another fuzzy morning ficlet

Chirrut wakes to the sensation of Baze’s hands in his hair. It’s a familiar feeling, warm and delicate, that instantly sends him back to their younger days. They aren’t coiled up in a bed very much meant for one now, though, cuddling well into the morning hours with the threat of getting scolded hanging over their heads. But how Chirrut longs for those days. Baze’s touch feels just as innocently adoring as it did then, though, fingers stroking over short strands, a soothing sensation for the both of them. It sends Chirrut snuggling into Baze’s chest, protesting the idea of starting their day. He’d lie like this for hours if they still had the luxury – they have minutes, at least, and he intends to soak them in.

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it is a period of civil war. rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil galactic empire. during the battle, rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the empire’s ultimate weapon, the death star, an armored space station with enough power to destroy an entire planet. (insp)

ages (and fun extras) of rogue one characters according to the visual guide (some spoilers)
  • Jyn - 21
    • 8 when Krennic kills her mom and kidnaps her dad
    • had some great toys as a kid like im super jealous
  • Cassian - 26
    • his family died in the clone wars
    • was not quite a separatist but almost
      • basically the bottle kids from trailer park boys, he threw bottles and rocks at clones etc
      • was pretty much an anarchy punk kid until the rebellion recruited him
    • held the Fulcrum title for a time, but only in one sector
  • Bodhi - 25
    • a Jedha native! so he got to watch part of his planet blow up
    • and got to see the empire strip his planet of all its resources
    • probably took the job with the empire because his family was starving
    • gambler, specifically gambled as a coping mechanism
    • it specifically says he doesn’t take good care of his uniform, probably as part of passive resistance
  • Baze - 53
    • built and modded his weapons
    • guardians aren’t supposed to have long hair
    • doesn’t really see the difference between Saw and Mothma’s rebels
      • as long as everyone is shooting at the empire he literally does not care
    • has apparently been off world, not sure where
    • really, really hates the empire
      • like really, wow
    • loves chirrut so much like whoa
  • Chirrut - 52
    • loves baze so much like whoa
    • might be implied he wasn’t always blind
    • built his light bow
    • he has an echo box that probably helps him figure out movement/landscape
    • the staff has a kyber shard in it for the same purpose
    • the guardians apparently used the starbird symbol first, and he has a pretty sweet necklace of it
    • guardians “do not emphasize the discord between lightness and darkness”
      • my bro my dude what were you doing 20 years ago
      • do you think you could do a mentoring program or something with a Troubled Young Jedi
        • And maybe save the galaxy by just like
          • letting this kid know there are other options
  • K-2SO - 12
    • (what are you like 12)
    • Cassian did most of the work reformatting him
  • Saw - ????
    • literally it just says unknown
    • dying of like everything
      • geonosian pesticides??? he had to get his lungs like replaced but the shit is still in his system
      • he’s been picking up clues about the death star and following its trail for years
    • literally no one listened to him he was right all along he knew something was going down and people are like lol that’s ridiculous
      • not being taken seriously contributed to his paranoia and increasingly desperate actions
  • Galen - 55
  • Lyra - 34 at time of death
    • fun fact she was a geologist
    • she figured out Krennic was bad news
      • convinced the fam to leave coruscant
      • basically saved everyone because galen was too deep in his work to notice shit was going down
  • Krennic - 51
    • fought in the clone wars
  • General Merrick, that Coran looking blue leader - 46
    • fought in the clone wars
  • General Draven, Cassian’s CO - 45
    • fought in the clone wars, never met a jedi
  • Admiral Raddus - 65
  • Mon Mothma - 46