lady luck

wOOOO a collab with my fav taryn, @tweekay; she did the most amazing sketch of ladybug (bless. her. work.) and I coloured and linearted! i just,,,,t drew so beaut lemme take a moment to cry; always happy to be collabing with such a fav ಥ_ಥ

I really like how in this episode hallucination jack was kind of a metaphor for unhealthy coping mechanisms. like, coping mechanisms are extremely great and helpful for a short time. the hallucination made it sound like he’d been running things for years now. “i kept us alive!” really cements this bc coping mechanism do help keep you alive, yk, as long as theyre healthy and dont go on for long periods of time. a 50 year long, angry, self-deprecating hallucination is neither of those. and for jack to finally be healthy (as signified by being blessed by the gods and losing his Depression Beard) jack had to learn how to let go of that unhealthy coping mechanism. idk where im going with this but i just think its real cool that scene of releasing got done with samurai jack