r2b:return to base


It’s a scene from R2B: Return to Base movie.

Ji Sukhyun (Lee Jongsuk) nearly passed out on CASS FRESH after the party with his teammates. It’s so miraculous that it’s the CASS FRESH he’s now endorsing that appeared in the movie.

And I love the fact that everyone feels the needs to “pamper” Sukhyun, the ever-fainting co-pilot. Sukhyun slept on the sofa, and he was tugged into the blanket Taehoon (RAIN) brought from Daeseo’s (Kim Sungsoo) room. So Sukhyun spent the night in Park family’s house. Even though he rarely gets screen time, it’s just heartwarming to see him sleeping soundly on the sofa.

Return to base.

The two month absence had been strange for Almeis but nothing had been stranger than being reminded of just how white this damn place was. Not because of how blinding or void it was, but because of how betraying it was of all the bloodshed and tear stains that soiled it so frequently.

Then again, nothing was more damaging than erasure.

However no amount of cleaning or sanitizing would stop Almeis worrying about the state of Nashir whom was laid in the depths of the recuperacoon of their Hive block now they had both returned. To say he was glad to be back was something of a strange feeling. Certainly it was something close to being the only thing he’d ever been able to call home, but that didn’t mean he was pleased about it, not when he knew the monster that was ever present, ever watching every move they made.

A glance was given to one of the small cameras in the corner of the room but it would do him little good to direct any anger towards it. He’d already taken the highblood to the hospital ward and they had done all they could to deal with the poison that seemed to be pumping its way through his veins. Whatever was contaminating his huge form was just going to have to be slept off and as much as Almeis was going to welcome the respite from Nashir’s libidinous nature, he had to admit he would miss it.

Sitting by the edge of the recuperacoon, he sighed a little and glanced up from his e-reader, having  showered and changed long ago now since their return. “Hopefully I will be here when you awake…” he muttered, recalling the last time Morra had taken him away for testing. It was just routine shit. But it did not mean it was a pleasant experience.


Tyrone’s Favourite Films Of 2012 - 12) R2B: Return To Base (7.25/10)

I realise I am being pretentious now by adding this in but I really did like it ok?

So I went to the Korean Film Festival which was happening in Bournemouth and ended up watching this. I won’t go into much detail on this one but basically, it was Asian Top Gun.

The film was subtitled in English and was just really good. It looked really amazing and I’d say had some really good acting in it. The effects were understandably great too and at the end of the day this was a film that did a lot right story telling wise and acting was.

Is it the most original film ever? God no. But it was good and did what it needed to do and that’s enough for me.


Check out this awesome trailer for Rain’s movie “Return to Base.”