r.i.p electra heart


                                              Evolution of Marina

   I believe in p o s s i b i l i t y 
                                  I believe someone is watching over me 
                                   And finally I have found a way to be 
                                                    H  A  P  P  Y

♡ R.I.P Electra Heart ♡

I think that Electra was a girl with a hard life, then she decided to change (Part 1), she ran away to be other person, a different person (Part 2).

She put her heart on her cheek (Part ¾/5) and becomes an “american dream girl” but a cruel guy broke her heart (Part 6) and then she becomes a heartbreaker (Part 7/8).

Now she was rich and was having much fun but she still was broken inside (Part 9/10).

She realizes that it won’t never change, and killed herself (Part 11)

♡ Bye Bye Electra Heart ♡

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 by Luís Sergio 


I’m Electra, I’m Electra Heart <3

Okay, actually, I’m not.

But anyway, I wanted to dress up like her to celebrate her death. I kinda failed, because I couldn’t find any bottom lashes and I don’t have a blonde wig but I’ve got my “Electra Heart” necklace and my vintage prom dress on. And of course … Rule number 3 : wear your heart on your cheek !

I can’t wait for Part 11, I’m so excited !

♡ T H E E L E C T R A H E A R T C O M P L E X : ♡

Part 1 “Fear and loathing”- Marina is heart broken. “Kills” herself mentally cutting her Hair symbolizes the past and becoming Electra.

Part 2 “Radioactive”- On the rebound she runs away with a guy leaving everything behind.

Part 3-8- Her Journey as Electra Heart. Finding new identities/parts of herself. being the “Primadonna”, the “Heart breaker” etc.

Part 9 “State of dreaming”- Realizing she has been living in a state of dreaming/ not in reality.

Part 10 “Lies”- Confronting herself and her past, she realizes she did everything she could but it wasn’t good enough.

Part 11 “Electra Heart” - Electra Heart’s life flashes before her eyes, R.I.P