the cheek. Not for a picture, just because. My friend fumbled to get a picture while he was still doing it but she wasn’t fast enough, and when he realized he was like oh you want a picture of that? and then he does it again! and my friend couldnt get the camera to focus so he did it for like 10 seconds until she got like 3 blurry pictures. 10 FUCKING SECONDS. I GOT 2 KISSES FROM BOTH ALEX AND TAYLOR. i’m still floating oh my god. so yeah thats basically it. im sure i forgot something but whatevaaa. PEACE OUT IT WAS AWESOME I CANT WAIT TO SEE THEM AGAIN IN FREEHOLD AGHHHH