• Niall: I love all that American history stuff, so. Big into figuring all that stuff out.
  • Int: Y'all go ahead and applaud, Daddy said he loved some American history.
  • Niall: Yeah... my dad is like... I was actually horrific at-- history was the only subject that I actually failed at school.

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today would have been cory’s birthday. i just wanna let you know how much how miss this big boy. how much i miss this beautiful soul, those eyes, that smile, his voice. i miss everything about him, even if i didn’t have the opportunity to know him in person. i just wanted more time for you, cory. you will never be forgotten because you are missed every hour of every day. so happy birthday little angel. you’re a part of me💙

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May I request a little scenario with MTMTE Megatron having a human SO who says something raunchy or provocative (to cybertronians) that is pretty much normal to say for a human. And the human is just like 'What?' in response to a comment or a look. ...I really hope that made sense. I'm sorry if it didn't

Megatron (MTMTE) (Mass-displaced)

You had been fiddling around with this stupid sink for about an hour now, and its come to the point where it was really starting to piss you off. It wouldn’t have bothered you so much if it hadn’t have been leaking so horrendously, or if it hadn’t have been for your water bills skyrocketing since it began. You didn’t have enough money to pay for a plumber, but you sure as hell don’t know what you were doing by yourself.

You cursed under your breath. It was kind of funny, in a sadistic, silly sort of way… being defeated by a leaky hunk of metal under a counter.

Megatron grumbled over from where he sat at the table, half-watching, half-reading whatever book was in his hand… Something Peace, whatever. You’d long stopped caring, with this stupid pipe and its rhythmic dripping. 

“[Y/N], why don’t you let me try,” Megatron suggested quietly. It wasn’t a question, it was a plea. You’d been at this on-and-off for a few days now and had refused Megatron’s help in every way, shape or form, but you weren’t ready to give up yet. If a plumber can do this, so can I, you told him. I don’t need an alien’s help.

Meanwhile, the YouTube tutorial you had playing continued to ramble on in the background. You continued to grumble. Megatron sighed and stood up, lifting you gently out of where half of your body was tucked inside the sink’s cabinet and stood you back on your feet. 

“What did I say about helping me?” You said as you crossed your arms, giving him a warning glare.

“I no longer care. Now tell me what you’re trying to do.” 

You rolled your eyes but explained as best as you could. You told him how you thought that there might have been a busted seal on one of the pipes, but it’s too awkward to get to, trying to juggle a flashlight and sealant and the pipes between your hands. At least Megatron had the light of his optics to go by.

He’d managed to shut off the water and detach the pipe, which looked like it was covered in mold from misuse. He handed it to you and you shuddered and tossed it onto the counter.

Now that there was a clear opening, Megatron’s voice echoed from inside the cabinet. “You were right, a broken seal. Hand me the sealant and I’ll try and fix it.” Megatron had come out now, but again ducked his head back inside to get another look.

“With all that gross green stuff in there? We might be replacing this thing daily if that’s the case! Just stick your finger in the valve and clean that sticky stuff-”


The muffled sound of a groan emanated from the cabinet, and Megatron emerged with a hand on the back of his head and his cheeks glowing with energon. A disheveled look befell his face and he glared at you, optics clear with the unmistakable really. Did you just say that.

And then it hit you. (Megatron wanted to as well.)