r.i.p. lunchbox


Lunchbox Love

Rock Shopping, Part 4: A Hitch…
(Parts 1, 2, and 3)

You may have noticed that Lunchbox’s new rock came with red plastic plants attached. (I was an oblivious idiot when I bought the rock. I was so excited about the rock itself that I didn’t notice the red plants! >.<)

Lunchbox immediately noticed the red plants. Fortunately, the plants were not fire engine red (Lunchbox’s ultimate nightmare!). After a lengthy investigation, Lunchbox decided they were allowable. Still suspicious, but allowable.


Lunchbox Love

More photos of Lunchbox enjoying his new rock.

One of the reasons I chose this rock for Lunchbox was that it was taller than his old rock and allowed me to increase the depth of the water in his tank. Lunchbox was getting better at handling deeper water, so this new rock was a nice way to slowly introduce him to greater water depth. The plan had been to keep increasing the depth with a great big tank this summer.


Lunchbox Love

Guess what else Lunchbox hated, besides toothbrushes? VitaShell! Lunchbox absolutely hated getting VitaShell rubbed on his shell, especially on his belly.

(Lunchbox’s shell sometimes got weird white spots. I panicked and went through a phase of rubbing VitaShell on his shell. The spots turned out to just be uneven shell sheds, and VitaShell doesn’t do much in most cases anyways. Save yourself some money and don’t buy into the VitaShell advertising.)