r2d2 where are you

Things I want for Episode VIII:

  • Stormpilot
  • angsty Kylo, feeling deep, deep remorse
  • Finn, Poe and Rey having a moment to breathe, recover and be happy
  • Poe hugging Leia and “accidentally” calling her mom
  • Stormpilot
  • Ewan McGregor
  • Rey learning lots of awesome stuff from Luke but not completely agreeing with the ways of the Jedi
  • Leia being happy
  • Leia turning Ben to the light side again
  • 6′3′’ Ben bending down to hug 5′1′’ Leia
  • Chewbacca yelling at Ben and almost crushing him in his hug
  • Luke and R2D2 reunion
  • Captain Phasma being badass
  • Leia being badass
  • everyone loving Finn and him becoming the badass cinnamon roll of the resistance
  • Snoke being like 3′7′’
  • Ben becoming the awkward once-villian-now-friend guy
  • Ben and Rey discovering the possibility of being grey jedis and bonding over it

In conclusion:

  • S T O R M P I L O T

IMAGINE: You save Luke Skywalker from the Wampa with Han Solo.

The look of annoyance mixed with fear crossed Han’s face, after you finished explaining everything you knew.

“I just know that he was scouting the Hoth mountains caves for the Rebel Alliance with his tauntaun, and he should already be here. I waited a couple of days, maybe it happened to be a problem with something that made him lose time, I don’t know! But I thought that it wasn’t nothing to worry about. Han, we need to go and find him, what if something has happened to him?”

Han muttered something, probably trying to decide what to do. It was Luke, he couldn’t just sit down and not do anything. Walking towards Chewbacca, they exchanged some words, and Chewbacca left the nave, where you three were staying with R2D2 and C-3PO.

“Okay y/n, you will stay here in Naboo, where it’s safe, and I will travel with Chewbacca. We’ll be back as soon as we find Luke, so don’t worry sweetheart.” Han said the last part with a funny smirk, probably because of my face. Did he really think that I was going to stay here, meanwhile Luke could be dying? He was so wrong.

“Nuh uh, you know I will go with you. How come those two pieces of metal can go and I don’t?” I raised my voice, turning towards the two robots who weren’t really listening to our conversation. “I will find Luke with you.”

Han stayed with an emotionless face, but seconds after his natural smirk spread across his face.

“I wasn’t expecting less of you, y/n.”


Han, Chewbacca and you were now walking cautiously through the snow, wrapped in warm clothes that you had got in Naboo, meanwhile R2D2 and C-3PO were looking after the Millennium Falcon in the landing place. Following Han’s stupid plan of walking around the caves searching for Luke, you have heard something coming from one of the caves, surprisingly.

Not sure if you should get in or not, Han stayed behind you, muttering something about being stupid by not having a plan B, but it wasn’t the time to complain, so you punched his arm before reminding silence.

“Don’t ’ shush me, y/n …” Han whispered, followed by another punch coming from Chewbacca, that almost threw him to the ground.

Once you cautiously got inside, you saw the beast. Luke was head-down, hanging from the ice ceiling. The Wampa was facing his back towards you, making some strange noises that made you think it was his lunch time.

You caught Luke’s eyes, and his face changed to a surprised expression before smiling like an idiot. ‘She’s here.’ he thought to himself, feeling his heart beat faster than moments before.

You made some signals towards his lightsaber. You knew you couldn’t reach for it, and so did Luke, who was shaking his head furiously at you.

“Don’t move.” he whispered towards you, before concentrating totally on his lightsaber. It didn’t take him much time to use The Force to make the lightsaber fly to his hand, finally releasing himself from the frozen ceiling.

“Luke, behind you!” you scream, seeing the Wampa prepared to attack.

With no hesitation, Luke waved his weapon, and both of the Wampa arms fell from his huge body. Luke turned, ready to run away. He took you by you left arm, firmly but not painfuly, making you run with him, and almost running over Han.

“Oh… Hey Han!” Luke said.

“Shut up, boy, and run as fast as you can.” Han said, but he touched Luke’s shoulder in an affectionate way. And so, you four ran as faster than ever, in fear the beast could be following you, or that another Wampa would appear.

Once inside the Millennium Falcon, you finally got the chance to hug Luke.

“Thank God you’re okay.” you  said in between your heavy breathing after the race.

“Thank God you found me.” he said back, staring at you in awe.

“You seriously need to stop getting into trouble.” you said, breaking the hug just to look at his face, that kept smiling at you lovingly.

“I agree with her!” you heard Han shout from somewhere in the nave, and you both laughed, before resting your head on his chest.

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