Prince Motor Company GR-8

Developed 1964, used 1965-1970 in R380 and R380 II.

Displacement: 1996 cc (2.0L)

Bore x Stroke: 82.0 mm (3.2 in) x 63.0 mm (2.5 in), 11:1 Compression Ratio 

Valvetrain: DOHC 24v 

Output: 200hp(149kw) - R380 with tripple Webber 42DCOE Sidedrafts

            220hp(164) - R380 II Mechanical fuel injection (Pictured) 

Engine sound: GR-8 Mk. I start up and rev (also very emotional)

                          R380 Fly by

from wikipedia:

For an engine, Prince would use the same G engine that the Skylines had used, but adapted it specifically for racing. The new unit, known as GR-8, would be a 1996 cc Straight-6 that produced 200 hp (150 kW). A Hewland 5-speed racing gearbox would be used in the transmission.