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TODAY'S THE DAY. TODAY IS THE FUCKING DAY. R.I.P. GRAVITY FALLS. (Alex did hint at a movie a while back, but, it was a while ago, so I'm not sure if it's still happening. Fingers crossed man.)

(I haven’t heard anything about that in a long time tho, they probably changed plans, Alex did say today’s episode was the last one)

A life lesson for all

Hello my fellow followers, I just waned to touch a quite sensitive subject. Suicide, so I was watching Daz Blacks RIP Alex video and it really hit home it really did because bulling is the worse punishment that a person can face and especially in schools, because for a teen school and imagery is everything and so on but it isn’t, it’s about respect and the beginning of your life, these “friends” aren’t going to be around when we move on, we need friends that are there and support us through the hard times, a shoulder to lean on, not those who leave is we wear the wrong outfit and slander us behind our backs, I know nobody might read this but if one ONE person could read this you can see that the bullies are just reflecting their insecurities and their needs to be noticed onto us. And it gets me emotional because we lost as a WHOLE community lost a life an innocent young boy who was beaten and pummelled by those small minded people, who was depressed and lost and needed help, so he turned to Daz, the only thing that could make him happy, his escape, and it may seem the bullies have won, it may seem that but they haven’t. R.I.P Alex, you will be remembered, may the bullies live with the guilt that they have caused you such pain. And don’t worry, life may seem bleak and short but life is what we make it, we choose our paths and our lifestyles, it’s those who choose to muddle up the signs and change our courses.

May this message mean something to someone, You’re not alone, we all stand together no matter what differences, we all share the same planet and oxygen.

May you all keep shining and remember the lives that we are losing to multiple reasons.

Sincere wishes and grief, TheOverlord2000 “Everyone has a reason a horizon which we are destined to follow,all we have to do is find it, that’s the mystery of life”-TheOverlord2000


Our Osomatsu-squad had a mini photoshoot on Sunday of Naka, and the photos turned out really cute! [Pt. 1]
@waluigisfinelegs is the Ichimatsu.
@doctorwily is Osomatsu.
Leo is Choro.
Alex is Jyushi.
And I’m Karamatsu. ✨
(Ft. Onoda!)