R.I.P. Harold Ramis, one of the world’s great straight men.

Ghostbusters - Big Twinkie (by Ghostbusters.net)


Stormy weather, stormy thoughts

    Problems come in the form of raindrops

         Reckless mind in one dark day

              Knowing that problems may be here to stay.

“Just heard the weather report. Seems like a day in to me.” Luke smiled at me.

My fiance and I were staying in a house we had rented on a beach we had rented for wedding, which was in a few days, then our honeymoon.

“Has everyone settled into their rooms at the hotel?” I asked. I took the glasses of wine from him, setting his on the table.

“Yep. Also, my brothers ran into Lisa and Jasmine in the lobby.” he sat the popcorn down with a funny smile.

“Oh goodness.” I shook my head sipping my wine.

“So, which movie should we watch first?” He laid out Ghostbusters(R.I.P Harold Ramis), The Hunger Games: Catching Fire(R.I.P Phillip Seymour Hoffman), and Fast and Furious 6 (R.I.P Paul Walker).

I cringed. “Why do all your choices include dead people?”

“Because these movies are awesome!”

“I know but… I guess the weather is just freaking me out.”

“That settles it. Ghostbusters.” He smiley widely while I gave a quiet objection with my eyes.

“You know it’s not even scary right? Plus, technically there are way more dead people in Hunger Games.”

I gave him a look. “I’m American, I’ve seen it a thousand times bu-”


Halfway through the movie we ran out of popcorn.

“I’ll be right back.” I shifted out of Luke’s arms, missing them as soon as I moved.


I watched the popcorn carefully. I really didn’t want another accident like the last time I tried to make it. Let’s just say it was some REALLY burnt popcorn.

The popcorn was almost ready when I heard something drop from upstairs.

“Luke?” No answer.

‘Hmm, That’s strange.’ I thought but brushed it off. The popcorn was almost done and soon I would be back in his arms.

Just as I started to smell the butter the power went out. The only light was coming from the the tiny window next to the microwave.

I sighed at the half popped bag sitting in the microwave. I heard more shuffling from upstairs. I shook it off once more knowing how impatient Luke gets.

‘He’s probably just moving around until I come back.’ I thought, continuously re assuring myself. The storm raging just outside made me uneasy.

It sounded …violent.

Giving up on the hope of any power returning, I grabbed a bag a bag of chips and headed upstairs.

Halfway up I heard someone’s voice along with footsteps.

“That better not be Ghostbusters I hear Lucas.” I yelled playfully. As soon as I did the voices and footsteps stopped. So did I.

After a second, a voice trying terribly to whisper began talking heatedly then the sound of glass breaking.

A bad feeling rose in my gut as I slowly crept up the rest of the stairs.

“You thought you could just jet off to some island and marry that whore without my consent? Well I’ve got news for you Lukey pie, you can’t. I won’t let that happen.” I listened carefully at the voice trying to pinpoint where I know it from.

“How would you feel if your little wifey throat had a pretty little slice across it?” I covered my mouth to suppress the disgusted and terrified noise that almost leaked out.

“Woah woah, slit throats were NOT included in this deal, Lil.” A man’s voice interrupted. His voice I didn’t know but I knew exactly who she was now.

Lilith Bright a.k.a Luke’s psycho stalker.

‘How’d she even know we were here?’ I thought stupidly, soon realizing I already knew the answer.

She always knows where he is. She once posed as a flight attendant on our flight to the U.S. just to be near him. Last time we saw her she was flicking me off in the courtroom saying that “I’ll be having Luke’s babies and you’ll be 6 feet under, bitch.” She even tried to spit on me while the guards were taking her away for her 2 year sentence, the one she is supposed to be serving now!

I began slowly backing away.“Go find her then, dumbass.” The raising dread in my body soon became an all over panic. I turned around and ran to the farthest room on the floor.

It was the master bedroom.

‘Think Think Think.’

With my back against the door I could hear the man’s footsteps approaching, occasionally stopping to open another door. As he got closer I couldn’t keep my thoughts together.

I sobbed quietly. ‘I just wanted to get married…’


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