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Daily 5-Minute Make Up Tutorial by r4ygun

I do not have skills enough for this

r4ygun said: They do combine orders tho! I got all of my stuff in just one (huge) package~ Ordered around 30 things I think.

I knew they did that, but what I meant was they don’t lower the shipping price for larger orders ; ~ ; Or did they do that for you?? I know they haven’t for me, but I’ve known other Taobao agents who did idk

(Also, I miss your cute posts little lady ; 3 ;)

pandacake143 said: Thanx for posting the Taobao/ BuyChina info! It helped clear the hesitation I had from using the site & shipping agent. If you have any more advice/ experience to share with us, you should do more posts like this. Thanks again! 🙈🙉🙊XoXo

I haven’t made very many since starting up the new blog, but I have a ton of old posts similar to this one that I salvaged on my resource blog, here ; u ; Maybe you’ll like some of those!