Something Interesting: Robots

This something neat we found in our research about science fiction that we thought you’d enjoy.

The term robot first was used in Karel Capek’s play R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots). It comes from the Slavonic Church word Robota, which literally means “servitude” or “forced labor”.


Our robot friend is so happy he’s dancing for this #MiniatureMonday!

This piece is called I, ROBOT: THREE LAWS OF ROBOTICS by Jan and Jarmila Sobota. There are only thirty of its kind out there in the universe. The accordion book that unfolds from inside the robot contains a brief history about robots from the first use of the word “robot” in Karel Capek’s play R.U.R. to Isaac Asimov’s I, ROBOT. The robot itself is made out of lead-gray epoxy, and the accordion text block is accessed from a magnetic back panel.


Charlotte Smith Miniature Collection N7433.4 .S64 I7 2007

Sobota, Jan., and Sobota, Jarmila. I, Robot : Three Laws of Robotics.Loket, Czech Republic]: Jan & Jarmila Sobota, 2007


Death of Sensation, 1938 by Scout Paget
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Soviet science fiction (sci-fi) sound film directed by Alexandr Andriyevsky , alternatively titled Robot of Jim Ripple. Although the film uses the abbreviation R.U.R for the robots, it is not based on the novel by Karel Capek.


guess what I got today?

I’ll not be sharing a lot of photos from the book, because it wouldn’t be fair to Michael Troughton since he put so much work into making it, but a few pages in I can already see there are a few things you guys might enjoy seeing.

Bottom pic is from the television film R.U.R. with Patrick Troughton as the robot Radius.

Domin: Marius, tell the lady what you are.

Marius: Robot, Marius.

Domin: And would you take Sulla down to the dissection room?

Marius: Yes.

Domin: Would you not feel any pity for her?

Marius: I do not understand pity.

Domin: What would happen to her.

Marius: She would cease to move. She would be put on the scrap heap.

Domin: That’s what death is, Marius. Are you afraid of death.

Marius: No.

Domin: There, Miss Glory, you see? Robots don’t cling to life. There’s no way they could do. They’ve got no sense of pleasure. They’re less than the grass.


R.U.R (Introduction scene)

By: Karel Capek