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R4G3 T1M3: DVD Availability

Just had one of those moments that highlights why many britains argue about america and that reason? Jelousy. Reason? Well there’s freedom of speech, the ability to buy firearms to protect one self, legal marijuana(in some states), legal prostitution (only one state that was shown on Stephen Fry’s show), movies released over there first and of course, DVDs that are unattainable in the UK you can get in the US bargin bin for like $5. I can afford $5 easily, but noooooo, have to go to america to buy it or import it and then get it working because there is also the Region code thing.

Here’s today’s reason why I randomly just raged. Vampire Princess Miyu. A lesser known Anime from the 90s that I quite loved. I found out when at Forbidden Planet (to those who don’t know, it’s a sci-fi shop filled with comics, books, memoribilia, DVDs, from all typical nerdy things like anime and sci-fi, but mostly anime.) they had DVDs of VPM and I thought (awesome, but I’ll look online for the boxset) and then look what I find on Amazon. The entire box set, but Region 1 only and this reminds me of that many other things that are NTSC and I can’t get at.

But that’s not all, it’s the same with Red Dwarf, a BRITISH Comedy! This bothers me because if you want to see all the extras, you have to buy them in their seporate box sets season by season as the other sets are episodes only, yet somehow you can buy the boxset in the US, again, a BRITISH COMEDY!!!!

Then there’s also Batman (the 1990s animated series) where the one film you can’t get here in the UK is Batman & Mr Freeze: Subzero which is a truely tragic story as he was portrayed in the animated series, but again it’s only available in the states, not here. Oh, you can get it on video though, which just the suggestion of video makes me want to punch amazon cause it’s as if they’re showing it to me with a dirty shit-eating grin on their face! Then there’s the series and complete series of the JLA series that was on TV, done by the same team that did Batman and Superman. The only DVDs of that show you can get in the UK is Starcrossed, the “movie” that’s set at the end of season 2 and is in fact the last few episodes of season two or three episode long story arcs like “Secret Origins”, “The Brave and The Bold”, “Paradise Lost” and a few others that doesn’t even make up half of season 1.

On the animated front there is also Batman Beyond, again you can only get this in the states and the movie, Return of the Joker which is one of the darkest movies I’ve seen from WB in quite some time, especially if you see the uncencored version. Superman and the superman animated movies don’t escape either!

The list goes on and Warner Brothers appears to be the majority of parties that have not brought their product overseas. I guess it could be a cost thing or not enough americans bought it for it to be feesable across the pond, I don’t know these companies all have two dimensional thinking. Does anyone know why exactly and what’s your favourite series out of those I’ve mentioned or not mentioned?

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