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  • Remus: hey, Siri-
  • Sirius: OKAY! Okay fine FINE, you win Moony. I'll go out with you.
  • Remus:
  • Remus: I was gonna tell you that there's toilet paper stuck to your shoe.

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Imagine you’re a sixth year student in the Golden Trio Era. With a problematic time turner you end up traveling back to the Marauders Era, where you meet Lily Evans. You’re stuck in the Marauders Era for two years and form friendships with the Marauders and a relationship with Remus Lupin. At graduation, you excuse yourself from the celebrations to go to the Black Lake, where Lily first found you, and you end up getting called back by Dumbledore, who requests you hurry to get to the feast. When you get to the Great Hall and settle down at your table, you’re back in the Golden Trio Era and you’re introduced to the newest professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts, Professor R.J. Lupin.

——— Request for anon ———

You excused yourself from the Great Hall, needing to find a moment to breathe after everything that had happened. Two whole years of your life you had spent in the past, unable to find a way back only to be suddenly thrust forwards without warning? That was enough to drive anyone mad. Not to mention the loss you felt, knowing that within an instant the relationships you’d forged in that timespan no longer existed.

Then there was Remus. Would he remember you? He was a professor, now. How utterly bizarre it was to walk in to see an older version of the boy you’d fallen for in the past get announced by Dumbledore as the newest Defense Against the Dark Arts professor now.

You lean against the cold stone of the wall outside the Great Hall, collecting yourself. Then, the door opens, causing you to look towards the sound to find a familiar man glancing around before his eyes land on you.

Remus’ eyes widen as the door falls shut behind him, a single sentence leaving him, “I thought I was going crazy when I saw you.”

Things my friend and I did that I’m turning into Wolfstar #2 I think

Sirius told Remus to play any Michael Jackson song at all just to test him. Remus shuffled the Thriller album, which just so happened to be the one Sirius knew the best. 

First song begins to play and Sirius pops up from behind the counter with an ice cream scooper as a microphone and proceeds to lip sync every word and dance vigorously. This continues for about an hour and a half, Sirius never loosing stamina and treating it like it was his own concert. 

Stress like wax; melting away

A/N) hi guys! This is the written part of a request by an anon from the prompt list. This was fun to write, and I hope you guys enjoy it! As always, the texts were by @credence-needs-a-hug and @its-always-you–john-watson
And the writing was just by the first one listed.
Remus rolled his head around his shoulders in a futile attempt to stop the ache. He sighed in agitation. He could barely keep his eyes open, they hurt so much. His back was glaring with pain, as were his knees. He limped down the street, his mind focused on home and home only.

When he came to the door of his and Sirius’ apartment, he pushed his forehead against the cool wood to relieve the heat and sweat that had accumulated there. Eyes closed, he numbly searched for the keyhole and pushed the door open before allowing himself to stumble inside.

When the door was closed behind him, he turned to the living room. Empty. Usually, Sirius would be waiting for him there to ask him about his day with wide, bright eyes and an excited expression. But there was no puppy dog in sight. The only sign of life was the gentle sounds of the bathtub from the back of the apartment. His mind flickered back to the text conversation he had shared with his boyfriend earlier before he wandered back to the source of the sound.

The bathroom was lit only with candles, flickering white and orange over purple wax, filling the room with the scent of lavender. Heat rolled out of the room from the tub, which was filled with water and rose petals, as well as thousands of bubbles and galaxy colors, from what Remus could only assume were bath bombs.

And leaning against the back of the tub with his eyes closed was Sirius. His arm as were resting on either side of the tub, back pressed against the wall, muscles relaxed under his wet, tan skin. His face was completely blank, and the only sign of life was the rise and fall of his chest.

Remus stood there for a minute, taking in the scene. “You gonna stand there and gawk or are you gonna join me?” Sirius spoke suddenly, startling Remus into awareness. He laughed softly. “This is perfect,” he said, beginning to pull off his jumper. “I know, right!” Sirius exclaimed, opening his eyes. The grey irises were shimmering with pride. “I’m pretty great.”

After stripping, Remus walked over to the bath, tentatively placing one foot in the water and immediately melting into the heat. He folded his long limbs into the confines of the tub, laying back against Sirius’ chest and letting out a hum of contentment.

That hum turned into a sigh of relaxation when Sirius’ hands began to run soothing circles into his shoulders and neck. Remus slumped his head forward to give Sirius more room. “Merlin,” he groaned as Sirius worked out a knot in his neck, “What on earth did I do to deserve you?”

Sirius laughed. “You didn’t eat people like all the other werewolf boys.” Remus chuckled gently, eyes drifting shut. “That’s it,” Sirius encouraged. “Relax for once in your life.”

And he did. He relaxed for the first time in months. He let his body slacken and become putty in the water and he let Sirius wash and dress him. And then he was under the covers, aches and pains and worries gone, drained like the water of the tub. And as Remus was pulled into sleep, and Sirius pressed his lips to his forehead, he felt something warm inside. A reminder that Sirius was the love of his life.

The Letter With the Scarlet Seal (Remus Lupin x Reader)

You were sitting in your and Remus’s bed reading and sipping tea. You looked up, past your book to the door when you heard socked feet running down the hallway of your flat. The tea cup rattled on the plate as your eye brows scrunched together in confusion. Suddenly Remus burst through the door, still in his navy robe, panting widely, and clutching a letter with a scarlet seal in his fist. Your eyes widened, knowing what is must be. “It came” Remus panted and gulped deeply. A huge smile swiped across your face. “No, don’t smile yet. We don’t know what it says.” He said as he bit back a smirk and sat next to you on the bed.

You looked at him, you saw the excitement in his eyes, the smirk that now turned into a large grin. His scars seems to fade away, out shined by the radiance of his hopeful expression. You set down your book on the side table and turned back to him. “Well, open it!” You shouted, as you crossed your legs and leaned against him to look over his shoulder. “Okay” He let out barely over a whisper. He gently tore the seal, and slipped the parchment from the envelope, which fell, forgotten on the floor. He took another gulp. Your heart was racing, you could feel his was too.

“Dear Mr.R.J Lupin,” he started. “We, at Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry have taken your application for the position of Professer of Defense Against the Dark Arts into consideration.” Remus stopped and looked at you, his eyes bright. You smiled, “Keep going!” Biting his lip quickly he looked back down to the parchment. “You have a very impressive record of education and would be more than qualified for this role.” You squealed and kissed his cheek. But, suddenly you saw his smile drop.

Your brows scrunched, “What, love?” Remus’s eye brows raised, his face flushed and he could feel his throat closing. “Unfortunately, because of your condition we are forced to decline your application for the safety of the students and staff of Ilvermorny.” Remus let his tears drop onto the paper. “No” you whispered, feeling tears in your own eyes. He let the paper fall. He put his elbows on his knees and cried into his palms. “Remus, I’m so sorry” you said, running your hand up and down his back, and pressing your forehead to his shoulder. “Oh, bloody hell, (Y/N). I’m never going to be a professor” Remus choked out as he looked up at you. You wrapped your arms around his neck and held him tight, he buried his nose in your neck. “Yes you will, baby, you will” You knew that Remus had been yearning to teach since Hogwarts, they weren’t currently seeking a professor, so he tried the American school in hopes of being able to travel. This was the 4th school that had denied him for ‘safety of the students and staff.’

“I don’t know what to do, (Y/N)” he pulled out of the hug and stood suddenly. His nose was pink, as were the apples of his cheeks but then you saw the broken face turn to anger. “Rem-” you were cut off by Remus’s fist going through the wall. He pulled his fist out and fell to his knees. You stood quickly and went over to him, grabbing the bloody bruised hand. “C'mon, I’ll make some tea.” He looked up at you with his reddened eyes. The same reddened eyes you saw when James and Lilly died, the same red when you found out about Sirius, the same red when you were both told you wouldn’t get Harry. The worst pain in the world is seeing the man you love more than anything have his dreams ripped to shreds over and over for his biggest insecurity. You hoped you would never have to see those reddened eyes again.
—-times skip— 8 years later—
You were listening to a new record in the front room when Remus came in, yawning. “Morning, love” he smiled and kissed your cheek. “Morning” You responded as you scrunched at the feeling of his scratchy mustache he’s been grown brushing your cheek. He chuckled as he started brushing his upper lip on your neck. You squealed “Merlin, Remus!” Your giggles intermixed with is laughter as he started tickling your sides as well, but stopped when you both heard a thump on the window. You saw an owl, one you didn’t recognize. “Who is it?” You asked, as Remus opened the window and took the letter. The owl flapped away. “Hogwarts” he said confused, “Are you expecting something?” “No, I don’t know what that’s for.” You responded, standing. “It’s addressed to me.” Remus stated, staring at the letter. “Well, open it. I’ll start breakfast.” You said walking into the kitchen.

You cracked an egg into the pan and was about to crack the other when Remus ran into the kitchen with wide eyes. Your turned to him, “What is it?” Remus cleared his throat, and started reciting the letter from memory “'Dear Mr. R.J Lupin, I hope you would please give Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry the honor of having you as our Defense Against the Dark Arts professor starting this coming school year. Sincerely, Albus Dumbledore.’ I know it by heart like Hoggy Warty Hogwarts.” You dropped the egg in your hand and it smashed to the floor, you hurled yourself at Remus. You saw tears of happiness streaming down his cheeks. “I told you, Rem, I told you that you’d be a professor one day.” Remus didn’t say anything, you hadn’t seen him smile that big since your wedding, his eyes was crinkled and his eyes were glistening. He leaned down and kissed you hard and full of passion, his hands were around your waist then down to your bum. “Remus” you breathed, as you looked up at him “I’m so proud of you.” He was giddy, “I love you, (Y/N)” he then dramatically swung you around then pushed you toward your bedroom door, “At least let me turn off the oven, Professer Lupin” you smirked.

colinandrewfirth  asked:

Can you recommend me some fics where Remus is chronically ill? Thank you 💕

Absolutely! This is another one of those where I could come up with most of them off the top of my head so I got really excited and did it all in two nights even though I have 22 more requests in my drafts……..

I took the liberty of including fics in which Remus has any kind of chronic illness, disability, or mental illness. (I was going to separate them but some overlapped categories so this was easier.) 

The type of illness is listed in parentheses for each fic. I’ve also put warnings for a few things (death, child abuse) but be forewarned that quite a few of these are angsty by nature. Stars (*) are some of my favorites on this topic.

**Updates made after first posting in bold.

Illness-related but Remus is not actually ill:

I referenced painlessj’s disability reclist (which has all characters/pairings) while making this– it’s immensely impressive and comprehensive.

wolfstarwarehouse also has chronic illness posts for Remus here and here.

  • Remus: Sirius stop screaming! I'm right here. What's wrong?
  • Remus:
  • Remus: are you drunk?
  • Sirius: how'd you know?
  • Remus: your hood is on backwards.

think about remus after october 31, 1981

about his small apartment and its sudden pervading emptiness

here is the armchair he held harry in when james and lily visited with harry a week after he was born, here is the rug padfoot slept on, here is the table he and peter sat and took tea at together

and the things he kept, sirius’ records and his leather jacket and things in their shared apartment, the smell of his cigarettes still floating through the rooms

that scarf lily lent remus still hanging on the coat rack, that quidditch magazine james had been skimming when he was here last, still the dirty paw prints of wormtail scattered over the kitchen counters that remus had forgotten to clean up 

all of the things in that shared space, that once was a home

and then think about remus unable to look at these things, but also unable to throw them away. think about remus and sirius’ dingy apartment becoming colder and more distant. and he can’t look at sirius’ things at all. there is one of sirius’ shirts still on the floor in the bedroom, so remus sleeps on the couch now. 

he’s unemployed again. sirius and james had helped him pay the rent. he can’t keep up with it now, so he has to sell the things left behind. at first, it’s school books from hogwarts, things with only small memories that he can bear to part with, nothing but the occasional scribble from a dull class inside. 

but remus is a werewolf and can’t hold down a job for too long. so he has to sell other things. sirius’ broom, peter’s christmas gifts, picture frames with james and lily’s wedding photos. he removes the pictures with shaking hands, transfixed and nauseated by the people waving cheerfully at him in them.

he sells so many things. he takes a few books and items to his dad’s place, just for safe keeping. but everything else–like everyone else–he loses. he only keeps what he can carry. he’s hungry and cold, without money, and everything remus lupin has ever loved is either gone or tucked away in a briefcase, emblazoned with the peeling letters, r.j. lupin

hepalien  asked:

In one of your hcs Sirius sits on Remus's lap and that is so my JAM. It's just a minor part of the hc tho -- could you do another hc/fic about Wolfstar sitting on each other's laps? Maybe even multi era? Like imagine Remus sitting on Sirius's lap at Order meetings because he's so afraid of losing him he can't bear to stop touching him, or Sirius sitting on Remus's lap in the lie low/Grimmauld Place era because it's the only place he feels safe/at home. I cry.


  • Remus usually always arrived first of the two to Order meetings because he’s punctual and Sirius is absolutely not
  • Sirius usually always walked in about 20 minutes late looking sleepy and disheveled
  • He’d ignore the chair waiting for him and just go and plop down right on Remus’ lap
  • Remus wouldn’t even blink he’d just allow Sirius to lean back against him and he would play with Sirius’ fingers and pet his hair while he finished what he was saying before Sirius had come in
  • It was just a couple thing they did, just out of love
  • Until it wasn’t
  • Until it was so much more than that
  • Until things got bad
  • Because suddenly it wasn’t just long meetings about what to do it was taking action and dangerous missions
  • And suddenly the possibility of not seeing someone again once they walked out the door was very real.
  • Too real for Sirius
  • And so, suddenly, Sirius wasn’t arriving 20 minutes late but instead he was arriving right behind Remus, usually with his finger tips holding lightly onto the back of Remus’ sweater
  • And suddenly he wasn’t sitting on his lap because he enjoyed it
  • He was sitting on Remus’ lap because any second could be the last second
  • When Remus got up to get some tea, so did Sirius:
  • “Wait- Wait, where are you going?”, Sirius’ fingers would pinch the edge of Remus’ jumper, silently begging him not to stray too far
  • Remus would smile softly down at him, tracing his knuckles down the side of Sirius’ face lovingly, “To get some tea, love. Right down the hall.”
  • “O-oh.“ Sirius straightened up stiffly, “Alright then..”
  • “I mean, feel free to come with if you’d like-”
  • Sirius stood up abruptly, like he’d been hoping for this offer, “Okay.” He immediately took Remus’ hand.
  • Remus would smile a little sadly as Sirius pulled him off into the direction of the kitchen, where he wouldn’t let go of Remus’ hand so he was forced to attempt to make his tea one handed
  • And Sirius didn’t mean to be clingy but he was terrified
  • Terrified that, any second, it could be over
  • Until one day it was
  • And Remus found himself cold and alone and with out the comforting weight pressing into him
  • And Sirius found the only thing he had to sit on was the cold, hard, stone of an prison cell

  • Until Sirius’ breakout
  • The second Remus reads about it his heart is pounding because Sirius is out
  • Sirius
  • Sirius who he hasn’t seen for 12 years
  • Sirius who he’s loved for 12 years
  • Sirius who he knows didn’t do it
  • Remus knows Sirius will find him

  • And when they see each other for the first time, at Grimmauld place, it’s like no time has past at all
  • Sirius had been told that Remus was coming and he felt like his heart was going to beat out of his chest because what if everything’s changed?
  • But the minute Remus is through that door, it’s clear nothing has - well, nothing in their feelings for each other anyway
  • Because no sooner had they set eyes on one another that they’re in each other’s arms after twelve fucking years  and it’s a mess of ‘I missed you’ ‘I love you’ and worst of all, ‘I’m so sorry
  • It’s a babble of “Pads” and “Moons” and quite a lot of teary eyed laughing because “You’ve got grey hair” “You’ve got LONG hair” “What the hell are you wearing, Pads? You look like a grownup” “Look who’s talking Mr. R.J. Lupin Briefcase”
  • And Sirius never wants to let Remus out of his sight again
  • And Sirius starts in surprise in the first new Order meeting when Remus sits right in his lap in because he never wants to let Sirius out of his sight again either
  • And Sirius just wraps his arms around Remus’ waist and rests his chin on his shoulder inhaling the familiar scent that he’d dreamed about for 12 years
  • And Remus doesn’t only do it in the meetings, he does it at breakfast and lunch and dinner and when they’re all sitting and talking in the living room because “I’m just making up for lost time, Pads. I want to be close to you.”
  • What he leaves out is “You’re the only thing that makes me feel safe. I can’t lose you again. I just can’t.”

Remus always wanted to be a Hogwarts Professor. If he was a Hogwarts teacher, he promised himself, he would be calm and accepting and wouldn’t get angry at students. He would be sure no one was bullied in class and would give extra attention to those who struggled. Unfortunately he could not be a Professor because of his affliction. When Mcgonagall pried this information out of him after many responses of “I could never get a job” during the career consultation she demanded he talk all classes needed to become a professor (“Because I am confident things will get better for you Mr. Lupin).

Remus also received a suitcase with "Professor R.J. Lupin” carved into it and a note saying “things will get better” from an ‘anonymous’ owl only a week after

Remus kept it in hopes of using one day.
He used it as furniture for a lot of his life; sitting tea mugs, dirty cloths, flower vases, etc, on it. It would be laying somewhere new in his home every week as another reason to wait for tomorrow.

Professor Mcgonagall felt a mix of overwhelming joy and sadness when “Professor Lupin” showed up: scars on his face and the old peeling suitcase that had not been used as a suitcase in quite some time.

  • Remus, in the middle of the night when every one is just about asleep: You know, I'm not a violent person, but I don't think I would mind too much if Snape internally combusted. Just fell over dead one day.
  • Sirius:
  • James:
  • Peter:
  • Remus: what

lupin wrote “professor r.j. lupin” on his suitcase that H R & HR see on the hogwarts express…like did he write it the moment he got the job? he stamped all his luggage with it? remus my fellow that’s jumping the gun a bit but also #same