[F2F] Matt/Sinjun - What Are You Doing In My Flat?!

A good dinner was what he needed. A fancy feast at the high end restaurant, where the wine was perfectly aged, and the food was exquisite. He returned home with left overs: a half-full bottle of white merlot 1982, a perfectly seared red halibut fillet, some steamed vegetables, and a container of cucumber soup. He intended to give them to Skid, who would no doubt be heading in to begin preparing for the working hours of the club. However, when he walked in, he saw Skid standing by the bar, talking to Dex. The club owner turned, seeing Matt and saying rather sternly, “Matt, who the fuck is the guy who took a beer and just walked upstairs?”

Matt’s brow furrowed, and his lips pursed. He was sure the man he had over last night was gone by now, and didn’t expect any visitors today. For a moment, he wondered if it was an old remnant of the gang life. “Did he look like he had a flag?” he asked, knowing Skid was a former Decker, and could spot a rival thug with ease.

"No. Just some asshole who walked down the stairs and took a beer, then walked right back up." Matt was once again puzzled, handing the bag of food to Skid quietly. He walked up the stairs, hearing Skid from behind him, "Whoever he is, he owes me nine fifty for that damn beer!" Matt rolled his eyes as he reached the door, pulling it open and walking inside.

"Look, whoever you are, I must’ve forgotten you were in my room after last night. Must’ve been downright pissed. I’ll pay for the beer, but just up and out befo—" he eyed the very unfamiliar face of a man he’d never seen before, tensing a bit. "… Who the bloody hell are you?!"

Application for Matt Miller

Character Name/Codename:

Matthew Daniel Miller/Ragnorok

Age: 19

Description of Your Character:

Matt is quite a short and -very- Welsh looking teen. He naturally has black, curly hair, but it is almost never seen as such. He straightens it, and often has streeks of vibrant blue color in it. Though his hairstyle varies, it is most often a thick, ungelled mohawk, which rests to the right side. The shaved portion of his head, on the left side, shows his scars. One scar, about an inch above the second, does not go past his hairline, but is still noticeable. The other scar extends about an inch and a half onto his forehead.

His eyes are an unnatural shade of blue, almost neon. When he uses his powers, the sclera, iris, and pupil all become covered in a layer of glowing blue light. He often wears make up in a typical ‘emo’ fashion: Dark eyeshadow, eyeliner, and dark blue lipstick. It is also possible for one to see him without make up, depending on what he has been doing, or how strung out he is.

As far as physiques go, Matt is very skinny. He has a wiry frame, and this has only become more evident by his drug use. He looks like he has just about as much muscle as a computer hacker would need, and obviously is not made for physical fighting.

FACECLAIM: Aneurin Barnard

CONCEPT SKETCH (some details are a little off): http://i43.tinypic.com/atm1qo.png

Your Character’s Background:

Matt was raised in Yorkshire, England with his parents until he was fourteen, at which time they moved to Detroit, Michigan. Matt was raised upper-middle class, and enjoyed a private school education. Before he had even reached the age of fifteen, Matt was charged with illegal cyber activity after trying to hack into the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s database. When asked why, Matt admitted it was just for kicks. At the time, it was not known by anyone other than Matt, himself, that he was a mutant. He was legally ordered to stay away from computers until the age of 18, nearly destroying his only outlet in life.

When he was about to turn sixteen, Matt was approached by Phillipe LeDubois, owner of the corporation, The Syndicate, and covert leader of the Morning Star organized crime group. LeDebois was interested in the young man’s talent, and offered him privacy and protection from the FBI, should he come work for him. Matt, of course, agreed, and a year later, became the leader of the cyber warfare gang, The Deckers. Under LeDebois’ protection, Matt laundered millions of dollars, hacked numerous government databases, and blackmailed countless officials with stolen information.

Enjoying the benefits of organized crime, Matt cut ties with his family, and left his mundane life behind. He had found a group of people who accepted and embraced his mutant abilities, and he didn’t mind using them for illegal purposes, as long as he gained something from it. A sudden outbreak of gang wars caused his entire empire of connections to come crashing down, however. Before long, with no other resources or protection, Matt was captured by the government, who discovered his mutant abilities, and forced him to work under them. For two years Matt was kept in custody, and underwent several experiments to enhance his abilities, as well as make him ‘behave’ as the government wanted. Through these experiments, Matt came to know Dr. Stryker, who implanted him with a similar control chip to Wolverine.

Matt had become the equivalent to a machine, carrying out cyber attacks on whoever the government so wished. Little did they know that over time, through small amounts of digital feedback, the chip was slowly losing its control over Matt’s mind. Eventually, Matt regained enough control to override the chip, turning it into a spare storage drive. Matt, in a spiteful bout of revenge, aimed an arial drone strike at the base he was being held in after escaping. He wandered, but eventually found his home in Bayville, thanks to one last connection to a night club owner in the city. He remained in hiding, but continued his illegal activities under his new ‘avatar’, Ragnorok.

Through this avatar, it is nearly impossible to track him, but perhaps Xavier can find this lost teen, yet. Hopefully, before the Brotherhood.

Chaotic Neutral

Your Character’s Mutation:


*Cyberpathy: Matt can naturally communicate with technology, making remote hacking and program manipulation a rather simple task. When using his powers, his eyes gain a layer of bright blue glow. His powers also allow him to manipulate radar readings and access certain types of weapons systems. The more simple the device, the easier it is for him to access. No, this power does not include technology such as toasters, lights, or other household items. In order for Matt to manipulate the item, it must have some sort of digital programming or interface. 

*Hyper Calculation Capabilities: Due to his natural understanding of digital technology, Matt can process code and statistics very easily. He is a wizard at math, and can decode encrypted messages faster than an average human.

*Neural Storage Capacity: If given the proper type of mental stimulants, Matt can store data in his brain, and transfer it to a computer later. If he does not have stimulants, Matt also has the capability to ‘erase’ parts of his own memory in order to store the data. This only needs to be done once, unless he keeps the data in his mind forever.

**Physical Abilities:
**Matt has the physical capabilities of a person his size and weight who engages in little routine exercise. (He’s a complete wimp in an actual fight, and will more likely beg you not to hurt him, should you get close)
**Matt is a relatively good shot, and primarily wields a shotgun.


Cowardice: Matt is a complete coward outside of the digital arena. He is more likely to make deals and plead for his life than risk injury.

Mortality and Frailty: Matt has no physical mutations. This means that he is as vulnerable as a human. Entirely. If you punch him in the face, he will fall and cry.

Social Incapabilities: Best to just leave him at home. Matt is most certainly not the easiest person to talk to, and most people end up wanting to punch him in the face.

Drug Addiction: Matt is addicted to stimulant drugs. Cocaine, caffiene, ecstasy (especially), and nicotine are all substances of which he now relies upon for maximized use of his powers. 

Power Related Weaknesses:

The more complicated a device, the longer it takes for Matt to access it.

If Matt is somehow forced out of the technology he’s accessing suddenly (Through physical separation or digital feedback) there is a risk of seizures, as well as prolonged migraines.

Over use of his powers can cause neural strain, resulting in seizures, nosebleeds, headaches, loss of consciousness, and even comas or loss of memory.

*Glitches: What Matt has grown to call ‘glitches’ are caused by an overload of data to his brain via overuse of his powers or feedback, or overstimulation of his brain via drugs. This causes Matt to become entirely frenzied, and unable to differentiate hallucinations from reality. It can lead to memory loss, seizures, and complete hysteria.

He’s been living in Bayville for a while now, but hasn’t been going out much. He’s a bit of a recluse, but is not more or less forced to go out, because the owner of the nightclub he stays at is no longer there all the time to go out and buy groceries.

Writing Audition:

Texting: (Warning, Matt uses semi-l337 because he’s a gimmicky tool)

 u h4ve n0 ide4 h0w t0 text, d0 y4, m4te?


Just got a post from one of my guys on Twitter. They seem to still think there’s a chance of rebuilding what the Saints tore down. Sods must be out of their bloody minds if they think I’m going back to that. Let it go, lads. Nothing left there but purple bullets and Saints merchandise.

Face 2 Face:

It had been a long night of breaking this code, but he was going to do it. He had spent this much time on it, why give up now. Downing the rest of his soda, Matt leaned back towards his computer, almost like he was making eye contact with another human being. The lines of code continued to grow down the page, but the computer didn’t even lag, with Matt’s help. The code was starting to narrow down, a relieving thought to say the least. He’d already had to snort two lines in order to keep going all day, and he wasn’t about to let the code win.

Finally, mercifully, the code crumpled under his concentration, and he gained access to the account he had been eyeing for so long. A multi-billion dollar corporation wasn’t going to miss ten grand. Even if they did, hed already set up the evidence to point to their CEO. Oh, those corporate suits, always wanting more money from their companies than they deserved. The money transferred with ease, and now that his electronic wallet was much more healthy, Matt could relax. He sewed up the loose ends, leaving all of the traces of the CEO in the right places, and turned the computer off.

Now was a good time to stretch his legs, at least. A short walk to the grocery store, where he could buy some more sources of caffeine and calories sounded like a good idea. He brushed his hair, put on his coat and sunglasses, and calmly walked out of the basement, offering a casual greeting to the owner of the club as he closed the door behind him. Lifting a cigarette to his lips, he lit up and began walking. Anyone who bothered to look close enough would easily be able to tell how much of an addict he was. He was pale, gaunt, and certainly had that ‘I’m high’ kind of look to him, but anyone who looked long enough would surely receive a very disapproving glare from the man. He always hated having to go out, but it was just a short run tot he store and back. Then he could return to what he truly enjoyed, a good round of multiplayer FPS games.


What are your strengths as a roleplayer?

  • Literate
  • Polite
  • Consistent
  • In Depth
  • Excited To Play

What are your weaknesses as a roleplayer?

  • Nervous About My Own OC (xD;;)
  • F2F will not be fully open until I resolve a current plot with Lance (other forms of rp are open and welcome, though!) 

Do you write long posts or short posts more?

Whatever needs to be written, like I said before.

Are you comfortable with sexually graphic posts?

Totally. And so is Matt, if it suits his needs.

Any other reason we should choose you? 

Well, it all depends on if you want this character. He’s certainly an online-instigator, and he starts arguments easily. He’ll offer a contrast to the buddy-buddy feel of my other characters, and help me get my villainy on. He’s a little jerkwad, which is always fun to play.

Jerkwads are fun to play. FUN TO INTERACT WITH TOO. 

Everyone please welcome Matt Miller and be sure to follow him

anonymous asked:

Matt,Did you ever meet somebody that found your user name? Like,Some girl that's more then likely not Kenzie,But somebody else?

"Well, considering I’m all over the damn place online, merely finding my username isn’t a hard thing to do. I mean— I’ve met quite a few people who have heard of R4gn0r0k. I mean, they certainly were shocked to find out it was me, a teenaged boy, but they knew of me nonetheless. As for knowing I’m behind the username right away? That’s a little rare, but it’s not unheard of. If someone knows what their doing with technology, it really doesn’t surprise me to find out they already knew.”

[F2F] Matt/Sinjun -What's A Shag Between Friends?

He gazed down at his freshly painted nails, raising his brows and pursing his lips. Multitasking was so easy when he had the right stuff in his system, and easy ICE to get past. He lounged on the bed, legs crossed and laptop set up beside him. He let out a sigh as he stretched, finding himself more bored than anything. He’d only been at this an hour, and already he was about to strike oil? How pitiful. Good cyber security must be hard to find. Then again, there wasn’t a system he’d faced yet that could keep him out. They just loved him too much. He always had such a way with code.

His eyes dimly glowed as he stared at the laptop screen, smirking with the encoded confirmation of his connection. "Access Granted. Priority 1 Override. Full Access to Finance Authorized."

"Flatterer." Matt grinned for a moment, then began to withdraw the funds he wanted. Twenty-thousand should be enough to keep him nice and comfy… for a week. With the last bits of rips and tears sewed up, and the digital evidence left behind to direct the police to another person, Matt sat up and closed the laptop with a loose wrist. He got up from the bed, stretching his legs and taking in a nice deep breath. That was barely worth the pills. He looked apathetically around the room, looking for anything to entertain himself. He’d taken a high quality dose of Cloud 9, he’d need something.

And there, like a ginger haired miracle, was Sinjun, on the couch clipping his toenails. He didn’t even care that he was doing do on his leather couch. There was just too much E in his system to care. He walked over, wrapping his arms around the Aussie from behind. “Sinjun.” He said melodically. “I’m bored, Sinjun. Do something.”