A Small Rebellion

Katniss returns from the 74th Hunger Games as the District 12 Victor. Her District Partner Gale Hawthorne, who volunteered to take the place of Peeta Mellark, died in the effort to make sure she made it home.

Now she is haunted by the Games, trying and failing to adjust to life without Gale, and attempting to process Peeta’s confession to her before the Games. But at least she is home.

Little does she know that President Snow has other plans for her…

Rated M.

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District Two

Author: Dracoisalooker76

Prompt: What if Katniss and Peeta lived in a different district?

Note: This will (hopefully) be part of a twelve-part story that follows Everlark through the different districts, seeing how differently their lives would play out if they weren’t a baker’s son and a miner’s daughter.  This one is Part II (District Two).

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When President Snow bombed the Seam following the 75th Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen’s people burned with it. Of the few Seam residents who survived, only three are living in 12. She is awash in a sea of blonde, a stranger in her own home. Just one more reason to waste away in her empty house in the Victors Village. That didn’t sit right with the Mellark boys.

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