r. g. armstrong

Fun Asks For Fun Green Day Fans

G) If you could get music lessons from a Green Day member, who would it be and why?  

R) Do you have any Green Day memorabilia?

EE) If you could arrange a special date with Green Day, what activities would you include?  Where would you take them?

N) Quick, Tré Cool is stealing a limousine across the street, what do you do?

D) What common misconception about Green Day or about the fandom are you tired of hearing?

A) Mike Dirnt wants to post another IG picture of a random part of his body, what is your advice? (and remember we’re all trying to be adults here ;))

Y) Pick your poison: Orange mocha frappuccino, chocolate milk (biatch!) or the Cheech?

r) Jason Freese lost his favorite hat, what should he wear next on his head?

U) What totally inappropriate gift would you get Billie Joe? (And remember that Tré set the bar pretty high by giving Bilks a penis-shaped mug)

L) Jeff Matika finally folded and he’s willing to dress up for ‘King For a Day’. What costume would you pick for him?

e) If you could have GD play one song for you in private, which one would you choose?

S) Jason White is willing to teach you a sick guitar solo; which one do you pick?