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My Witchy Reading List for 2017

Books on traditional witchcraft, herbalism, trance work, modern applications, etc.

Crones Book of Charms & Spells, by Valerie Worth (2000)

Crones Book of Words, by Valerie Worth (1971)

Cunning Folk and Familiar Spirits: Shamanistic Visionary Traditions in Early Modern British Witchcraft and Magic, by Emma Wilby (2005)

Early American Herb Recipes, by Alice Cooke Brown (1988)

Encyclopedia of Pyschoactive Plants: Ethnopharmacology and Its Applications, by  Christian Rätsch (1998)

Herbal Medicine-Maker’s Handbook: A Home Manual, by James Green (2000)

The History of the Devil, by R. Lowe Thompson (1929)

How to Heal Toxic Thoughts: Simple Tools for Personal Transformation, by Sandra Ingerman (2006)

Letters from the Devil’s Forest, by Robin Artisson (2014)

Magical and Ritual Uses of Herbs, by Richard Alan Miller (1983)

Natural Magic, by Doreen Valiente (1987)

Plant Spirit Shamanism: Traditional Techniques for Healing the Soul, by  Ross Heaven, Howard G. Charing (2006)

Shamanic Journeying, by Sandra Ingerman (2003)

Singing With Blackbirds: The Survival of Primal Celtic Shamanism in Later Folk-Traditions, by  Stuart A. Harris-Logan (2006)

Veneficium: Magic, Witchcraft and the Poison Path, by Daniel A. Schulke (2012)

The Way of Wyrd: Tales of an Anglo-Saxon Sorcerer, by Brian Bates (1983).

Witchcraft for Tomorrow, by Doreen Valiente (1978)

Witchcraft Medicine: Healing Arts, Shamanic Practices, and Forbidden Plants, by  Claudia Müller-Ebeling, Wolf-Dieter Storl, Christian Rätsch (1998)

I was tagged by @mrscocoachaos and @gaucheychick Thank you for thinking of me. You might regret it when you see 10 songs you’ve never even heard of, but I think they’re great! I’m in no way embarrassed either. I don’t care who knows it. I’m proud to listen to every one of them.

Instructions :You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list first 10 songs. No skipping!

1. Walk it Back - R.E.M.
2. My Religion (Revisited) - Troy Baker.
3. I Got a Name - Jim Croce.
4. Heroe - Il Divo.
5. Halfway to Heaven - Harry Chapin.
6. Wall of Death (Richard Thompson Cover) - R.E.M.
7. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic - The Police 
8. Strange Condition - Pete Yorn.
9. Karma Police - Radiohead.
10. Lola - The Kinks.

I tag: @Anyone who’s proud to list what they like.

Anticipation Trumps The Actual Experience

You are planning a trip, 7 months away, with your sister to the   Cayman Islands. The two of you talk on the phone at least once a week,   discuss the snorkeling you plan to do, and talk about the restaurants   that are close to the place you are staying. You look forward to the   trip for a long time.

Anticipation vs. reality — Contrast that with the   actual experience of the trip and you may find that the anticipation was  better than the trip. In fact, Terence Mitchell (1997) conducted   research on just this situation. He studied people who were taking   either a trip to Europe, a short trip over the USA Thanksgiving holiday weekend, or a 3-week bicycle tour of California.

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Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria-Hungary Dies

Empress Zita (1892-1989), Crown Prince Otto (1912-2011), and Emperor Charles (1887-1922), pictured at Emperor Franz Joseph’s funeral.  An earlier photo of Otto and Charles is used as this blog’s avatar.

November 21 1916, Vienna–The Emperor Franz Joseph had acceded to the throne of Austria at the age of 18 during the last period of great upheaval in Europe–the revolutions of 1848.  He had brought the Empire largely intact through the events of 1848 and 1849, wars with Italy and Prussia, and the Augsleich which created the Dual Monarchy of Austria-Hungary.

After nearly 68 years on the throne, he commanded a great personal loyalty among most of his subjects, and still largely had absolute authority in all matters, especially in Austria.  On the evening of November 21, he died after a brief bout of pneumonia at the age of 86.  His death was a blow to Austro-Hungarian morale after a year of disasters.  It hit the troops on the Isonzo especially hard; this was Franz Joseph’s fourth war against Italy (and its predecessor, the Kingdom of Sardinia).  Even though Austria had lost territories in the previous wars, they had largely been successful against the Italians on the battlefield.

The new Emperor was Franz Joseph’s grandnephew, the Archduke Charles, who had become heir after the assassination of Franz Ferdinand that sparked the war.  He thought of himself as a reformer, and wanted to solve many of the social and national issues that were untouchable while Franz Joseph was on the throne.  Paramount, of course, was the war, which Austria-Hungary needed to survive intact if Charles was to keep his throne.  Charles, perhaps influenced by his Italian wife, Zita of Bourbon-Parma, was in full agreement with Foreign Minister Burián’s plans for a negotiated peace, and within days had asked him to continue with all haste.

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Sources include: John R. Schindler, Isonzo; Mark Thompson, The White War; József Galántai, Hungary in the First World War.