Doujinshi Translation: The Precipice of a Fierce Battle by SF-L

Title: The Precipice of a Fierce Battle
Author: SF-L (Hikari)
Series: Owari no Seraph
Original Author: Kagami Takaya, Yamamoto Yamato
English Translator: ihavetobenkyou 



It’s a little late, but to show my gratitude to the OnS / Mikayuu fandom for 700+ followers, I present to you guys a doujinshi scanlation I did over the holidays. I hope you all enjoy it! ^^

Some notes, the file is big because of the size of the scans. As you guys can see though, my scanner is old and shitty, but I tried to make it as clear as possible. There’s also no Page 11 (as I was an idiot when I was numbering the pages), but they’re still in order. Finally, this doujinshi takes place between Volume 4 and Volume 5, so a little bit of nostalgia for you guys as well (Shinjuku arc feels so long ago!!). 

With the recent revelation in the anime fan book that vampires can’t feel sexual desire/asexuality issue, I personally thought that this doujinshi does a wonderful exploration of it, albeit it may have just been coincidence. XD The artist doesn’t outright say it (as this doujinshi was released way before the fan book even came out), but they did a really good job exploring the vampire/human issue between Yuuichirou and Mikaela (mostly Mika’s POV though). Despite being a vampire, I rreaallly think that Mika…is an exception, about many things. ^^;; 

As always, you guys know the rules, aka DON’T REPOST IT ANYWHERE ELSE!!! NOT A SINGLE PAGE OR DOWNLOAD LINK CAN BE REPOSTED, I MEAN IT, GUYS!!!! THIS IS MEANT FOR PERSONAL ENJOYMENT ONLY!! I scanlated specifically for the Tumblr community, and I want it to stay here, no where else!

With this, please enjoy!