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R5- One Last Dance (Official Video)

One Last Dance

“sometimes things just fall apart”

Sometimes they do. And being on tour, on the road, makes trying to have normal relationships almost impossible. We wanted to make a video showing thoughts and wonders of just that. You are constantly changing timezones, going from place to place, from interview to radio station, to meet n greet to the concert, it’s absolutely crazy. And there’s very little time to show someone you really care about them especially when you’re thousands of miles from home. All you can really do is hope they understand. In the video, you see each of us as characters wandering through different cities in Europe taking time away from the rest to simply think. Maybe one relationship is going rough and you’re trying to work it out. Or maybe one has come to an end and you’re reminiscing about the places you went together, the times you had, the memories. 

“and when you think of me you’ll smile and I’ll smile”

The rest is for you to interpret on your own. It’s not meant to be only a sad story even though the ending of something that could possibly be love IS sad but sometimes things end and something new comes along that is so perfect you wonder, how exactly, you lived without it before.