Jamey Rodemeyer, a 14-year-old high school freshman in New York, posted this video about how ‘it gets better’. Saturday he killed himself. Jamey’s family says that he will be laid to rest in his favorite t-shirt which says 'Born This Way’. My heart goes out to his family and ANYONE dealing with this kind of situation. God LOVES you how you are. Don’t ever EVER think you aren’t good enough. Because, 'baby, you were born this way’.


Why must everyone care about this Jamey kid i know its sad but a bunch of others commit suicide and there’s only always just coverage for a few.. sad fact. Not to be an asshole but its just true i once had a friend who did so and no one was all like this about him.

Jamey, you're all i can think about. You will be greatly missed. Because of you, the lives of hundreds of teens will be saved. You have started a revolution. Thank you so much. You will never fall apart, Jamey you're still in our hearts.

Ive decided that i want to honor you in my school. Im going to attempt to organize a dress down day, where people will buy bracelets and we will donate the money to an anti-bullying foundation.