I can’t photoshop for my life but hi guys! This is my first follow forever and originally this was for when I first hit 1k, but now I’m at 1.1k+ ^-^ This side blog’s only been here for a little over three months, but there’s already so many of you why do you guys even follow me otl. I love you all as much as Coups loves Seventeen. I’ll be doing a url giveaway too for getting this many followers, so be on the lookout for it! ♥ 

I’ve met a bunch of lovely people in the Seventeen fandom and appreciated more from afar. A huge thank you to you guys for following me and to my mutuals, I really appreciate it! ♥ You all are wonderful people and thank you for being amazing! 

And before I start, very special mention for: 

whyhansol - Jenny my bae ♥ We’ve known each other since middle school, but didn’t really start talking until sophmore year, and then we got much closer last year! I’m so glad we’re friends and also I’m still not sorry for dragging you into the diamond life with me lol. I’m also really happy that we got A LOT closer because of our mutual love for 17. Thank you for listening to me vent and screaming with me about 17 and my love for cheolsoo  You’re such a wonderful person and I’m really happy we met ;u;

Bolded - mutuals (since this is a side blog, I actually follow from limitlessifnt otl. the joys of having a sideblog lol)


17dad17hansols ♢ 17jeongcheol ♢ 17network17shiningdiamonds ♢ 95jisoo​ ♢ adore-hansol adoremewooziadorewooakkindaamericanhyungangelicminghaoask-pledis17ask-seventeenassgodjiminbo0seungkwancamera-seventeencantwithjeonwonwoochaehyungwonsgf chaengayoungcheolhan-is-life choihansoltbh devilishhansol ♢ dinochansdkjisoodonghosgfdoogisgfdouble-mingflowerboywoozi ♢ fuckingephemeralfuckyeahmingyufy-junhuify-scoupsfy17trashfychoihansolfyeahseungkwanfyeahthe8fyhoshikwonfyjeongcheolfyjeonwonwoofyoonjunghanfywoozigiantpuppymingyugyuhan-17gyuwoohahsolhansolchansoozihansols17dollarshansvchjisoos holyjihoonholyjunhui holyminghaoholywonwoohongjiisoo hongjiswoonhoshi-afhoshiiyahoshitv hoshiwn ♢


itseventeenj-hobiiijeongcoups17jeongshua jhoonsgfjihoonope jisoosijunfijunghanbbyjunhui-ssjunhuinetworkjunhuisbuttjunhuiwjunjisoosjvngh4nkingscoupskkimgyul-eechanmacsfullyloaded maknaewooziminghaon minghaosnoviaminghaozz ♢ mingyufanboymlnghaomochajisoomoonjunhue mvngyu mychildren-seventeen myminghaomyunghos ♢ onigiri-chan48pinkfairiewoozipledis17pledisseventeenpledisweekprincehansols princejisoos​ ♢ princexuminghao


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If we’re mutuals, but I didn’t put you down as a mutual, please let me know so I can change it! 

I’m also a member of these networks and one of the admins for 95linenet, so shout out to you guys too!


Woaaah!! It’s been so long since I made a follow forever ;o Was supposed to make one once I reached the 1k follower goal. It’s been months and I am near 3k now lol ^^’ Oh well, what can I say, I was being my lazy self.

 Anyway, to get this short..

You are all so fabulous and awesome. You all have a special place in my heart!! My tumblr life wouldn’t be as much fun as it is, without you guys!! SO! Thank you all for putting up with me and making my dash beautiful ❤.❤

bolded: fave blogs goals

# - G

7stararmy ; 97kyhalittlepessimistic ; aseira ; avesko ; bambaskaaa ; bigzbang ; bo-bo-bobby ; bobbyteam ; channiehim ; chensfw ; chngkyun ; cntardisblue ; dark-sexy-metal ; doe-eyed-girly-evil ; dohdoro ; donghyuk-ah ; endlessikon ; godwangit ; guhwe 

H - P

hanbeenah ; here4bobby ; hobimp3 ; holykimjiwon ; hweeinhanbins-mic ; hbi-n ; helloiamdiyo ; hyun-yeonikonope ; ikons-noona ; imchxngkyun ; imthemonstax ; infinitblaqjinyoungshi ; jiweon ; jiwonized ; junhweism ; junhwejpg ; kimbaabi ; kim-jiwoff ; kimickon ; kirtashdraco ; leothargy ; lunarpaintmoodbreakers ; moonsuns ; mrskimhanbinnamteas ; namunose ; pyojamas 

R - Z

s-uhyun ; sajaegi ; seokjinlover30 ; seouldestroying ; seubear ; sexydaeshinigamirukiasr ; shinvvonhosoonung ; sungjooing ; taesthetic ; taeyeounf ; taeyuhns ; taeguk ; teambgasm ; tinyhwan ; vadelmavene ; verygood-climaxw-angster ; wonshikeu ; woojpg ; xiumo ; ygbaes ; ygbias ; ygweiner ; yibochan ; yibohua ; yong-goon ; youngjaehtml 

I’m pretty sure I forgot many of you guys.. Some of you had changed urls so I couldn’t find you!! In any way, I love all the blogs I follow! So please also check my blogroll to see the gorgeous people of my dash !!!