Children of Panem: A Rebellion propo released after the announcement of the Quarter Quell to garner support for the the Rebel effort (based off of Les Amants).

“Gale,” Thom yells, only a few feet farther down the mine shaft but barely audible over the combined sounds of the pumps and fans and drilling equipment. His friend can’t hear him, though, so he reaches out and claps gloved hand over his soot-covered shoulder to get his attention. Gale finally turns, wiping the sweat from his brow, and looks down to find a grubby piece of paper in Thom’s outstretched hand, illuminated by the circle of light his headlamp casts thought the gloom. “Read it,” Thom shouts, pulling the damp handkerchief away from his mouth, risking inhaling coal dust just so he can be heard.

That’s how Gale knows that it must be important.