r5 should be the openers


I am unbelievably pissed at R5 fans after The Heirs show tonight.

TONIGHT WAS ABOUT BRANDON AND SAVANNAH. This was their first official show not opening for R5 and this evening should have been about THEM. Not R5.

I don’t care if Brad Pitt walked into the club, you do NOT run off SCREAMING in the middle of somebody’s set. Riker, Rydel, Rocky & Ellington (thank God Ross wasn’t there the poor boy wouldn’t have made it through the door) came to the show to support their friends and to relax and enjoy the concert. They didn’t come to be mobbed by fangirls at the front door. 

For anyone not at The Heirs show tonight, upon R5’s arrival to the club about twenty (probably more than that) girls proceeded to scream bloody freaking murder and take off in the direction of the front door when Riker walked inside. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OPENING ACT’S SET. They then proceeded to hound Riker, Rydel, Rocky, & Ellington (and even Alexa I believe) for a solid 30 minutes after they arrived. 

When they aren’t onstage, they are not R5. They are five individuals who have lives outside of the entertainment industry. They came to the show tonight to enjoy themselves and support their friends. If you were one of the girls who mobbed them at the front door you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself. I don’t care who you are. It was rude and INCREDIBLY disrespectful to the opening act who you so thoughtlessly interrupted. 

Also, if you came to the show solely because you thought R5 might show up: shame on you. The fact that 90% of the club’s occupants took off running when R5 arrived proves that entirely too many people were there just to see them and not Brandon & Savannah.

(It was so bad that one girl walked up to Riker DURING Brandon & Savannah’s performance and asked for a picture. DURING. THEIR. SET.)

At the New Beat Fund show on Thursday they were not bothered once and THAT is how it should be. It’s okay to wave or say hi if you notice them but don’t beg them for photos or run screaming when they walk in the front door. 

On the plus side Brandon & Sav absolutely SMASHED it tonight and I’m so happy to see how far they’ve come.

After tonight I’m honestly ashamed to call myself an R5 fan. The majority of this fandom has ZERO respect for the band’s privacy and personal lives. I have no interest in associating myself with people who disregard the Lynch’s & Ellington’s wishes to be left alone when they aren’t onstage or at events. 

And to the girl screaming about wanting to lick her hand because Riker touched it: please reevaluate your life.