Whole30 R2D6

Day 6 and 7 are affectionately known as the “ I need a nap” days. You best believe I took an almost 3 hour one this afternoon. We’re snowed in, so it’s nice to just be cozy in bed.

Both my husband and I had eye appointments early this morning, and I got some new glasses! I’ll take a pic once they come in.

After our appointments, I came home and made scrambled eggs and (sugar free, nitrate free) bacon for brunch. We each had an avocado to go with it!

Dinner was leftovers of cracked pepper pork loin and roasted butternut squash. I had some shredded Brussels sprouts I needed to use, so I roasted them in the leftover bacon fat from brunch 😱 it was amazing.

In other news, the remainder of my wedding photos have finally been edited and are going to be on their way to me this week! I’ll post some when I get them!

The Raft

            Author’s Note: This is based (almost completely) off of a story from the classic Creepshow 2 from 1987. The movie is made up of three stories based on the works of Stephen King and told through a prologue, several interludes and epilogue involving a comic book. Each story told in the movie is an excerpt from that comic book. If you have not seen the movie (should I mention the screenplay is by George A. Romero?), I highly recommend it but for now, go on over to YouTube and search for Creepshow 2: The Raft. It is 1980’s horror film glory.


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(Radio Rip)

Night of the Living Bread

Peeta may not be the last man on Earth, but sometimes he wishes that were the case.  What, with the zombies gnawing on his leg, and his companion leading him blindly through the wilderness, all for a drink.  But when he runs into a mysterious girl with a silver arrow poised directly at his heart, things are suddenly starting to look a lot better.

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