On this day in music history: May 27, 1978 - “Use Ta Be My Girl” by The O'Jays hits #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart for 5 weeks, and will peak at #4 on the Hot 100 on July 8, 1978. Written and produced by Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, it is the eighth R&B chart topper for the R&B vocal trio from Canton, OH. With former Little Anthony & The Imperials member Sammy Strain replacing the late William Powell earlier in 1977, his first album as a full time member is “Travelin’ At The Speed Of Thought”, released in May of that year. In spite of spinning off the R&B top ten hit “Work On Me” (#7 R&B), it fails to chart on the Hot 100 with the album itself barely reaching Gold status. Gamble and Huff recommit themselves to coming up with stronger material for the next O'Jays album. Among the three songs the production duo write for them is “Use Ta Be My Girl”. The track is recorded at Sigma Sound Studios in Philadelphia in Late 1977, featuring members of the labels in house studio band including Bobby Eli, Roland Chambers (guitars), Quinton Joseph (drums), Larry Washington (percussion) and Jimmy Williams (bass). Both the producers and the group are somewhat doubtful of the retro sounding songs hit potential until after its release. Issued as the first single from the groups twelfth studio album “So Full Of Love” on March 21, 1978, “Girl” is an immediate smash right out of the gate. The single spends a total of twenty one weeks on the R&B chart and nineteen weeks on the Hot 100, longer than any of their previous hits. The success of the single drives the accompanying album to Platinum status in the US. “Use Ta Be My Girl” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

drinks from the simpsons rated

bart’s hot cocoa marshmallow

is it still technically a drink? who cares! grampa wanted a slice and i do too 10/10


i’m still waiting for some artisanal craft beer company to crowdfund the actualisation of skittlebrau 9/10


brittle bones are a small price to pay for all that vitamin r 7/10

the all-syrup super squishee

this drink comes with consequences. are you prepared for what that might mean? 5/10

shelbyville turnip juice

turnip juice is a real thing apparently? who looked at a turnip and wanted to drink it? 3/10

homer’s morning glass of syrup

my teeth are crying 0/10

marge’s homemade pepsi

an undefinable and unknowable entity ?/10

lays liquid potato chips

i’ve got questions and they’re all about how i can forget i ever had to think about this 0/10

worcestershire flavoured soft drink

carbonated worcestershire is truly a cursed concept 0/10

a single plum, floating in perfume, served in a man’s hat

the bartender requires you to sign a waiver before he serves you. this drink takes you to a strange new place where the man whose hat you are drinking from tells you the meaning of life in a way you are never able to articulate after you regain consciousness number eight/10


>> g r i m o i r e , pgs. 1-7, 11-13

    I’m excited to show the first few pages of my grimoire! Most of this is regular correspondence and information that I piled together, and it’s still growing– (That’s why there’s a lot of index cards in this baby). The first page is draw with gold as well, which charged it in an interesting way! 

( i love tiny sketchbooks, they’re travel light and It lets me practice tiny handwriting!)

If ya’ll would love to see more, let me know!

Reasons why you should date a girl with chub

1) v soft n v cute
2) lots of skin so lots of tickles
3) did I mention soft?
4) big jumpers for smol partners
5) thighs for days
6) bellies r cute
7) warm hugs
8) funny faces if squished
9) girls w/ chub r cute end of story
10) also curvy as heck so niiiice
11) bouncy
12) soft n cute
13) we have good jumpers
14) because we’re people and we deserve to be loved

j a n u a r y  2 0 1 7 : r e f l e c t i o n s

i . buddha said: “a jug fills drop by drop”. trying to keep in mind this quote helped me so so much starting the year the right way!

ii . don’t be harsh on yourself. change isn’t something that occurs within days, and habits need to be formed. but keep some balance in your daily life. you can forgive yourself if you are too tired to tidy up your room before going to bed, but try to mantain the level of clutter low by doing small things when you feel like it!

iii . procrastination is something i have to deal with everyday. but i found out that when i just can’t control my discipline, i just need someone else to do that for me! it works all the times.

iv . listen to your body. sometimes you just have to trust your instinct and your intuition. feel the moment and do what’s better for yourself.

v . when times are a little darker and you feel the winter blues, you need something to make your heart feel a little warmer. please, please, please, go and watch yuri on ice. please. just do it. it will make your life like 10000 times better. it saved me from winter depression. it saved me. just trust me. i don’t know how many tears of happiness i have cried because of yoi. go. and watch it.

vi . this month i realized one little thing. i have so so many mental schemes. and the majority of them are really bad for me and for my mental health and for my life in general. for example, when i wake up in the morning to go to school my brain decides that i have to feel stressed. and that i just can’t enjoy the morning. even if i don’t have any tests that day. when i realized it i started paying attention to what i feel and why, and decided that i wouldn’t have let my brain ruin every single morning! and it worked!!!

vii . at the end of the day write a done list. this has been one of the best thing for my happiness levels lately. list every single good thing that you did, even if it’s a small thing. and feel proud about it!!

viii . sometimes i just can’t get started with a specific task because i set goals that are too high and that scare me before i even start. if i tell myself that i’m going to revise all of my notes i can be sure that i won’t do it. but if i set the goal to revise for a limited space of time, or to just study some chapters, i don’t feel overwhelmed and eventually when i’m finished with the goal i have set, i’ll just keep on working!

ix . when i’m feeling really down or there’s something that bothers me, i know that the only thing i have to do is writing. i take out my journal and start scribbling what’s on my mind. i feel completely free and in touch with myself, to me writing is like a therapy. many times i got to understand a problem that i couldn’t solve… just by writing. sometimes dancing and singing to my favourite songs works as well. just try to find what’s an activity that has the power to calm you down or to make you see things more clearly, or something that can be an outburst for feelings you have been suppressing.

x . this month i learned that i. have. to. throw myself away and just do things. i have many ideas but i’m always too shy to do anything. but in these past weeks i tried really hard to escape the prison i have built for myself. i started interviewing some of my classmates and recording them as they talk, which is something that i wished to do for a long time. i made a group on a messaging app to talk about some more serious topics with them. i took all the courage i had and clearly expressed my feelings about some stuff to my best friend, and we are happier now. i went out of my comfort zone and experienced new things. even if i didn’t always feel perfectly comfortable, i tried to avoid panicking, and instead i took a deep breath and reminded myself that failing was always better than not doing anything at all!

xi . and last but not least, here is some of the music i’ve been listening to in january. enjoy!



the calendar // panic! at the disco

littlebabyjaybird  asked:

I'm on mobile so I can't see how long it's been but could you maybe update the division of wealth tag? Preferably rich Derek and poor stiles but any things fine. Thanks you guys. You're awesome


Married at First Glance by WonderWolf (13/13 | 63,332 | NC17)

“Those contracts that you signed was you agreeing to follow producer instructions.Your instructions were to give us drama. Whether or not you like each other, you are, for all intents and purposes, hired actors for these seven weeks,” Finstock snaps. “Pretend to actually like each other or I will dock your pay.”
- - -
Married at First Glance gives its participants seven weeks. Seven weeks, starting when they meet and marry their “perfect match”, to decide if they want to stay married or divorce.

For Stiles and Derek though, the challenge lies within trying to pretend that they don’t absolutely hate each other’s guts. When you’re married to a werewolf who dislikes humans, however, this can get a little tricky.

But the sweet, sweet cash reward at the end will be worth it. Right?

(A Married at First Sight AU)

The Promise by My Fandom Life (satisfied_with_tranquillity) (7/7 | 18,883 | R)

Rich businessman Derek Hale and poor art student Stiles Stilinski are determined to marry, despite the disapproval of Derek’s uncle. When an accident leaves Derek in a coma and Stiles disfigured, Stiles makes a deal with the devil to make himself worthy of Derek again. But Stiles underestimates how far Peter will go to keep them apart.

Rich Man, Poor Man by TyReed (10/10 | 58,055 | R)

During a first date gone horribly wrong, Stiles Stilinksi realizes that the snarky guy he’s been asked out by is actually Derek Hale, an heir to Hale Industries, one of the most profitable companies in the entire world. Who is, for whatever reason, interested in the son of a teacher and a cop, a loser who spends all weekend watching movies in his pajamas, and who is also possibly one of the biggest dorks on the Internet.

At the same time, after screwing up their first date horribly, Derek Hale realizes that the funny guy he’s asked out is Stiles Stilinksi, the warmest and kindest individual he’s ever met in his life, with a family just a loving and caring. Who is, for whatever reason, interested in a guy who screws up everything he does, lacks any semblance of a backbone, and who is possibly one of the biggest history dorks in all of the United States.

These rich and poor men will come to experience a taste of each other’s lives, and learn where the real blessings in the world can be found.