r.i.p capital steez

A bird caught my attention, I chased her and she got away
Now I’m left with pennies and I had to learn the harder way
That’s a fowl shot and I ain’t even get to score
Just memories that always end in me gettin’
But that’s the past, I don’t ponder on it anymore
Represents a metaphor of me
Closing a mental door
Au revoir Simone, sad songs when I’m alone
And nowaday my heart beats to this metronome
And my heart’s beat is waiting for a recollective poem
And a calm rhythm that resembles home, I’m gone
—  Capital STEEZ

Capital STEEZ - 135


R.I.P Capital STEEZ.


Yesterday, we found out that Capital STEEZ of Pro Era had passed away. We know that Pro Era is reminiscing over their lost friend but I’m sure the fans feel the same way. He was definitely one of the best out of the group and after listening to his music I felt he could make it far in the industry with what he had to say. This was one of his tracks I was really liking off his mixtape.