au meme #03 → Ushanka

It was 3 years ago when Donghae found Eunhyuk in Seoul. Tear stained cheek and an untouched coffee, he found him like that but he never stopped following him ever since.

Silently and patiently waiting for Eunhyuk to look at him, he never lost hope. Smiling foolishly when Eunhyuk accidentally looks his way, he turns around and secretively keeps it. Gritting his teeth and clenching his fist when Eunhyuk’s lips frowns, he calms himself down and stays still. That’s Lee Donghae’s daily routine.

But fate decides to happen when Donghae found a trooper hat lying in front of him. He kneels and gets the hat. He smiles unconsciously because Eunhyuk’s the only one he knows who uses it.


“I believe that’s my cap.” 


Suddenly a pair of well polished shoes stood in front of Donghae. He looks up and parts his lips when Eunhyuk was looking down at him.


With slightly trembling hands, Donghae stood up and handed the hat to the man in front of him. Eunhyuk smiled.


“Thank you.”


A pause…


“I’m Eunhyuk, you must be Donghae…”


Then that was the start of  the 6 months roller coaster romance between the two. 


Donghae can’t ask for anything more since Eunhyuk entered his life. He was his dream after all. Their relationship wasn’t perfect, it was far from perfect. Donghae knew the thing they had wouldn’t last long but he refuse to give up. He can’t see anyone but Eunhyuk at the end of the road. He was the only one.


One cold December, his premonition finally came true.


“I can’t do this anymore.” Eunhyuk cries.


“I still love him. I’m sorry.” It hurt more than a knife stabbed in his heart but Donghae can’t get himself to be mad. Not at him.


“Say something! Shout at me, get angry with me, hurt me if you want! Donghae!” Eunhyuk was frustrated, but more of guilty because instead of rage, Donghae grabbed him and pressed him against his chest, hushing him and comforting him.


“I get it. Wounds take time to heal. If you want to break up, then we should. I can’t force you.”


“I’m really sorry…”


“But I can’t promise you that I will let you go. I will always find you, and when that time comes I hope you’re ready." Donghae kisses Eunhyuk’s forehead and said his farewell.



So there was Eunhyuk standing at the bridge, overlooking The Big Ben, reminiscing on Donghae’s promise. 


Hopes are up, hopes are down. Should he wait or should he not? Does he still love him or not? Is it still him? He really can’t make up his mind. So then he sighs and leaves the questions again for another day to answer. 


The usual busy street of London is now almost empty and the cold breeze filled the air. Eunhyuk liked it that way but it was getting colder than he expected. He grabs his hat behind him to make him feel a little warm but he finds out that there was nothing to grab. He cursed.


"Not again!”


He runs back to the last place he’s been to look for his lost trooper hat.

…And he found it. Not on the ground but in the hands of someone he loves and misses the most.


The smile almost took the cold away and it brightened the dark skies. There was a tear the fell from Eunhyuk’s eyes.


“I told you I’ll find you where ever you are.”



생일축하합니다 이특,

Park JungSu, one of the most strong, great and precious leader in the whole of K-pop. He didn’t give up and have gone through a lot of challenges that he and his dongsaeng’s faced.

He made mistakes. He wasn’t perfect all the time. But it’s because he’s human. And what’s important is his real. His emotions, his actions, his sincerity, his gratefulness, and his love.

Happy Birthday Leeteuk