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I’ll not be sharing a lot of photos from the book, because it wouldn’t be fair to Michael Troughton since he put so much work into making it, but a few pages in I can already see there are a few things you guys might enjoy seeing.

Bottom pic is from the television film R.U.R. with Patrick Troughton as the robot Radius.

Domin: Marius, tell the lady what you are.

Marius: Robot, Marius.

Domin: And would you take Sulla down to the dissection room?

Marius: Yes.

Domin: Would you not feel any pity for her?

Marius: I do not understand pity.

Domin: What would happen to her.

Marius: She would cease to move. She would be put on the scrap heap.

Domin: That’s what death is, Marius. Are you afraid of death.

Marius: No.

Domin: There, Miss Glory, you see? Robots don’t cling to life. There’s no way they could do. They’ve got no sense of pleasure. They’re less than the grass.


R.U.R (Introduction scene)

By: Karel Capek

Making of Wilsonov
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Making of Wilsonov Making of Wilsonov by R.U.R. Production: FilmBrigade, Petr Bílek Director: Tomáš Mašín VFX Supervisor: Michal Mocňák Making of Wilsonov, Wilsonov – Making of, Making of Wilsonov by R.U.R, WILSONOV: MAKING OF BY R.U.R., Wilsonov – Making of – R.U.R., Wilsonov Vfx Breakdown, Wilsonov Vfx Breakdown 2015, Wilsonov Vfx Breakdown by R.U.R, R.U.R, Wilsonov Vfxbreakdown, Making of…

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The word “robot” was introduced to the English language and to science fiction genre as a whole, displacing older words such as automaton and android.

Helena tried to free the robots, but they were not interested. She is a representative of the League of Humanity, a human rights organization that wishes to “free” the Robots. The managers of the factory using robot labour find this a ridiculous proposition, viewing the Robots as any other major appliance. Helena requests that the Robots get paid so that they can buy things they like, but the Robots do not like anything.