Riker Imagine - You go into labor

The wetness underneath you wakes you up. You realize your water had broke, you slowly started to contract. “Riker….” You say shakeing him. He snores in response. “Baby!! Hospital NOW!!” You slightly yell. “Oh!” Riker says running over to get the hospital bag.

You sit up and grab your phone. “Can you help me?” You breathe out. He walks over and helps you up. He’s assists you down the stairs and into the car.

Riker calls his parents, and Stormie calls all of family.

You and Riker hold hands as another contractions hits you squeeze his hand. “Breathe baby breathe.” He says pulling onto the highway. “Riker it hurts so bad!!!” You breathe out and throw your head back. “I know baby, just a few more minutes.” He comforts, he rubs his thumb against the back of your hands.


They put you in a ‘Labor and Delivery’ room. “Baby,” You say after a contraction leaves your body. “Yes, darling.” Riker says sitting down next to you, holding your hand. “Go get Rydel..” You breathe as a contraction slowly takes over your body. “… I want her to be the god mother.” You through your head back and clench your eyes shut. “Ok.” He says, he runs into the waiting area.

“Rydel, will you come back with me? We want you to be the God mother.” Riker says lightly panting. “I would love too!!” She says.

They both run back into the room. “I’m honored Y/N.” Rydel says with a huge smile. “I’m honored for you to be our little angels God mother and BEST AUNT EVER!!” You say.

The midwife and Doctor come on. You grab Rydel and Riker’s hand. “Okay I need you to push.” The doctor says “1..2..3.. PUSH!” She says. You squeeze their hands and groan in pain. “Come on baby, your doing great.” Riker encourages. You push with all the strength you have. “One more push.” The doctors says.

You push with all the remaining strength you have. Your babies first breathe fills the room. “Dad, would you like to cut the cord?” The midwife asks. Riker cuts the cord. The nurse takes the little one to be weighed, measured and cleaned up.

“Mr. and Mrs. Lynch, here is your new born baby boy.” The doctor says handing him to you. “He’s beautiful.” Riker says in love. “And perfect.” You add. “You did great
Y/N.” Rydel says. You all admire the angel sent from above.