Super Puppy Love: A Super Sons fic

Synopsis: Damian and Jon had gotten the hang of working together as the Super Sons. Just as Damian thought that he could make this team-up work, he runs into an unexpected snag: Jon has a crush on him.

Update: I made a sort of epilogue/continuation of this as a response to a story prompt. Check it out here!  Super Puppy Love: Jon actually explains why there’s a naked Damian in his bed.

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[夏摘みのきみに砂糖を少々] Full Doujin Translation

Artist: まいはら

Translator: Akaritakutranslations

Find it untranslated here

There is some R13 content at the end, so heads up.

- Permission to repost and translate was given from the artist

- Reposting elsewhere is not allowed

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Comic: Rompiendo el silencio

Esta vez quise hacer una historia diferente…bueno inclinado  a un lado mas oscuro de levi ( no se simplemente queria ver si era capaz de hacerlo) y este fue el resultado.

agradecimientos a @aboutmikasa por la correcion de los dialogos si no ven HORRORES ortograficos es gracias a ella :D arigato!

Any wound under the bandage is real or not?You never know XDD

(go to find dr.ziegler to examined the wound )

mercy:hana here you are?let me check your hand wound isn’t getting better

mercy:I haven’t seen your shoulder and collarbone got any injured yesterday?

hana:oh,I got it by accident…It’s okay!Just check my hand(can’t let her know…

mercy:really,you should more take care yourself



sombra:I’m here conejita

(hana:I just told her don’t kiss the place so conspicuous )