r.m.n.s. editing

i got bored and decided to mess around with making yan sim skins again and ended up making a kork one

i forgot about the laughing animation and it made the mask look rly hilarious


                                                I AM HELLSING’S BUTLER!

                                                                     WALTER C. DORNEZ

                                   AND IT IS MY DUTY TO HELP MY LORD IF HE IS IN DANGER. 

                                                          AND SEND YOU STRAIGHT TO


INDEPENDENT & PRIVATE Walter C. Dornez, from Kouta Hirano’s hit manga series, Hellsing Ultimate. SELECTIVE & LITERATE WRITING STYLE. CAN DO MULTIPLE WRITING STYLES FOR ANYONE’S LEISURE. Ask is open to everyone, followers and partners alike.

Written and penned by Lex.                                                                                  Sauce