Just stuff pertaining to ballet and shiz.

Ok, so, I had to miss my R.A.D Intermediate exam yesterday due to illness. Shattered? Just a little. I only began the syllabus in March and have been working to learn all the set exercises at quite an intense pace over the past three months. The norm is to spend one to two years mastering the set work, so I was feeling a tad uneasy. There’s  definitely some things I need to work on (pirouettes and pointe, mostly), but I was fairly confident in my ability to pass. It’s a pretty big exam content-wise, but I’d covered the majority of the work before (R.A.D exams have to be taken in succession). From what I’ve been told, the examiners judge you as they would an aspiring professional, as the R.A.D uses Intermediate as the prerequisite for their teachers course, which I wouldn’t mind taking. Being a ballet teacher is a childhood dream of mine that I’m still yet to let go of. Anyway, I’ll now have to take the exam in October, which isn’t too bad I guess; I’ll be able to continue on to Advanced Foundation regardless. 

I’m experiencing a predicament of sorts in relation to pointe shoes, however. I have two pairs– Grisho 2007 pro-flex and Bloch concerta, and I’m not sure which ones to wear for the exam when I do take it. The Grishko’s mould to my feet so beautifully, although they’re very soft shoes and the platform is very narrow, which means I have to work very hard on pulling up and manipulating my toes up and over the box in order to keep my balance (good for the muscles). The Bloch’s on the other hand are quite the opposite. They’re a ridiculously hard shoe and the platform is very wide. This means I’m able to be a little more lazy with my technique and balancing in them is quite easy. They don’t look anywhere near as nice as the Grishko’s, but they require a lot less muscular work and like I said, easy balance! Woe. 

I think I’m just rambling now because I’m sick and I have nothing better to do than post banal posts on tumblr about my interests and hobbies.