Summary: The most notorious mafia gang in the city, and you’re at the heart of it…quite literally!

Based off of this request - “All of BB - MADE trailer. All hitmen. U r like a sister to them. All live together in a safe house (love ur cooking/adorable family). U get kidnapped & fucked up badly (ANGST!), they r PISSED. People get fucked up, killed while they save you. Fun ;)”

AN: OMG I got such a hugely positive response for this series to go ahead, so…here’s the second part! ;) 
…Lets meet the boys shall we? :P x

Part 1

Part 2

It was a rare occasion when Jiyong had all the boys round to enjoy a meal. More often than not he kept it all strictly business- with the exception of Youngbae. However, once in a while he’d give you a call early in the evening to say he was sending Soobin -his private chef- round to prepare a meal for the 5 of them and that if you wanted to, you could join- which you hardly ever turned down, except when you were ill.

Your eagerness had nothing to do with wanting to know Jiyong’s business- if you wanted to know, you could just ask him, he’d tell you anything. It was more the fact that the men that he had working for him were some of the most fascinating men you’d ever met, and quite frankly, they were a great laugh.

Although, as you begin to get ready, hearing Soobin in the kitchen clattering about as she cooks, you cant help but think about the last time that Jiyong had hosted one of these meals. It was all alright, and the evening was going smoothly, while being full of relaxation and laughter, up until Seungri had decided to tease the other members of the gang by dropping the formalities, refusing to use ‘hyung’ when referring to each of them, and within the space of 10 seconds Daesung and Youngbae had him in a very compromising position on the floor, the use of a knife being pointed towards his nether regions prompting him to remember who he was talking to.

It should have finished there, but with Seungri being the member of the group that had the most certificates in various martial arts- some you didn’t even know how to pronounce- by the time they let go of him and removed the knife, he’d swept them both to the floor in the blink of an eye and had proceeded to remind them of his achievements. Of course, when Seunghyun had stood up from his chair on Jiyong’s command, all of them had stepped away from each other before he could take a step in their direction. The man had a very… formidable- read:terrifying- reputation.

'My Darling, Jagi?!’

Jiyong’s singsong call makes you grin as you regard yourself in the mirror, checking you looked okay, before standing up and making your way to the door, getting startled when it suddenly flies open.

'Ah! There you are!’

You’re enveloped in a pair of warm, muscular arms before you can even register Jiyong’s face, giggling as you hug him back and press a kiss to his lips, the bare skin beneath your hands bringing your attention to the fact that he was shirtless.

'Where did your-’ you’re about to ask, before looking over his shoulder and seeing the discarded white material on the floor in the corridor.

'Ji, why cant you just put it in the washing basket? Or, you know, wait till you actually get to the bedroom before taking your shirt off?’ you ask, tone playfully scolding as you raise your brows at him, watching him pout as his eyes glue to your lips.

'Jagi, I just got home, give me a kiss and stop whining.’ he complains, leaning forward to attack your mouth and frowning when you lean away from him, relying on him to keep you from falling down with his arm around your waist and your hands clasped on his shoulders.

'Sir, you can talk to me like that when i’m your maid, but if you dont go and pick that shirt up right now-’

'Fine.’ he cuts you off, huffing angrily as he props you back up and walks back to retrieve his shirt from the floor, snapping it angrily in the air before walking past you to the laundry basket just inside the bathroom door.

'Happy now?-OH-’

You grin as you push him back against the wall, crashing your lips to his and feeling how tight his grip was on your waist where you had surprised him, smirking at his survival instincts. You chuckle into his mouth as you feel him relax into you, hearing him whine needily as his lips move ravenously against yours, his tongue joining the mix and coaxing yours into joining it.

'You’re such a-’

'If that sentence doesn’t end in princess, or sexy motherfucker, then you should stop now.’ you pant as you pull away from him, smirking before noticing that your lipstick had smudged all over his mouth.

'JI!’ you complain, turning your head to look in the giant, gilded, framed mirror that stood in one corner of your bedroom and seeing the mess that was your mouth.

'Hey! Dont blame me! You were the one that attacked me! Besides, I should be the one complaining at you-’

'Oh, come on! We all know how much you love me doing your eyeliner when you have a serious business deal and you need to look badass.’ you argue, grinning at him, not being able to help the way your gaze flickers between his and his lips.

'Hmmm, I’ll let you off if you kiss me again.’ Ji murmurs, pursing his lips in invitation, which you immediately accept, holding his head tightly as you deepen the kiss.

'Well this reminds me of last night.’ he mumbles against your mouth, chuckling mischievously as his hands slide to your butt to give it a firm squeeze, making your hips jolt against his, bringing your attention to the fact you were wearing one of your favourite dresses.

'Ji, dont ruin my dress.’ you grumble, pulling away from him to look down at yourself, neatening the fabric before getting pulled against him once again.

'Jagi, you look beautiful, you know that?’ he whispers, grinning that cheshire cat grin of his as his half lidded eyes peer down at you, his mouth inching ever closer and hypnotizing you into kissing him again.

He always did this. He’d have a productive day at work- finish a deal or something, then because his day had gone well he’d invite the boys round, but because he was so excited about the achievements of the day, he’d end up racing home to you so that you could enjoy them with him.

And as much as you enjoyed that…you were also very aware that the boys would be round any min-

You try to push him away when you hear a loud knock echo down the hall from the front door, half giggling and half groaning when he begins to attack your neck instead, but as soon as you hear Youngbae’s voice as he converses with Soobin, you know you both need to stop.

'Baby, come on. You need to get dressed.’ you murmur, pulling his head back up to your face and kissing him soundly, before slipping out of his arms and pulling the bathroom door shut behind you as you make your way out, winking at him as you leave him stood staring after you with a lust filled gaze that promised to continue your activities later.

You quickly fix your makeup in your vanity before making your way down the hall to greet Youngbae, finding Daesung stood with him when you finally make it to the lounge and smiling at them both warmly.

'Good Evening, Boys.’ you say, giving each a hug and a kiss on the cheek before Soobin brings you over your usual Martini- having already given the other two men their drinks.

'You look lovely this evening, Y/N.’ Youngbae comments from his place in Jiyong’s usual chair, sat looking pleased with himself that he’d managed to claim the spot, but you know that he’ll only be there so long. Your eyes move to Daesung who was leant against the window ledge at the side of the room, his gaze focused outside of the building, as if he was scouring the streets for threats.

When you’d first met Daesung he’d been full of light, very eager to do anything and everything that Jiyong asked of him, and very capable of doing it- although at times he could be slightly clumsy. But as you watch him now, you cant help but notice the subtle changes in him.

His shoulders were bigger…heavier…like he was carrying the weight of the world on them. His body had thinned out so that he now just looked like one solidly shaped muscle, the way he kept his knees constantly bent slightly, telling you he was ready to pounce at any given opportunity. The thick muscles of his arms that almost bulged through his shirt struck fear into the hearts of enemies whilst enticing potential partners, but for some reason you never saw him with anyone else…

His face had changed too. The sunshine smile of the youth that you’d first met three years ago had dimmed a little, although whenever he looked directly at someone he always conjured it back up like there was no difference. The lines around his eyes that seemed to have sunk even deeper into his face proved that the job had aged him, but the spritely tufts of thick, dyed, chestnut hair ontop of his head helped him maintain his youthful appearance.

He was a quiet man. Simple in his needs. And he only really ever spoke about something when he had something useful or inspiring to say. The only exception to this rule being when he’d had a few drinks or was on an adrenaline high.

'How are you, Daesung?’ you ask, watching as he turns to look at you quickly, his signature smile appearing within the blink of an eye as he moves away from the window to approach you, sitting in the chair beside you.

'I am very well, thank you Y/N. Yourself?’

It was five minutes into your conversation with Daesung about life, mainly the current state of the economic sector of the nation- which drew Youngbae in with a frustrated complaint about rising costs of fuel (Youngbae being the main getaway driver/chauffeur of the group)- that the door opened without warning and Seungri swaggered on into the apartment with a bright expression and a heavy looking bag of what turned out to be alcohol.

'Whats happening, people?’ he greets loudly, spotting you and smirking as he gives the bag to Soobin, before making his way over and dropping himself into the spare spot on the sofa beside you, purposefully sitting as close as possible.

'Y/N, may I say you are looking particularly beautiful tonight…although you are always breath-taking.’ the youngest man greets you, leaning his arm along the back of the sofa behind you and giving you his undivided attention.

'Seungri, do you have a death wish?’ Youngbae asks disbelievingly, watching the Maknae’s antics from the seat across from you and making you smile at his question.

It wasn’t a secret that you were considered as the biggest jewel in Jiyong’s crown. Although your meeting hadn’t been all that traditional or conventional for a romantic relationship.

You were rescued by a rival gang amidst an ambush on your fathers estate- after which you hadn’t seen your family again, but before they’d even managed to take you back to their base, the car you had been riding in had been commandeered by a man with a flashy mohican and the members of the rival gang that had been sat in the car with you had each been taken out with a bullet to the head from a gun you had no recollection of ever seeing- although you later found out that that was one of the charms of Seunghyun.

Daesung had then proceeded to coax you out of the vehicle and into another much more expensive looking van, which is where you’d first come face to face with Jiyong. You remember even amidst all the chaos that you’d gone through that night, you’d been able to appreciate the beauty of the man, getting completely transfixed by the catlike grace with which he held himself and the flash of mischief that was so very prominent in his gaze.

It had still taken you months to trust him- you weren’t stupid. But it was the first night that you’d seen his skills put to work- only ever having seen him sat behind a desk or giving orders before that as he’d kept you captive- seeing the way every shot he fired was precise, every blow he landed hit his target perfectly, every move he made being exact in its measurements and purpose…that showed you just how alike to a piece of art he was.

Just like he was right now.

'Seungri, would you mind telling me why you’re sat so close to my girl?’

He walked into the room with an effortless beauty, having changed into a quirky yet suave outfit that consisted of black loose fitting slacks, a glittering, white, close fitting shirt and braces, all topped off with his hair twisted into a 60’s style quiff and a cigarette hanging loosely from his fingers.

'Just keeping her company, boss.’ Seungri responds, winking at you cheekily and making you narrow your eyes at him in disbelief- a look that Jiyong doesn’t fail to catch.

'Really? Cause she doesn’t seem to look all that comfortable with your company. And if my girl isn’t comfortable, Im sure as hell not either.’ Jiyong murmurs, his voice growing dark as he continues to make his way slowly in your direction, his aggressive glare fixed solely on Seungri as he nods his head to tell him to move, the Maknae quickly following orders, before Ji folds himself elegantly into the vacated spot beside you, pulling you into him as soon as he’s comfortable and smelling just as good as he always did.

'So, where is Seunghyun-’

As if on que there is a polite, yet definitive knock at the door, and you watch as Soobin hurries over to open it, bowing politely as she reveals the final gang member in the entry way.

Every time you set your eyes on Seunghyun you get hit with a mixture of fear and awe, the presence that the man commands meaning you can hardly take your eyes off of him, both due to his beauty and the prevalent fear that if you do, you could be dead in seconds. A hushed quiet descends over the room as he walks in, the constant subtle smirk that fixes his features putting everyone on edge- everyone, except Jiyong.

'Nice, of you to finally join us, Hyung.’

That was the other thing about Seunghyun, not only was he one of the more experienced members, he was also the oldest and therefore- with the exception of Jiyong- demanded the most respect. He doesn’t say anything as he mosied on over to the seating area, descending gracefully into the seat that Youngbae vacates- sitting on the opposite sofa- and getting himself comfortable, taking the glass of wine that Soobin offers him gratefully before finally turning his attention to his boss.

'Its my pleasure, Jiyong.’

His deep voice makes the words tremble as they seep beneath your skin, and although you dont like to openly admit it, Jiyong is highly aware of the effect that Seunghyun has on you, the man never failing to put you on edge, no matter how much he fascinates you.

You feel Jiyong’s hand caress your waist tenderly as he drops a small kiss to your temple, smiling at you when you turn to him, before turning his attention to the rest of the room adopting his 'relaxed’ business expression and humming in approval when he sees that all of his guests were there.

'Well, since you’re all here, we might as well start the celebrations.’ Jiyong comments, taking the glass of scotch that Soobin offers, the woman handing another glass with darker liquid to Seungri, before the man next to you holds his in the air, being followed by you and the men around him.

'To a day’s work well done. To friends. To comrades….

…And to the legend that is Bigbang.’