r5 in concert


I Can’t believe you are 23,now I’m wishing I was 23🔥(See what I did there?No?okay then) You are such a talented human being, funny, adorable, nice, such an amazing Boy. Seeing you happy is the most amazing thing ever. I’ve seen you on my First R5 concert like month ago And Just looking at you And the rest of R5(And Ryland, Bc I love them ALL) being all goofy,happy And making music was Just perfect. I hope you have the best Birthday ever. I know you Will not see this because I’m posting it here but I love you,you Rock(y)star🔥💞

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Ross imagine, you surprise him on tour; 

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You follow Stormie backstage to R5′s concert, your excitement bubbling within you. She helped you plan out a small trip for you to surprise Ross while they’re on tour. You smile widely as you stand at the side of the stage, your eyes gluing to your boyfriend instantly. He’s rocking out with his band, singing the words to Smile passionately. You hum along, watching fondly. After a few more songs, they all rush off the stage, sweaty and tired. Ross pants and grins at you, then does a double take. “Y/N?!” He exclaims, his jaw dropping and his eyes widening. You smile and nod eagerly. “Hi!” He attacks you in a massive bear hug and lets out a happy sigh. “What are you doing here?” He asks. “Your mom arranged the whole thing,” you reply. He pulls away from the hug and looks at Stormie, sending her a thankful smile. You turn Ross’s face towards you and kiss his lips sweetly. He holds you closer, his sweaty body pressing against yours. Riker tugs on Ross’s arm. “Bro, we need to do the encore,” he tells him. Ross sighs and steps away from you. “I’m sorry, I’ll be back soon,” he says, pecking your lips quickly. You smile. “It’s okay, good luck.” Ross nods and runs back onto the stage, earning screams from the audience for one last time. You cheer along with everyone when their last song finishes. Once again, they all run off stage, sweatier than before. “Hey Y/N,” Rydel says, giving you a big hug. You smile and greet everyone else, giving them each a small hug. Ross kisses your cheek. “I missed you,” he mumbles. “I missed you too. Although …” you push him away gently. “I did not miss your sweat.” You giggle. Ross rolls his eyes, but laughs with you. “Yeah, yeah. I smell bad. I’ll shower soon, then we can cuddle in the hotel.” He smiles. Rocky wiggles his eyebrows. “Mhm, cuddle,” he mutters with a smirk. Ellington snickers. Ross scoffs. “Shut up.” He shoots them a glare, causing a small giggle to leave your lips. He grins and kisses your ear, then whispers, “If we get our own room, we may do a bit more than cuddle. It’s been a very lonely month without you. And my hand definitely doesn’t compare to you.”

Haley Williams bringing up somebody from an audience… Which is amazing. She’s the first person to do that all day, and she makes them feel special, she makes it their show. She’s so passionate about music. Just another reason to like her.