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t3athletics8 years in the making and I’m so proud to announce the new face of T3 Athletics. It’s been an amazing journey and I feel like I’ve been reborn and rejuvenated. The people, the places, the experiences and lessons have all contributed to where I and T3 are today. I’m honored to keep this journey going with all who will let me join. More to come very soon.
🎼'We’ve only just begun…“🎼 - Chubbs Peterson R.I.P
Thank you @moonriderpro for an amazing job on this video.
Shout out to all who helped with their time and wicked energy 🙏: @ianpopoff@meego77 @thatkindofgeek @emilybett@cassandrapants @genieveyoga @janarhn

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Anticipation Trumps The Actual Experience

You are planning a trip, 7 months away, with your sister to the   Cayman Islands. The two of you talk on the phone at least once a week,   discuss the snorkeling you plan to do, and talk about the restaurants   that are close to the place you are staying. You look forward to the   trip for a long time.

Anticipation vs. reality — Contrast that with the   actual experience of the trip and you may find that the anticipation was  better than the trip. In fact, Terence Mitchell (1997) conducted   research on just this situation. He studied people who were taking   either a trip to Europe, a short trip over the USA Thanksgiving holiday weekend, or a 3-week bicycle tour of California.

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The Orphans “For An Old Kentucky Anarchist”
No artist has ever moved me like Erik Peterson did. R.I.P.