Two new RPG characters for two new games. Done with prismacolor colored pencils and illustration markers for the outlines. 

The first is R3N (Ren), for our next Mutants and Masterminds campaign. He is a clone of the last campaigns BBEG who was an extra-dimensional being that took the form of a man and was revered as the Aztec God, Huitzilopochtli. As a god of War, the Sun, and Human Sacrifice, his powers were largely based on space and the sun, including control of gravity, explosions and heat, along with limited flight and mastery of blades. Being an imperfect clone made by an evil organization trying to resurrect their dead ‘god’, R3N does not have all the powers of the original, but is an adept fighter and generates an aura of heat and small gravitational pull when he chooses. He is new to the world at large, having spent most of his life in a closed facility as an experiment and training to rule humanity, but his heart is in the right place and he wants to take the necessary steps to help defend the people of this world. 

Aldric is for a 7th Sea campaign my friend is running, and is a Montaigne (totally not pre-revolution France) with a colorful past. Once a nobleman himself, he lost his status and almost his life after he was caught aiding the revolutionary forces . He was rescued by a secret organization that took note of his efforts to help the common man and his particular set of skills. As a Sorcier du Porte, he possesses the magic of the Montaigne nobility that allows them to instantly teleport or call forth items from across vast distances. Of course, all power demands sacrifice and the sacrifice of a Porte Sorcier comes in blood. Aldric met the party dressed as little more than a peasant, but now that he has made himself useful to the Sarmatian noble who has difficulty speaking the common tongue he has decided to dress in his colors as a way to appear more like a servant. Now masquerading as a translator, we will see how the party navigates the difficult subject of the heist job they have become embroiled in. 

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