r5 familer

R5 Preference Your First Kiss (part one)

Ross-You feel yourself starting to smile a little as you watch the waves roll in and lap against the sand, you sigh and let go of all the crap that had made today awful. That was why you loved the beach, it was one constant in your life. Solid, dependable, something you could rely on to make you feel better no matter what was going on. Just like Ross, as this thought pops into your head you look over and see him just inches away staring out at the ocean too. After a few moments he notices that you’re watching him and not the ocean “What’s up?” he asks cheerfully “Thanks for coming to get me, and for bringing me here” you reply offering him a small smile. “Hey (y/n) what are friends for?” he says and slings his arm around your shoulder. Friends you think with a little pang in your heart. “I’m sorry about your bad day though, that guy was an idiot for standing you up.” Ross says squeezing you just a little tighter in an attempt to comfort you. “Thanks Ross” you reply giving him another little grin. “You know what would make you feel better?” he asks eagerly, “Umm what?” you ask curiously “Playing in the waves” he says excitedly quickly climbing to his feet. “But Ross we’re fully clothed with no suits” you say gesturing to your clothes stating the obvious. “You’re in a dress (y/n) it’s short enough it won’t get wet, and I’m in shorts so come onnnnn” he cries as he grabs your hand and pulls you toward the waves, thankfully you’d already pulled off your sandals. After a few moments of watching Ross splash and jump around in the waves you have a hug grin on your face, you loved how carefree he was. Of course you joined him and with each passing minute everything that had been plaguing your mind when you had arrived was forgotten, how could anything possibly be wrong when you were with Ross? Without warning a much larger wave broke against the shore, spraying you and Ross. Of course you squeal and Ross starts laughing “Well there’s no reason not to get in now y/n we’re already wet” he says a playful grin spreading on his face, “What? No Ross I don’t want to” you cry but before you can retreat to the safety of dry land in one swift movement Ross picks you up effortlessly and puts you over his shoulder “Ross Shor you put me down right now” You screech trying to escape his grip but it’s no use he’s much stronger than you he only laughs in reply as he carries you out further into the waves. “Ross put me down I mean it” you shout at him “ well okay then he says and suddenly you find yourself underwater, you quickly surface and scowl at him “Ross!” you screech as you see him laughing “You said put you down” he laughs shrugging. You try to pull an angry face but the truth is when he smiles like that it’s hard for you to be mad at him so you settle for just splashing him. This of course starts a water war; after ten minutes or so of splashing each other you feel Ross come up behind you, but instead of splashing you as expected you feel him slide his arms around your waist and pull you in close to him, “This is better than a dinner date in a stuffy restaurant any day isn’t it y/n?” you can’t help but laugh as he points out the contrast between how your night was turning out compared to how you had planned it “It is indeed” you reply leaning back against him a little more “ Are you sad that it isn’t him you’re spending your night with?” he asks quietly. You turn being carefully not to slip out of the circle of his arms and smile up at him “Of course not, I’d rather spend my night with you anytime” you inform him “Really?” he questions, “Really “you reply looking up into his eyes smiling before you realize it he’s pressing his lips against yours, and you’re sliding your arms round his neck standing on your tiptoes pulling him closer, as the waves gently rock the two of you. After a few moments you two pull apart “That guy really is an idiot,” he says again making you laugh “I’m serious” he tells you pulling you even closer and leaning down to kiss you once again. When you two pull apart again he’s smiling “y/n would you maybe want to be more than friends?” he asks almost shyly which makes you smile “I’d really like that” you tell him as you lace your fingers with his and reach up on your tiptoes to kiss him again.

Rocky- This was your first time out alone with Rocky, you had hung out with him before with his family but never just you and him like it was today. You were honestly a little nervous, since you’d been hanging out with you’d developed a crush on him. You had been ecstatic when he had asked you to come to the music festival with him. You watched through the windshield as he navigated the car closer to the stage since it was an outdoor festival in the middle of a giant field. Once he parked the car you two hop out and you watch as he starts to unload the picnic supplies his mom had sent “Wow I think she packed us twenty pounds of food” he said laughing as he hefted the basket out of the car “That’s a good thing, someone likes food” you say teasing him he only laughs and says “Well at least you aren’t afraid to admit it” making you laugh. Things were so easy with Rocky, he wasn’t like the guys you were used to he never tried too hard, and you could always count on him to make you laugh. “Hey why don’t we sit on the hood that way we can see better?” you ask eagerly you were excited to be out with Rocky but you were just as excited to see The Arctic Monkeys, Walk The Mon, and The New Beat Fund perform . “Good idea y/n” he says smiling at you, you move to boost yourself up onto the hood of the suv “Hey you want help with that?” he asks “Oh umm yeah, thanks” you stutter a little flustered as he lightly grips your hips and boosts you up onto the hood “No problem y/n” he says smiling before rounding the hood and hoping up to sit next to you. You two talk and munch on some of the food Stormie packed until the concert starts. You’re enjoying yourself so much through the Walk the Moon set you don’t really notice that you’re singing along at the top of your lungs until after they leave the stage and you notice Rocky looking at you. “What?” you asks self consciously “I didn’t know you could sing like that” He says smiling at you “Oh um I’m not really good” you mumble feeling your cheeks turn red. “I think you’re great, and you know I am a professional” he says making light of his ‘rockstar’ status. You just laugh and shrug offering him a smile. “You know you’re really beautiful when you smile y/n” he says scooting a little closer to you on the hood of the car making you blush even more “thanks” you mumble trying to keep your eyes on your lap so you won’t blush anymore. You feel Rocky slide some of your hair that had fallen down covering your face back behind your ear “There that’s better” He says quietly as you glance up at him and smile shyly he places a hand on your face and gently presses his lips against yours. Immediately it’s like an electric shock, you feel the jolt from your head all the way down to your toes. You wrap your arms around his neck and he pulls you closer as your lips move against one another’s. You feel his hand slid up into your hair as the kiss continues, after a few more moments the two of you pull apart and he tugs gently at your hair sensing he wants you to lean your head back you do and without warning he presses little kisses down the side of your neck before kissing back up to gently peck your lips again. When he lifts his eyes to meet yours all you can think to say is “Wow”… “Oops did I say that out loud” you question feeling color rise in your cheeks this makes him laugh “You did, but I’ll take that as a compliment” he says sliding you over so you’re nestled under his arm, you smile at him as you snuggle into his side “So y/n how do you feel about cuddling and scary movies?” he questions “well I love cuddling and as long as you let me hold your hand, and hide from the really scary parts I feel just fine about scary movies” you retort with a smile “okay good, next question, how do you feel about being my girlfriend?” he asks you “Well…. I actually would love to be your girlfriend” you say giving him a big smile. “Great” he says thrusting his fist into the air making you laugh again. As the next band takes the stage he turns and presses a kiss to you forehead and pulls you close to his side smiling at you.

Riker- “Oh my gosh this is so pretty” you exclaim looking out at the mountains covered in snow, you hear Riker chuckle behind you “I’m glad you like my home state” he says taking your hand and lacing your fingers together. “Like it? I love it here, it’s so gorgeous I’ve already taken a million pictures!” you say excitedly walking along the path from the cabin you were currently staying at with the Lynch family for Christmas, down toward the frozen lake. “How did you ever leave here?” you question curiously as you two stroll along hand in hand “It wasn’t easy we all love it here, but we knew what we wanted so we went for it” he said smiling down at you and you nod in understanding that’s one thing you could say about your boyfriend he was driven when it came to what he wanted. “Plus if I hadn’t left I’d never have met you” he said pulling your gloved hand up to place a kiss on it. “Well it’s only been a month but I am very very happy we met!” you say and squeeze his hand a little tighter. “You know a month ago when I was sitting stranded on the side of the freeway broke down on my first full day in LA I never would have imagined that you would come to my rescue and that I would be spending Christmas with you and your family like this” you say smiling up at him. “I’m just glad I decided to stop and offer a ride to the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen” he says surprising you by spinning you around in a little dance in the middle of the path, making you laugh. “Well thank you” you say with a smile. You two continue chatting as you walk down to the lake when you get there you can’t help but smile it’s gorgeous “You like it y/n?” Riker asks pulling you down to sit on a little bench close to the edge of the frozen water “ I love it Riker, thank you for inviting me up here with you!” you exclaim throwing your arms around him and hugging him tight he just laughs and wraps his arms around you in reply “ So do you know how to skate?” he asks curiously “ I do actually!” you reply happily “Good I borrowed Rydel’s for you I figured you could use them” he says as he pulls open the bag he had and hands you a pair of ice skates, you quickly get to work lacing them on as Riker puts his on. “Ready?” he asks you, you nod and he pulls you to your feet and out onto the ice. The two of you goof off chasing each other around the ice until snow starts falling and Riker glides across the ice to grab your hand. “This is perfect, it’s like we’re in a snow globe” you say looking up into his hazel eyes feeling the familiar flutter of butterflies in your stomach “It’s only perfect because I’m with you y/n” he says smiling down at you. You feel the color rise in your cheeks “Y/n I know I’ve been moving slow with you because I don’t want to rush anything but would it be okay if I kissed you?” he asks almost shyly as he watched your face closely for your reaction “ Of course it would be okay!” you exclaim he smiles and leans down to press his lips against yours as you slide your arms around his neck pulling him closer to you. After a few moments you pull apart and smile up at him as he smiles down at you “Worth the wait?” you ask curiously “Absolutely worth  it” he says wrapping his arms around your waist, “but I don’t think I want to wait as long to do it again” he says with a laugh before pressing his lips to yours again as the snow kept falling around you two.  

Okay guys the second half will be coming later! Please let me know what you think! I hope you all have a great Christmas Eve!